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  1. I appreciate the tip..... you’d think being Irish, I’d be a professional at this, but truth be told I don’t drink much..... but I’ll manage to figure out a way if this ever pops!
  2. Economy News» Publishes The Budget Law 2018 !

    There’s that pesky $1 Dinar note again...... re-education of the people much?
  3. Just recovering from celebrating my Irish Holiday last night! Just in time to celebrate with all of Iraq it seems..... I don’t know if my liver can take it 🍻
  4. Wow. Good stuff.... thanks for sharing! I think holding out for 1 or 2 is reasonable based on these former rates! We’ll see
  5. Another way of looking at it is..... $20.67 an oz divided by 31.1 grams equals .66 per gram 7.3 grams x .66 per gram = $4.81 cents per IQD so yes..... I think @navira45 math would be correct if these numbers are meant to tell us anything real or true?
  6. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    You make good sense.... I’ve always felt the higher notes would dry up quickly before a sudden change in value. I also believe that they are not being truthful about how many notes are left in circulation. I believe similar to Brietling that the note count is down to like 1 Billion and that they are gonna come out with a bang to dedollarize quickly..... too many articles over the years about former glory and then this 86 year anniversary propaganda article.... just too many signs pointing to a near and sudden change in first quarter of 18! Iraq can support a higher value than Kuwait, they will be an economic powerhouse and a strong US ally moving forward. They are of strategic importance and they connect the world through the Silk Road. Too much rebuilding to do.... I feel we are in for a sudden surprise.... Obviously I could be wrong, I hope I’m not. My Gut tells me we are close 🤞🏻
  7. If I remember from some years ago Dr Shabibi said Iraq could support between $5- $12 value with the reserves back then and natural resources..... I could settle for $3.07 Thanks Floridian.... I like where your heads at with this article and the gold conversion! Here’s to all of us
  8. Please let us all know here at DV which new investment you are going to tirelessly bring news for so we can all tip you in Dinar! You are a machine! So appreciative, kept so many from reading rumors and focusing on news! Thanks Yota
  9. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    Indeed...... we may be closer than stink on poop!
  10. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    Well seeing the name of my bank on that list gets me a little warm and fuzzy! Maybe these are are the banks Adam has VIP cash in rates with?
  11. Abadi needs to write an executive order that states “ If you do not show up to vote and be part of the quorum, your lack of attendance will signify (no objection) to the law and therefore it will pass with the numbers that are actually present.... plus affirmative votes for everyone absent will be added to the total to equal a quorum!” We will not be held hostage by the minority any longer
  12. Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    Please do not call that specific bank! This site has thousands of readers and that would be truly annoying if you are an employee of that bank.... they won’t be able to service their local customers while answering random out of state phone calls That is why many banks stopped selling IQD in the first place because they weren’t a foreign currency exchange. Just my two cents
  13. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    I do have to say, being involved here for 10 plus years in this chat room vs being in Telegram chats for various cryptocurrencies.... Our Mods have done an amazing job keeping this place family friendly and not Devolving into a zoo...... (Minus King Bean, Dinar Thug and Davis) We need a little off color humor to keep us sane! But what a difference this place is on the internet! Great group of learners and people willing to help and share info.... without F bombs and crude pics! So 🎩 off to Adam and all our mods for keeping this an enjoyable place to come and wait and support the community! Good of luck to us all And LGD it would be sweet to be able to roll the dinar proceeds into the crypto market at prices 70% off their all time highs! Enjoy your day
  14. Sure would make the Jameson taste sweeter

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