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  1. Hi Adam, Recently I’ve fallen on hard times. I believe God will see me through it though. It looks like I’m going to have to start selling my dinar back just to make ends meet. At the time I bought them I could afford it but as we all know things change. My question is knowing what you know would you recommend trying to figure something else out or hold on to them especially in the coming days as you mentioned? I’m not asking for a date or rate cause no one knows but any insight you could give would be helpful.
  2. This is the exact reason why the dinar will RV it’s just a matter of when IMO. If they would only stop talking about it and just do it already.
  3. I think Adam cashed in and that's why we haven't heard from him 😂
  4. In your opinion are we any closer to this thing coming full circle? There was a bunch of excitement at the beginning of February even leading up to that vote on 2/18 and now it seems like everything just died and went silent. It's like the excitement has gone. I personally was so excited I almost joined VIP.
  5. I hope he's just so excited he hasn't even been able to stop jumping for joy to send a quick update lol
  6. Does anyone know when Adam will be giving an update this week on all the news that has come out?
  7. Has anyone heard from Adam on the vote that happened yesterday?
  8. I was at the one in NY today while on vacation wearing my "Make America Great Again" beanie. Got some weird looks but no one said anything to me.
  9. Adam what are your thoughts on this video? Anonymous. Update Jan 8, 2019. POTUS in contRol. The Storm is Here.
  10. Adam, What are your thoughts on this? There seems to be a lot of articles coming out about new denominations and raising the value. Do you think this time is different or just the same song and dance as usual? If it's different can you elaborate as to why and what your thoughts are or what your contacts are saying?
  11. Adam, What is your thoughts on this news: Iraqi Dinar May Replace Dollar And Euro In Iran's 2nd Largest Export Market Amidst continuing talks between Iran and Iraq over how to settle payments for Iraq's natural gas imports from Iran in the face of Washington sanctions, Iranian officials are mulling over Iraq's offer to pay in Iraqi Dinars instead of the dollar or Euro, according to Iranian state media. This follows the September announcement by Iran that it planned to completely ditch the dollar as a currency used by the two countries in the trade transactions. Iraq was among countries granted a temporary exemption as energy sanctions on its eastern neighbor and regional Shia ally took effect November 5, and since then Baghdad has pushed to process payments for gas and electricity in its own currency of dinars. Iraq is Iran's second largest export market with a substantial portion of that trade in energy, which cannot cannot easily be structured outside the new sanctions regime.
  12. This is all very good news. This is what we need. Once Iraq cannot use US dollars with Iran it should force them to have to raise the value of their currency. Put this on top of their bonds that hit the market tomorrow and it equals an RV. Their bonds are worthless if their currency has no value. Iran is a big player in their financial well being. Fingers crossed this things RV's soon!
  13. Adam, I have been a member here for a very long time and this is my 1st question. Have you seen the below article and if so what are your thoughts seeing how the 5yr mark is almost up. Iraqi Dinar revaluation postponed by Central Bank for 5 years says MP Noura al-Bajari - Iraqi News
  14. Thank you to all who helped out with the clarification. It looks like I am good. I have 25k, 10k, 5k and 1k uncirculated notes. I have been a member for a long time but hardly ever post. I stopped checking the Dinar for a while and thought I missed a deadline and had expired notes lol
  15. How can I tell if the dinar I have are still valid or if the lower ones should of been traded in? The ones I have are all uncirculated currency.
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