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  1. I understand the Rate in removing of Zero's. The rest would have been simpler to say Lop which I am not buying or advocating
  2. I figured the gist out of what she was saying .However I stick to literal language and the knowledge I have learned here..not everyone understands the same way .bottom line is she is saying a dime. I understand the 25k notes will run alongside the 25 of the lower denomination."The dinar in Iraq will be worth what our dollar is worth." is where she lost me as a dollar is not a dime.. so now I understand it is referring to Purchase power..
  3. That is removing the zeros off the Rate-- .00086 becoming .86 example "How come no one understands this?" "You have a $25,000 iraqi dinar that at the present is worth $21.50. Now you delete the zeros off the note and don't change the rate. Now you have a $25 iraqi dinar at .00086 exchange rate" Because essentially you are saying 25k will fetch us 25.00 woohoo " The dinar in Iraq will be worth what our dollar is worth" ?? two different statements.. this would or could be construed at a removal of the rate zeros , no? .00086 .86 gives us close to a dollar per so which is it? "
  4. Having the economy they do and Upping their amounts of Gold storage on top of their other assets, to me seems overkill just to hand folks a break even
  5. If they are using USD why use Dinar.. No USD raise value on Dinar and use it
  6. js214

    HCL news quoted by Delta

    As you mentioned however, what year?
  7. js214

    Reno Gives The Go Ahead.

    It never ceases to amaze me how Logic goes completely out the window for most folks when it comes to the Dinar.I realize it is a complex situation surrounding it , but the notion of it being different than other foreign currencies leaves fodder for the undeducated to run rampant.
  8. js214

    China Contract Rate

    Sounds like Beny Wilson's been at it again..
  9. tis nice to have a Potus with a backbone
  10. js214

    Activity In Reno Is On The Rise.

    More believable information other than the switcheroo.
  11. If they're not -waiting on this to come to fruition just might.

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