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  1. NEPatriotsFan1

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    That would be fantastic!
  2. NEPatriotsFan1

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    I forgot was TLAr of the opinion it would come out High or low? I used to like reading his take.... but it’s been a long time
  3. NEPatriotsFan1

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Good one Thug!
  4. NEPatriotsFan1

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Sure do! 🤞🏻
  5. NEPatriotsFan1

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Bulldog, is their a chance your buddy can take a pic of his cold hard Benjamin’s and text it to ya? I feel like we’ve been on this ride before and it doesn’t end well, Thanks for the rumor. Hope it’s true. I’m heading to my sister’s wedding this weekend and I haven’t gotten her a present yet.... it would be cool to whisper in her ear that the Dinar I’d given her years ago had revalued for real this time
  6. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    This explanation, I love, it makes sense to me! I sure hope you’re right! Thank you
  7. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    If your phone starts vibrating a lot just run to the bank you’ll figure it out
  8. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

  9. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    Floridian, I’m hoping that this will happen at the same time they begin releasing the 1,5,10,20,50, 100 etc and that the citizens will take their huge notes into a branch of the Iraqi banking system and donone of two things.... 1. Deposit them and take out what they need to survive for a month, maybe buy a new whip(camel) or 2. Ask for the biggest small denoms they have and run out in the street “ Thanking Allah” for this Ramadan Blessing! Throwing said notes in the air making it rain Dinar! After the elation wears off, they scrape what Dinars they can off the street, stuff their pockets and run home to their loved ones, hoping for a better life for them and their children.... with the means to actually make that a reality slowly but surely after picking up the pieces from 2 decades of war..... I am NOT hoping for 3x on this investment. The people had their wealth artificially devalued back then overnight.... I don’t see why if they have reduced note count (like Breitling suggests) thag they cannot reinstate 1:1 or 3:1 for that matter and give the people back their former glory! God knows they deserve it! The truth is none of us here have any real clue as to how this is going to turn out...... I’m set for disappointment as that is the way the world normally works out, but trusting that this “one” time there may be a bigger plan at work and we may have just gotten lucky and made the cut of people they let in the club before the doors shut! 🤞🏻 We’re all on the same team here
  10. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    Yes. That’s what I’m hoping for
  11. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    Easy to do lol.... we’re all hoping for best possible outcome
  12. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    They’ve had 15 years to do that.... it ain’t gonna happen like that after all this time! Would be value neutral and utterly useless.
  13. NEPatriotsFan1

    Some Delta for you

    I remember a while ago he had been right about something that they predicted happening and it happened in the week that they said it would but most the time he and Frank are just talking out of their arse! 😂

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