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  1. This is the stupidest s#!t I’ve ever read. These rumors just keep getting worse and worse. I don’t even know why they get brought over here and posted. I’m all about a good rumor but come on now. Stuff like this and other dumb rumors will stop getting posted when people stop paying attention to those people.
  2. This stuff that gets posted is such garbage!!! I wish it would stop. I’m all about a good rumor but these same people say the same crap all the time with new BS excuses every day. However it continuously gets posted every day on this site.
  3. @Adam Montana thoughts on this?
  4. @Adam Montana what are your thoughts on this?
  5. So what does this mean for the Dinar we hold @Adam Montana?
  6. For those of you who have been in this thing for years we all know this is complete BS. No matter if it happens or not it is not tied to anyones re-election. Every single election year someone is always claiming it’s tied to the election. I personally wish it was cause if it was true this would of happened years ago when they 1st started claiming it’s tied to so and so’s re-election.
  7. I agree 100%. I don’t not believe for 1 second anything happened to them. IF something did then they got what they had coming to them. You don’t sit there and spew lies all day and lies that people are desperately needing to happen and not expect to have anything happen to you. This is my issue with gurus who claim it’s happening every day, they are playing with peoples emotions. I’ve been in this long enough to know it’s BS and I’m not gullible enough to buy into this. It’s one thing to state an opinion that something is about to happen but it’s another thing to state it as facts and put people who do believe the lies on an emotional roller coaster. I do not wish harm on anyone even blatant liars but in this day and age unfortunately it’s whats going to happen.
  8. Perry Stone is a teacher not a prophet. Kim Clement is a prophet. Perry can have his own opinion of why this is a sham but it’s his opinion that he just like any of us are entitled to. I for one am going off what I believe and what the prophet has spoken. Regardless of what his official label is prophets do get it wrong from time to time too. It does not make them a false prophet it just means they got it wrong. As another member pointed out though look at everything Kim has prophesied and has come to past already. I do believe this will RV and hopefully soon. If you know anything about Kim a majority of his words were future prophesies. You have now prophets and future prophets and Kim was a future one and most of his averaged about 4-6 years in the future. Hope all of this helps.
  9. I looked into buying Iran currency, however under the sanctions in place it is illegal to buy or sell Iran currency currently. If you need more proof go look up the sanctions or go to a reputable exchange dealer and they will also explain this. Even though the odds are low that feds will come after you I personally will not take the risk of even buying it online from a private seller no matter what website it’s on. Money is never worth jail time to me. Furthermore until the sanctions are lifted this currency will be completely worthless no matter what Iran says they are raising the value to. So even IF it did do something you still cannot legally sell it back for a profit to maybe in this case buy more Iraq dinar. If you don’t believe me go read the sanctions once again. It’s not an opinion it’s facts. I do agree however that if it is this low if the sanctions are ever lifted that I would at that point buy some based on the same premise and reasons I bought Iraq dinar. I just do not see Iran coming out from under these sanctions any time soon.
  10. I hope he is busy getting ready to send out the RV text
  11. I do believe it will RV around $3 something. This is based on my own research based on facts. Just look at what Kuwait did. They are not nearly as wealthy as Iraq when it comes to natural resources.
  12. I’ll always keep the faith. I believe more then anyone this will RV it’s just a matter of when!? Hopefully sooner then later!
  13. Yota69 thank you for everything you do here. I with many others following a lot the the articles and threads you post here.
  14. I want to set the record straight. 1st I apologize if anyone took this as a personal at a shot at them. It was not. 2nd I choose this title cause it seems this title gets the most attention. Maybe that was an error on my end. I just want any new person to be very careful about what they choose to believe. 3rd I’ve been a member here for many years but I never really post. Just read what everyone is saying. 4th I believe more than anyone else that this investment will turn a profit. Having said that it’s still an investment which means there is no guarantee. Based on facts, history, Iraq’s worth on paper, and God’s word I do believe it will RV. When is the million dollar question. 5th I’m a member on this site cause I believe Adam is a standup guy who will never steer us wrong. If this his thread needs to be locked then I’m asking the mods to please lock it. I only want it left unlock if facts and only facts are placed in it. Thank you all. I have no beef with anyone here and the love DV community. Take care and Go RV
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