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  1. I was set to renew my subscription for 3 months. I too was not given the option to apply discount code "Newsletter20". Please advise? I would like to renew, but the discount would be nice...
  2. It appears that the Iraqi parliament is poised now to issue an official no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Maliki. At least five leaders of the opposition include Hakim, one of Maliki's own party, who is said to represent many in his party. Last Sunday Maliki declared some sort of emergency and sent troops to intimidate the opposition leaders, but this only served to consolidate the opposition. It became glaringly apparent that Maliki was acting like a dictator and threatening anyone who got in his way. This power struggle is coming to a head, and the outcome will directly affect the
  3. Wow... seems like a few of the above post forgot about the fourth amendment! Wake the hell up... The Gov't should fear the People/not the other way around. I'm an ex cop and even I am shocked with the level of police state which we've entered into since the inside job of 9/11. Study "false flag terror" and go down that rabbit hole, then you will find why Americans are against being spied upon!!! There is no boogieman! If you will give up freedom (particularly freedom of movement) for security- wuss out to another country!
  4. Use your own discernment. Restore America failed, likely because if T Turner. Grand Juries have impeached O, all have been ignored! Please Military, at the request of We the People, grow some balls...
  5. So is this where the GS and RV begin??????????????????????????????????????? I wish they would hurry, I don't wanta get chipped by O.............................................................. Down with the NWO, Hope, peace and prosperity for all mankind!
  6. No wonder our country is in deep doo doo... "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
  7. No. I'm an adult... How can a grown man spend time playing video games when his country is falling? I pray you have no children...
  8. Recall Jerico, the TV series? Of course it was cancelled-so YOU WON'T WAKE UP! YOUR CHILDREN WILL NOT BE FREE-BECAUSE YOU STILL THINK YOU ARE... Go RV, Go Dr. Ron Paul
  9. Oh, China too... Here in Idaho. OBAMA GOTTA GO! I like all peoples, but I'm not for handing them over our lands. They already own many utility company. No worries about water though, according to the UN, water doesn't quench thirst! Oh crap...
  10. MONEY IS AGAINST PUBLIC POLICY OF THE U.S.A. EVEN IF WE HAD "MONEY", WE COULDN'T PAY OUR DEBTS WITH IT... Oh Crap... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOINT RESOLUTION TO SUSPEND THE GOLD STANDARD AND ABROGATE THE GOLD CLAUSE JUNE 5, 1933 H.J.Res. 192, 73rd Cong., 1st Sess. Joint resolution to assure uniform value to the coins and currencies of the United States. Whereas the holding of or dealing in gold affec
  11. Yep, Say goodbye to anything on paper! It's only a matter of a short time...
  12. Published: Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 | 10:44 AM ET Text Size By: Kelley Holland Currency Blogger, Readers keep sending in questions about the outlook for the Iraqi dinar. ( I like this reporters peaked interest?) It's cloudy. Really cloudy. For several weeks now, readers have been emailing to ask whether the Iraqi dinar [iQD=X 1167.00 --- UNCH (0) ] is a good investment. I've written about this before, but I'll say it again: the Iraqi dinar is the subject of a variety of scams, and regulators and watchdogs are sounding alarms. The Connecticut Better Business Bureau war
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