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  1. No at the time I transferred ethereum from gemini.... but you could only do that during ico now has to go through cryptopia.... if you go back through this thread there is a lot of info that can point you in right direction
  2. I bought the bulk of mine for under a penny at ICO and I purchased more for 3.5 cents and 7 cents so I’m still considerably up..... however I’m thinking .04 cents and I’m gonna load up...
  3. Speculation on Value

    Maybe you haven't heard how Crypto currencies are going up 100,000%..... I truly understand where you are coming from a logical standpoint, even skeptical..... and healthy skepticism is good, but this idea has been beat to death around here.... We live in very crazy times right now and extraordinary things are happening. Good luck to us all
  4. Yes , yes and Yes!!! I've seen both of them and I am very wide eyed as it relates to how Religion, Politics and Economics control our reality.. and how it is all manufactured from a place of scarcity vs abundance...... Hopefully we can bring an abundance mentality to the area of the world where we each live so that we can help shape ours and our loved ones realities and make the world just a little brighter in our neck of the woods! Thanks for that Thought.... good reminder. To the person who was confused to my response to Copper13, I was agreeing with Copper and saying they had an open mind to the Truth... and looked deeper than the surface Thanks 10 years later
  5. Nope, just open minded and aware that things are not always what they appear on the surface
  6. Iraq Is Going To Attract Big Investors !

    So is this like a Bra for Iraq's Economy? Kinda like Spanx! It sure would be cool to see how Perky their currency could look again But I was thinking the Red of the 25K notes would really make it Pop!
  7. CBI News 12/14/2017

    That would make you a great leader.... you should run for President
  8. Could the Miracle He's talking about here with Taxes have anything to do with the influx of revenues to the Govt and maybe the reduction of National Debt that a Revaluation of Dinar would bring? I am no Guru, OBIVOUSLY speculating here but our friend Coorslite21 started a Thread in the VIP Section that talked about how all of these economic indicators tie together..... Just Food for Thought! Good Luck to us all..... I sure could use a "Christmas Miracle" Have a great day (to the most patient group of people I know) (except 10yearslater , but you get a free pass! )
  9. CBI News 12/14/2017

    If they are ending the MCP ( Multiple Currency Practice) We will be exchanging our Dinars back to Dollars.... As Iraq starts using their own currency they won't need ours... Last I checked we are all here waiting on giving them back their dinars for a much improved exchange rate from the current .00086 and hopefully they drop the three zeros from the exchange rate making our Dinars worth .86 or their former glory of $3 + to 1 Dinar... Unless I'm in the wrong forum.... I thought that's what we were all waiting for? I'm confused now
  10. CBI News 12/14/2017

    Sweet! I'd be happy to give them their Dinars back... I'll take their Dollars.... at an exchange rate of $.86 to $3.86 to One Dinar.... Most of my notes are Crisp except the few that had Mud and Camel Dung on them, but in otherwise really great shape
  11. Yes that was my first thought when I saw total supply of coins
  12. Did you try to pay her with a 25k note, and Did she give you your Dinar back? Or did she keep it, cuz she’s probably lying then
  13. One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor! When the RV finally pops!
  14. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again Thugs tries to bring us the nuts 🥜

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