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  1. Having difficult time finding 2 steps to download n sign for Scheylles?? Tried to find for hours to get info to Julie Moore. This is almondeyes Thank you so ready to give up.
  2. This happened to just come up on my screen , so opened and listened, even tho it is kind of long. Would love to have input from others, about the demise of the US dollar. It is thought provoking, info. But I am not a financial whiz. So would like those that understand this mans train of thought to comment. Thanks, Hope this was entered in correct place. Site address http://pro.stansberryresearch.com/1304PWAUP..
  3. Just a little info from my grandson who is stationed in Bahrain, spoke with him last night and he said to exchange USD there was $3 to their 1dinar. How would this effect us if any Adam or paperboy. Not really a math person or up to all this, if I didnt have good feed back from you all I would be lost. thanks
  4. I AM WITH YOU TEXAS GRAnny, . He is loved inspite of politics. And We need to be praying :angel:/>/> that he will soon recover. It always makes me :confused:/>/> currious when someone bashes someone else for drinking , or other family problems JUST HOW WOULD THEY FEEL OR LIKE IT IF IT WAS THEIR FAMILY BEING BASHED . It makes me so angry :angry:/>/>/>/> at the lack of respect just for the sake of RESPECT. People always feel they know what is best for this country but dont want to get out and volunteer, to make things better. YOU cant judge someone if you cant wal
  5. Im with you , our voices do make a difference. Im embarressed by the so called smart? mature? men and women of our congress and every branch of government that was voted into office for ACTING LIKE SPOILED BRATS , all yelling at the same time and not LISTENING to any compromise. We will all go under if there isnt any compromising. Let your delegates hear from you. I have mine in my favorites list so they hear from me regularly. Come on Americans call them and tell them to get this cliff buried. GOD WE NEED YOUR HELP IN OPENING THEIR EYES TO ALL OUR NEEDS Amen :angel:/>/>/>/>/>
  6. I have been getting a 2-3- inch black out on top of page after I open any post areas. It block almost the whole #1 post on each page. Post #2 come thur clear. Also could not get into Chat. Could you please check this out. It did not do it when I went into my profile, or on first home page . Missing out on ? thanks. Almondeyes
  7. I understand about family heated debates, I think this is something that helps bring up positive feeling, instead of the pressure of waiting our journey out. To me the statement ( many years of experience) means to comply of/to years of hands on knowledge. While the phrase ( many years experienced) implies knowledge without hands on knowledge, not having worked in the field but believe to have knowledge of subject. IMHO
  8. I don't have the paper work in front of me but I was sent an application to receive the Safelink phone, and it is a very limited amount of minutes and unlimited texting cost next to nothing. But these phones could be the difference between life and death, or a child's emergency care. I am a senior citizen with health problem, but thank God I am one of the lucky seniors and have my own resourse. Plus a lot of these phones are donated and refurbished.
  9. Ive seen where they were talking about tonsilitis and or sore throats, and wanted to put in this suggestion, as it has alwaays worked for me. And it was a hand me down health cure from my grandmother and my mom. At the first feeling of getting a sore throat or tonsilitis broil in oven or double toast bread to very crisp (like couton texture) eat it without anything on it so it scratches the throat helping to clean of germs and mucus. then follow with hot tea. Works great, I have had tonsilitis many many times and I have also used this if feeling like an irritation is begining in ears.
  10. Heavyduty053, might I ask if your mother was of the Catholic faith. When you stated her love of butterflies I just wondered as when I was going through catechism, many many years ago. We were told to remember the risen Christ every time we seen a butterfly. As in our school lessons we were instruted to ,as an example of the Holy Trinity, that the coming of a new butterfly was from the lavra going into the purplea was as Jesus being laid in the tomb, and coming out as Christ and ascending into heaven, was the larva changing in the purlpea was as the changing butterfly. And many of the Catho
  11. Heavyduty053 I think this was a great idea. I would like to address a couple posts as I just read all of them up to here. First one person mentioned taking turmeric ( seasoning powder) and it made me remember being told to take about 1tsp each day sprinkled on food and it would help those with the pain of reuhmatoid arthritis pain and swelling. Also using cayenne pepper as above for those with ulcers, as the heat of the pepper in ones stomach causes more blood to be pulled to the ulcer therby helping heal ulcers faster. and a technic I have used for years as a nurse on myself and elderly p
  12. Just bought more dinar on ebay last week check it out.
  13. This is very selfish but my first thing would be to mail dinars to my church ,to further my walk to God and to help keep our church having clergy 24/7. Then make investment to insure my great grandkids future. As these are pressures I put upon myself to fullfill and that would release me to be at peace with what I had suceeded to do with my life and then plan a trip to Alaska to fullfill a promise to my late husband. Then I think I could sit back and relax and maybe get pampered (foot massage sounds good to me ) lol
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