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  1. Three months … I assume I can put my dinars back in the closet for a while … I pray that someone tells me how wrong I am ...
  2. Oh my goodness -- I pray I'm not reading something into nothing -- but, my heart is pounding right now!
  3. Count me in -- you need to keep posting and re-posting this so that everyone reads it and is aware of it … I'm sure there's many many Christians on here.
  4. I doubt this is true, but I SURE hope it is! They could and should (but wont) take her position awsy.
  5. A week to do "inventory" -- what the heck do they have to inventory or even audit that takes THAT long... I just don't understand those people.
  6. TMills6864

    Go Iraq

    Who is DI and what is she/he saying?
  7. Navira, I logged back on just to ask you to eleborate, LOL, looks like someone else beat me to it. For the last several years, I've thought the RV was somehow connected to prophecy, I just can't figure out how ... can anyone out that that knows explain, or tell me where to research.
  8. ... I'd SURE like to see a list of these "measures" ...
  9. When I see "MarkZ", I, honestly, refuse to even read it ...
  10. LOL, I saw the headline and my eyes actually started to tear up, my initial thought was "That's it, I can't take this for five more years." SOOOOO glad I found the date!
  11. Please, someone tell me how wrong I am, but sounds to me like nothing is going to happen until after they complete and formalize the entire government -- when do they come back into session?
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