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  1. I don't think that's working properly since the British pound is showing as 1466.129 and the Canadian dollar is at 876.74…. if all the numbers were similar it would make more sense… and I haven't received a text from Adam either Fingers crossed for this next week coming up
  2. So many positive changes this year! This Ramadan feels different Hopefully they'll release a big gift to the their people and us at the end of this Eid al-Fitr! Thanks for all your News Articles Yota
  3. For all I know it could be some guru πŸ’© That I stepped in along time ago and couldn't get off my shoe! I coulda made up the three day part from years of readin and thinking I saw it somewhere
  4. I remember a video I watched about 4 to 6 years ago where Shabbibi was answering questions about whether or not the dinar would revalue.... I don't have the link... but I watched it multiple times.....He stated that when the time came there would need to be a three day window to make the changes and that there would be a period of "propaganda" (his words) or an education campaign for the people before they could make any big changes to the currency..... you are correct he is no longer in power, I guess I was making more of an observation of the fact that there is a nice little window coming up.... that is all.... just some excitement on my part! No Facts to back it up. More of a gut feeling sorry if I made it sound factual. Not my intent. I'm on the road working so just a short statement. Hope this clears up my thoughts
  5. Hope so Thug! That would give them at least a three day window like Shabbs said he needed
  6. Got chills watching that video and what is possible if love conquered hateful ideology
  7. I believe God can speak to us through signs.... much like the story of Gideon in the O. T. and his many fleeces that he put out and prayed for God to show him. I will be married in June 19 years and I know for a fact that my wife was an answer to prayer much like you are describing above... I wanted to make sure that she was the one I was to marry before I ever even asked her on our first date and I put a series of requests out to God that only He could have orchestrated...... Before I ever went on the first date with my wife I told her she was the women I was supposed to marry! Talk about Crazy!! That would have scared any other woman off if it wasn't from Him right? Well 19 years, 2 kids, 4 houses, 8 states later she's still by my side through this crazy ride we call life and she was "all in"on the Dinar with me. I got involved in either 2009-2010 and knew in my heart that the Holy Spirit was telling me there was something special about this funny feeling red and green money with water marks, security strips, black light features! It made no sense to me that the value was being held there forever...... so yes Kim Clement was a sign to me of confirmation that I was on the right track!!! Have I been discouraged along the way? You betcha! Have I ever wanted to cash in my chips? Not until it's "former glory" is returned and Babylon rises again to fulfill its destiny as prophesied in the Bible. One last thing: Sorry this has been long winded...... on the Inside of my wedding ring my wife had " Eph 3:20" inscribed it states: "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us" How bout them apples?! I'm holding out for immeasurably more than we can all ask or imagine! And as far as that's concerned I believe it will be "nothing, nothing, nothing.... Suddenly!!!" And the rest will be history
  8. With the article Yota posted this morning about Iraq soon to have the fastest internet in the world, Banks being opened in Kurdistan, bank transparency and meetings with the IMF etc, I believe we are watching the tapestry being woven behind the scenes to a crescendo of Mosul Victory, Announcement of HCL being passed and Reinstatement of the Currency to bring the average citizen buying power.... in their Holy month of Ramadan! It sure would be nice So many powerful things happening behind the scenes, OPEC deals, now US pulling out of the Paris Accord, Record jobs numbers according to ADP in the private sector! Maybe Kim Clement's Prophecy and LGD's "SUDDENLY" is upon us! Fingers and Toes crossed
  9. I say don't float it either! Peg it to the πŸ’΅ 3.86 to 1 and call it restored to its former glory! This way your higher than Kuwait next door and can have bragging rights. While your at it give us at at least two years to turn in the 3 zero notes at least 10 years of coexisting with the lower denominations.... not too much to ask to ask I don't think..... your people have suffered long enough for Saddam's crimes
  10. Lol.... I guess I missed that just knew you were a Packers Fan I've always respected Green Bay.... As far as my Dad I got him writing gift letters then I will purchase Platinum VIP/CorpVIP from Julie and we will share my name reserve and I'll make him a Director or share holder.... that way when him and my Mom pass there will be virtually no estate tax and I can make my sisters employees of the corporation so that their inheritance passes through with no Death tax etc... am I thinking correctly!? Thanks again for everything
  11. πŸ‘πŸΌ Your nudging along with members like Caye98 Coorslite LGD made me take the plunge. very glad I did do you know if i if I want to add my Dad who is also a dinar holder as a director, can he be addded simply by VIP/Corporate VIP? He's not really computer savy and takes care of my grandparents in hospice full time... so I thought I might purchase a Corp VIP in his name so that he could turn in his dinar stateside and join my OSI Corp
  12. The only thing I've been right about is football.... for everything dinar related.... I Trust Mr Montana I'm planning on angel finance this weekend when I'm not working to sit down and get my affairs in order.... if he's this excited there is a reason πŸ™πŸ»
  13. Yes Sir Skeetdog, Thank you and I am hoping for former glory right out he gate lol... but I can't argue either with your logic
  14. Thanks Adam! Really can't wait! How bout we just RV tomorrow so we don't have to think about it over Ramadan.... Let's balance that budget with some of the Mystery Money Trump's proposing