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  1. Please, someone tell me how wrong I am, but sounds to me like nothing is going to happen until after they complete and formalize the entire government -- when do they come back into session?
  2. TMills6864

    Iraqi Law Gazette Website

    4:46 pm, Texas time -- still down
  3. TMills6864

    Barzani meets with Mahdi re: HCL (?)

    Wilford, will you please post a link to this site -- I like the layout, would like to bookmark it... thanks in advance.
  4. TMills6864

    CBI News 02/06/2019

    Hey "Texstorm": I'm just South of you, we need to get together, I could sure use some guidance on all this ...
  5. TMills6864

    How to: Cash Out

    Karsten, "THANK YOU, sincerely"
  6. TMills6864

    CBI News 02/06/2019

    Oh HOW I hope your right! "Thank you"
  7. TMills6864

    CBI News 02/06/2019

    Someone please help me to understand. I read above that the CBI is giving E.P. companies "... five months" to open "terrorism management offices" -- is it possible that we won't see an RV until after these five months? (Yes, I know, anything is possible, but is it probable?)
  8. Any particular station/channel? I'll watch, got nothing else to do on this cold rainy evening.
  9. TMills6864

    How to: Cash Out

    I hope I don't get bashed for asking this, I know that several years ago (I've been around since 2006, just don't post) it was discussed in detail, I also know that some out there are extremely intelligent on the subject (Please don't refer me to the VIP section, I can't afford it). Will anyone please tell us the steps to take to cash in, where to go, etc., etc. ... surely I don't just walk up to my bank and say "Here's 20 million dinars, I want to exchange them for dollars, just deposit into my checking account". -- Seriously, instant wealth is not something that I've experienced, what do I/we do???
  10. TMills6864

    Frank26 On the 30th, of December, lifted the 3 zeros

    At 1 to 1, I'm 100% out, 100% happy happy happy
  11. I love reading the details -- keep it up LGD.
  12. TMills6864

    The removal of the zeros

    In my opinion, they must remove the zero's before they revalue ... JMO!
  13. I would be VERY interested in knowing what you "think it says" ...

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