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  1. Maybe this is strategic to cause upward pressure on the Dinar? Like a well orchestrated event
  2. NEPatriotsFan1

    Adam Montana Weekly 15 August 2018

    Yes! I sure hope you heard right I’m pulling for us
  3. NEPatriotsFan1

    CBI News 08/14/2018

    I like this last statement...... we are all pulling for a bright prosperous future for Iraq and US and I can see where cryptos and smart phones could be part of their financial inclusion into global markets
  4. Phenomenal news! Happy for you and your wife
  5. NEPatriotsFan1

    CBI News 08/12/2018

    My point is that part of the educating process.... now the word specimen is going across all the old notes with three zeros and now they are educating the bankers from the central bank regarding the smaller notes specimens from other countries.... I’ve not seen notices like that from the CBI in all the years I’ve been reading Yota’s posts. Just weird that their starting to do international business and paying in other currencies or they are opening their country up and getting people used to seeing 100 and 200 denoms...... just thinking out loud here. Haven’t had any coffee yet
  6. NEPatriotsFan1

    CBI News 08/12/2018

    Anybody else notice that they are making posts with the word specimen on it that has lower numbers now albeit is from other countries.... but it’s almost like they are getting the banks used to trading “international” currencies?
  7. I could make 1.20 work but I may only be able to afford well liquor... not the top shelf I was dreaming about taking a bath in😜
  8. NEPatriotsFan1


    And the ministry of finance currency converter is still down and has been for over a month
  9. Whiskey already poured..... hope it RV’s before my ice melts... or or before I run out of 🥃
  10. I’ve been demanding rates..... anywhere from .10 all the way up to $3.86..... No one seems to be listening! Just sayin’ 😉
  11. I will run faster than Usain Bolt to the nearest banking branch Adam suggests I may pull a quad or a hammy but I’ll have enough to pay for the reconstruction surgery
  12. Really good article Butifldrm! I gotta believe we are close!
  13. Numbers don’t lie! But I have a feeling Iraq’s numbers are even better than what they’ve led us to believe on a different set of books

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