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  1. Joined VIP today... anything in particular I have to do regarding email, etc? Just want to make sure I'm ready
  2. I would really like for this ride to be over by this weekend... LOL... especially now that I joined VIP.... I'd like to get on with it! Here's to Hoping for April
  3. My opinion is this is an opportunity for Trump to take credit for pushing the Iraq to revalue their Currency and this is an opportunity for Abadi to take credit for defending all Iraqi's oil against invaders both the president and prime minister will come out looking like heroes, win/win......." art of the deal " 101
  4. So True! I say it to my friends all the time.... well put
  5. No still same since 1.04.17
  6. Unfortunately, your assessment is probably accurate. I just didn't understand the discrepancy in the chart based on the prior columns all being filled in
  7. I coulda sworn this guy's been killed in an air raid like 10 times now..... would love to see some proof one of these times! Get it over with already.... need peace and stability.... so we can get the HCL and move on
  8. Would love to see the VN Dong inflate.....,, got a bunch myself... good thoughts Karsten.... I've been so focused on Dinar practically forgot about the Dong
  9. Thx Tigergorzow!!!! Always love your input and analysis...... What a win.... still getting over Edleman's catch!!!! I believe we Dinarians are gonna come from Behind...... SUDDENLY! Just like my New England Patriots
  10. Sorry for grammar..... sent from phone at. Stop light
  11. Not only have they not posted a rate since 4 January but the last four days they have stopped posting in the remittance column. Don't know what it means but it doesn't seem to of happened before anybody know?
  12. I have been a long time lurker here at DV... only site I trust and I have appreciated Adam's level-headed approach to this speculation/investment. My personal background was ministry and I would not consider myself a professional investor type... I've been invested in Dinar since early 2009 and really believed it would happen by 2010.... lol we all know how that turned out Here is the interesting thing for me..... when I was introduced to this speculation it was by a friend in the church who's family was very wealthy and savvy with their money... owned a bunch of franchise restaurants.... anyway I took it to prayer and study and I did my due diligence before going to a local bank to purchase.... The reason I invested was because of my Theology background which led me to believe that Babylon would rise again in the end times... and be quickly destroyed again... so the weird part for me was reading in scripture that many would be made rich by her.... and would morn for her loss. So before I had ever heard of Kim clement I believed in my spirit that somethin was special regarding Iraq.... I guess after being told by gurus everyday it would rv I began to question everything I believed..... my background in Christianity was a charismatic/Pentecostal one and I had since switched to Non- Denom/Baptist...( had a lot of bad experiences with Words of knowledge prophecies) I just kinda stopped believing God communicated with people like that anymore... I guess I say all of this to say that after watching multiple videos from Kim Clement I do believe that he is onto something. His accuracy about Donald Trump and about time magazine and about rain in California has given me hope that he is right about the dinar as well and I pray that it comes out in a large number immediately. I do believe that he gives warning to not stay invested too long after revaluation, and after reading scripture I don't believe that Iraq will be predominate for very long even though we have ten years to turn in notes....I know many here are a lot smarter than me, just wanted to share a perspective of someone that was invested before the Prophecy was made and who has confirmation in my heart that we are on the right team
  13. From the Dinar Prophecies I have watched by Kim Clement I believe that the Trump would be President and that Time Magazine would have him on the front cover even though they wouldn't like it was from 2007.... the Prophecy about the Dow hitting 20k was from 2013 and the Dinar Prophecy about sudden change in value was at another time..... I believe that all of us who've been in this for a long time are linking the three together, connecting the dots if you will..... just my humble opinion