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  1. TMills6864

    The removal of the zeros

    In my opinion, they must remove the zero's before they revalue ... JMO!
  2. I would be VERY interested in knowing what you "think it says" ...
  3. TMills6864

    CBI Tells Mnt Goat No RI/RV No Deal.

    When I first read this/her post, it really made me angry! Outright LIE!! Why, why, why do people do that?? What could they possibly benefit?
  4. Oh my!!! Some things are worth going to jail for -- yelp, I would have slapped the **** out of the brat!!! Problem or no problem!!
  5. NEPatroitsFan1: Can you tell me where to find or buy " ... Adam’s OSI and wealth preservation strategies ..." I recently asked where any of this information was posted and the only comment that was made was something similar to the fact that I wasn't " of us..." ... ??
  6. TMills6864

    Direction for Investments

    Hello all. A few years back a I saw a very good section on how to invest when we cash in -- can anyone direct me to that section? "Thank you."
  7. TMills6864

    Abadi Facebook posts

    I don't think everyone should send him a post, but I DO agree that a few who know should! What harm would it do to ask? I'm anxious to hear some of his comments.
  8. Rmc10-- why do you say January? I try to follow Kim but haven't heard anything in reference to January, direct or indirect. I'm very interested.
  9. TMills6864


    Many prayers coming your way ...
  10. TMills6864

    Is Iraq ready...You Decide.

    Sadly, for us, I don't believe we will see anything profitable from our investment until at least the year 2020 -- I must agree with MisterNope, Iraqi is not ready, still to much to do... yet I continue to hope...
  11. TMills6864

    New CBI Announcement 08/09/2017

    Urgent and Important All Authorized Banks Financial Remittance Companies Selling and Purchasing Foreign Currency Mediate Companies Subject/ WARNING Individuals and groups have been observed carrying out scams, frauds and blackmail claiming that they have some kind of effect on officials and employees in the central bank or trying to pass specific transactions with forged official authorizations, documents and letters. We confirm that all allegations presented by those are invalid and not true, and Governor Office should be informed of it immediately whatever the character of the individual or the group. No one to represent orsubstitute or mediate on behalf of the bank administration and employees in all their levels whatever the relation between them (If it's true), the central bank is not responsible for whom being neglected and scammed on, since it is fundamentally illegal, rather than what's required from being careful, caution and investigate the validity of allegations and documentations. Please inform all your employees on that and inform through Governor Office Email
  12. Anyone remember Shotgun Suzie from way back in the day, probably back around 2006/7 ??
  13. TMills6864

    DV Family Prayer Warriors

    There is power in numbers, even in prayer...
  14. TMills6864

    New CBI Announcement 05/25/2017

    Thank you, Yota. But, I don't understand how/why that type of announcement would generate comments like: "Oooooh....Launched Exchange!!! Is that saying what I'm hoping its saying???" and "please, please, please" -- are we referring to the same article? Sorry, I'm just totally lost and sincerely been praying for this R/V, more the last few months than every before, I've been waiting since late 2005 ... getting tired... 🤞

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