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  1. js214

    Activity In Reno Is On The Rise.

    More believable information other than the switcheroo.
  2. If they're not -waiting on this to come to fruition just might.
  3. IMF Says no more money- US house says ok - we will pick up the tab -- nuts
  4. Part two - starring Sascha Baron Cohen and a screwed up paddle
  5. js214

    CBI News 07/24/2018

    Funky moon on the 27th.. Could it be?
  6. js214


    Trading between banks first to get confidence up?
  7. Im all for them being turned into a parking lot if they continue on this path of getting nothing done.Im beginning to think that river they have been paddling on is a moat going in circles
  8. Comforting getting that subtle confirmation from you Chuck that My thinking is along these same lines..
  9. Hearing more of Revolution than Protest..
  10. Trump is slated to my knowledge to be there.. I also got a bit of the call between this guy and Frank..i would take it with as much of a grain of salt as we do Frank

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