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  1. Adam what are your thoughts on this video? Anonymous. Update Jan 8, 2019. POTUS in contRol. The Storm is Here.
  2. gta1218

    Questions for Adam Montana 12 December 2018

    Adam, What are your thoughts on this? There seems to be a lot of articles coming out about new denominations and raising the value. Do you think this time is different or just the same song and dance as usual? If it's different can you elaborate as to why and what your thoughts are or what your contacts are saying?
  3. gta1218

    Questions for Adam Montana 28 November 2018

    Adam, What is your thoughts on this news: Iraqi Dinar May Replace Dollar And Euro In Iran's 2nd Largest Export Market Amidst continuing talks between Iran and Iraq over how to settle payments for Iraq's natural gas imports from Iran in the face of Washington sanctions, Iranian officials are mulling over Iraq's offer to pay in Iraqi Dinars instead of the dollar or Euro, according to Iranian state media. This follows the September announcement by Iran that it planned to completely ditch the dollar as a currency used by the two countries in the trade transactions. Iraq was among countries granted a temporary exemption as energy sanctions on its eastern neighbor and regional Shia ally took effect November 5, and since then Baghdad has pushed to process payments for gas and electricity in its own currency of dinars. Iraq is Iran's second largest export market with a substantial portion of that trade in energy, which cannot cannot easily be structured outside the new sanctions regime.
  4. This is all very good news. This is what we need. Once Iraq cannot use US dollars with Iran it should force them to have to raise the value of their currency. Put this on top of their bonds that hit the market tomorrow and it equals an RV. Their bonds are worthless if their currency has no value. Iran is a big player in their financial well being. Fingers crossed this things RV's soon!
  5. gta1218

    Questions for Adam Montana 24 October 2018

    Adam, I have been a member here for a very long time and this is my 1st question. Have you seen the below article and if so what are your thoughts seeing how the 5yr mark is almost up. Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari - Iraqi News
  6. Thank you to all who helped out with the clarification. It looks like I am good. I have 25k, 10k, 5k and 1k uncirculated notes. I have been a member for a long time but hardly ever post. I stopped checking the Dinar for a while and thought I missed a deadline and had expired notes lol
  7. How can I tell if the dinar I have are still valid or if the lower ones should of been traded in? The ones I have are all uncirculated currency.
  8. gta1218

    New job info report

    I happen to agree with a statement gfulcher66 made in a different topic on here. It very good point and I also do not believe it will come out that low. See the statement he made below. gfulcher66, on 21 September 2010 - 01:46 PM, said: UNTIL SOMEONE CAN PROOVE MY NEXT STATEMENT WRONG THIS IS MY STORY....If the RV comes out at a low rate (less than .86) every investment firm in the world, forex trader etc will buy up as many dinars as the portfolio's will allow! That is because we all know they can support 2 + $ and the speculation will drive the cost up to 3 + $ and create a much bigger pay out for Iraq in the long run, so no the rv will not come out very low in my opinion. Please let me know if this argument holds any water, I am open to critisism!
  9. gta1218

    New Questions for Adam's March 28, 2012 Chat

    Adam I was wondering if you have spoke to sonny1 and if so what is he saying or hearing about all the recent info that has come out? I respect what you and him say the most cause you all do not try to mislead us.
  10. Let me make something real clear, I do not read or even click on their post so eveyone can stop saying dont read them. All I am saying is that when you go into the rumor section all you see is stuff from Okie and his associates. These are not rumors though. They are nothing but lies. A rumor is something you pass along cause you believe it to be true. A lie is something you pass along as truth. You have to dig through the rumor section just to find a rumor. I love a good rumor. If they had a section called "Entertainment only" and thats where all of Okie and his associates stuff were posted I wouldnt have 1 problem with it cause id never go in that section. I just wish we could clean the rumor section up and keep it with rumors that are just that a rumor. I hope this clears up what I was trying to say.
  11. I wish people would stop posting stuff from Okie and all these other bald faced liars. Its one thing if you have a rumor that might be somewhat believable but its another thing to keep posting rumors from people who flat out lie over and over. I am like anyone else and enjoy a good rumor. I just hate looking on here and all the rumors are from people who lie over and over again. For me there is no entertainment from reading a flat out lie. It is not even funny. This site is one of the best ones out here for Dinar related news but it gets filled with garbage from these liars. The part that gets to me the most is that newbies who dont know any better might believe these lies and end up doing something stupid like buy more dinar than they can afford or quit their job thinking it rv'd. I have been in this investment since 2005 and am finally getting sick of gurus updates who claim it rv'd or they would ordered not to talk by a goverment agency with 3 letters. BS! Sorry but I feel like its finally time for someone to say something and make the request that these rumors be banned from this site.
  12. Sonny1, I like most of the other people on DV respect what you have to say about this whole investment. Please do not let the negative people who bash you keep you away. Im sure like me there are a lot of people on here who miss what your thoughts were on this thing. With that being said I have a question for you. Where do you think we are on this investment? Any time frames on this thing Rving or rates you might be thinking it will come in around? Also have you heard anything about the Shabaab (or how ever you spell his name) telling the people of Iraq the he was going to RV the money soon? Thanks
  13. gta1218

    Sonny1 or Adam

    Hey Sonny1 or Adam have either of y'all heard any new news on where we stand on the RV? You two are the only ones that I believe don't try and mislead us. I havnt heard from y'all in a while and just wanted to get your 2 cents. Thanks
  14. Iraq Iraq Lawmakers Approve Deal to Form New Government Published November 13, 2010 | Associated Press Print Email Share Comments (2) Text Size BAGHDAD -- Iraqi lawmakers approved an agreement on Saturday that aims to bring all of Iraq's feuding political blocs into a new government led by Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, although deep disagreements remain about the role to be played by the country's minority Sunnis. The deal struck this week ended an eight-month impasse that had stalled the formation of a new government and threatened to re-ignite sectarian violence. But the agreement appeared on the brink of collapse almost immediately after it was announced because of the deep-rooted distrust that pervades Iraq's sectarian politics. The Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc had threatened to boycott the Saturday session to approve the deal after storming out of parliament on Thursday and raising fears the group would abstain from government altogether. Iraqiya lawmakers said they had been betrayed by al-Maliki's Shiite coalition, who they fear is trying to deprive them of a significant role in the next government. Leaders of the major parties met early Saturday to try to iron out their differences and salvage the deal. When parliament convened later in the day, Iraqiya was present and took part in the parliament vote to approve the power-sharing agreement. "There was a misunderstanding in the last session," Iraqiya spokesman Haider al-Mulla told lawmakers. "We here stress that we will be an active part in producing a national unity government." YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN Michigan Rape Case Dismissed After Alleged Victim Commits Suicide Woman Sells Obama's 'Things Will Get Better' Letter to Pay for House: New York Post Possible Break in Case of Missing North Carolina Girl The $1,000 Omelette and Other Meals You Can't Afford America's 10 Most Expensive Colleges There was no immediate tally of how many members attended or voted for the deal, which was described as a general outline for the new government but with few specifics. Kurdish lawmaker Mahmoud Othman said it passed by a large margin. Under the agreement, al-Maliki and President Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, keep their current posts. Iraqiya, meanwhile, gets the parliament speaker's post as well as the top spot on a council intended to serve as a check on al-Maliki's powers. That job is supposed to go to Iraqiya leader Ayad Allawi. But in comments to CNN television late Friday, Allawi said he would not take part in the al-Maliki government and described the power-sharing deal as dead. Allawi did not attend the parliament session, and other lawmakers said he had already left the country. While Allawi absent, Iraqiya official Fattah al-Sheik said the majority of the bloc's members were there. The lawmakers also agreed Saturday to lift a ban on three Iraqiya members who were prevented from taking seats in parliament because of alleged ties to Saddam Hussein's regime, said Hadi al-Ammari, a Shiite lawmaker aligned with al-Maliki. The issue of whether or not to lift the ban was the reason the Iraqiya lawmakers stormed out of parliament Thursday. A day after President Barack Obama praised the power-sharing deal, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced his support for it, calling the agreement "a great victory for the Iraqi people." Iran's official IRNA news agency said Ahmadinejad spoke with al-Maliki and Talabani by telephone Saturday to congratulate them. Iran, also a Shiite majority country, has backed al-Maliki's efforts to seek another term as a way to consolidate Shiite power in Baghdad. Iran had also lobbied heavily to sideline Sunnis in the new government. The months of political jockeying after inconclusive March 7 parliamentary elections have left Iraqis disillusioned and fearful that sidelining the minority Sunni community could fuel more violence. Iraqiya won 91 seats to 89 for al-Maliki's State of Law coalition, but neither was near the 163-seat threshold necessary to govern. Iraqiya argued it should form the government, but after months of negotiations it was al-Maliki who cobbled together enough support to keep the prime minister's post. After intense negotiations and amid signs that al-Maliki would form the government with or without them, Iraqiya decided to join forces with him. The key test going forward for the Sunnis will be to see how many ministerial posts Iraqiya receives in the new al-Maliki government. Iraqiya lawmaker Wahda al-Joumaili said al-Maliki's alliance must adhere to what she said were previous agreements allocating Iraqiya some influential ministries. American officials have stressed the risk of a return to sectarian violence if Sunnis do not have a legitimate role in the new government and lobbied hard for Iraqiya to be a part of it. "If the people don't consider it to be an inclusive government there may be elements in the community who would want to express their displeasure in the form of violence," said the top American commander in Iraq, Gen. Lloyd Austin, speaking to reporters Saturday. "It's hard to predict how this is going to come out. The best case for security is an inclusive government, and we're just hopeful that we'll see that," he said.
  15. gta1218

    Dr J opinion

    Ohhhhh trust me I aint!!!!!!!!! Adam and Sonny1 are NOT in the looney toon crowd. The looney toon crowd is Medic, TerryK, Ennorste etc...

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