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  1. Took care of that Ruby for you. Best regards
  2. js214

    Go Iraq Part 4

    I'll be looking forward to seeing that to know for sure, and I don't think I will be alone. What would this place do with out you Chuck?
  3. One financial analyst has been reporting we are going to a gold backed dollar soon. ( I thought basel3 meant all assets) .Following that line if it is a gold backed dollar , would that not make it .10 on the exchange from current to the new? and if it comes out initially at .10 trade up value to the gold backed .01? which would suck
  4. js214

    Go Iraq Part 4

    Not to mention how ( with all the confusion out there about QFS/ BS or real?) Digital or crisp cold hard cash from ATM after deposit? Time period to exchange? I know I read somewhere at one point they stated the notes would be good for ten years , with all the confusion some are mentioning short exchange periods, and not withstanding which institutions? Could it be a simple process as it is with other foreign currencies? Logic would suggest it
  5. I've seen it discussed in other areas regarding this issue that if you don't have it when filing taxes you might be able to submit what is called a liars affidavit in its place. I have all my receipts and paperwork locked up with my Dinar however just because I believe more information will come out after the RV/RI.
  6. js214


    This is probably what I will end up doing .Having it in writing seems the best way to go to move forward
  7. js214


    So it seems to me the closer we get, the more rumors are flying and convoluting the situation ( indeed , turning this into a headache).We have all by now heard the arguments on both sides of the coin , either it being tax on general income or Capital gains. Lately I have been hearing a few additional details that will clearly make it a case by case process. Examples such as capital gains only applying to those who do foreign currencies as their occupation versus the occasional note holder. I've also heard if you are employed elsewhere and just happen to have dinar that would make it a different deal , those who got dinar not being employed and working something more traditional wont be subject to taxes as its supposed to be a non taxable event .General Incomes argument is you would pay more accordingly , than you would on capital gains, but if they change the tax code in three years or less after exchange , you could file an amendment and be due a refund, versus if you pay on capital gains, you could end up owing more. Its been going around also that Trump is working to get rid of the capital gains this year. Just heard a bit ago that some believe there will be an up to ten percent exchange fee outside of the bank spread we are already aware of ,but I've not heard of a exchange fee outside of the spread before... I do not plan to exchange the second this event goes off as I plan to wait and see details emerge from others who do to have a clearer picture. I have even thought I would simply call the IRS and say look , this is what I have in totality for exchange and want to know how much if any do I need to pay , so you will leave the rest alone so I can go sit on the beach in the Bahamas and not have to hear from you anymore .. Lord help us , we're in for a ride when this blows.
  8. And here I was hoping to keep it a secret..Not withstanding Ive been in this sandbox for over ten years with these procrastinating fleas called Iraqi's
  9. Guess we wait to see the IMF post the article to determine if they actually did so , or if someone in Iraq is just shooting off the gums
  10. Could be.Iran just released a gold backed Crypto if I heard correctly
  11. Right there with you .Anything beats waiting this out till the end of 2020 as some have suggested
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