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  1. I hope he is busy getting ready to send out the RV text
  2. I do believe it will RV around $3 something. This is based on my own research based on facts. Just look at what Kuwait did. They are not nearly as wealthy as Iraq when it comes to natural resources.
  3. I’ll always keep the faith. I believe more then anyone this will RV it’s just a matter of when!? Hopefully sooner then later!
  4. Yota69 thank you for everything you do here. I with many others following a lot the the articles and threads you post here.
  5. I want to set the record straight. 1st I apologize if anyone took this as a personal at a shot at them. It was not. 2nd I choose this title cause it seems this title gets the most attention. Maybe that was an error on my end. I just want any new person to be very careful about what they choose to believe. 3rd I’ve been a member here for many years but I never really post. Just read what everyone is saying. 4th I believe more than anyone else that this investment will turn a profit. Having said that it’s still an investment which means there is no guarantee. Based on facts, history, Iraq’s worth on paper, and God’s word I do believe it will RV. When is the million dollar question. 5th I’m a member on this site cause I believe Adam is a standup guy who will never steer us wrong. If this his thread needs to be locked then I’m asking the mods to please lock it. I only want it left unlock if facts and only facts are placed in it. Thank you all. I have no beef with anyone here and the love DV community. Take care and Go RV
  6. No one and I mean no one has any inside information! No one has any real intel! No one knows a rate, timeframe, or date! Anyone claiming they do is a self made guru. All we have is the news articles at best cause in reality you can’t even trust what the people over there say cause it’s so corrupt. Sorry I’m just over people screaming tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. There are some people on here that are so desperate for a financial breakthrough they will spend money they don’t have or not pay bills believing these flat out lies. Take it from someone who’s been in this since 2006, no one truly knows anything. It’s all pure speculation. Furthermore anyone who cries wolf over and over should not even be looked at twice. I’m done venting.
  7. gta1218

    Go Iraq

    I was just thinking the same thing. He did pretty good though until it came down to the wire and was exposed just like all the other ones. Wonder what the excuse will be and next time frame will be lol
  8. gta1218

    Go Iraq

    What happened to this thing going down over the weekend at some point? For a second there I was starting to believe it but I should of known better being in this for 10+ years now lol.
  9. Hi Adam, Recently I’ve fallen on hard times. I believe God will see me through it though. It looks like I’m going to have to start selling my dinar back just to make ends meet. At the time I bought them I could afford it but as we all know things change. My question is knowing what you know would you recommend trying to figure something else out or hold on to them especially in the coming days as you mentioned? I’m not asking for a date or rate cause no one knows but any insight you could give would be helpful.
  10. This is the exact reason why the dinar will RV it’s just a matter of when IMO. If they would only stop talking about it and just do it already.
  11. I think Adam cashed in and that's why we haven't heard from him 😂
  12. In your opinion are we any closer to this thing coming full circle? There was a bunch of excitement at the beginning of February even leading up to that vote on 2/18 and now it seems like everything just died and went silent. It's like the excitement has gone. I personally was so excited I almost joined VIP.
  13. I hope he's just so excited he hasn't even been able to stop jumping for joy to send a quick update lol
  14. Does anyone know when Adam will be giving an update this week on all the news that has come out?
  15. Has anyone heard from Adam on the vote that happened yesterday?
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