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  1. js214

    Some good news

    stick a fork in it for 2018-
  2. Always a possibility, however I submit bankers dont care about Governments , and who is flipping the switch here? Humm
  3. IMO it has no bearing on the RV who is in office
  4. js214


    Dinar will be the winner IMO.. the rest is just meh.
  5. js214

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    This just may be the needed chaos to get this thing moving.As long as they feel they can D*.. folks around they will continue down the same path.Pull the plug and give them a Glimpse of the stone age again and see how fast they move.The election results could also be the needed motivation.. who's to say at this point
  6. js214

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    Hopefully not completely cashless here
  7. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    Correct, but Article VIII with a HCL is what we are waiting on to a great degree
  8. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    90 days from? 2004 is a long time ago.. Am I missing something when this clock started?
  9. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    Yes we have - Groundhog days 101- What we believe, what we see , is I believe what aggravates us to almost pull our hair out. Positive news has abounded lately ten fold .for me I guess knowing the Whole plan and I am sure others would really go a long ways in easing frustrations .if they need help paddling the right direction and faster , there are many here who gladly would help do so.
  10. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    These to me are when I dig deeper
  11. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    I asked God to teach me patience years ago.. then I learned about the Dinar..we all have these days I'm sure, but we see things others don't because they don't research or we would have left the train a long time ago
  12. js214

    Ramadan 2018

    I would have to agree - we definitely are some kind of special something.. Waiting to get the final prognosis at the end of this ride

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