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  1. Redenomination and then Reinstatement?

    I used to worry, but it really doesn't matter at this point... worrying isn't gonna change what happens. I was just giving you my reasoning for investing(speculating). At the end of the day we are all speculating.... so any gain is a win but obviously we are hoping for a managed float or reinstatement Hang in there, Floridian
  2. Redenomination and then Reinstatement?

    It does not make sense after all these years to redenominate! They have so much rebuilding to do... if they were going to just redenominate, they wouldn't need A million studies on the effects of redenomination... they could've done that years ago! This is something never seen before, I believe..... think if you were a multi millionaire in dinar during the Saddam era, and your dinars were devalued from $3.21 to 4000 IQD/USD. Would you celebrate a redenomination and only 3 times your face value, whenyou lost so much purchasing power? I can't see the people setttling for that! Not only that but their national pride is on the line with a ton of resources to back it up
  3. New CBI Announcement 08/17/2017

    Don't be a tease! Know what? Lol
  4. New CBI Announcement 08/17/2017

    I'm ready Navira45!! I am praying you're right! The 4 day CBI holiday is curious indeed
  5. Hope it's smoke! I think they have too many reasons to revalue.... the people need a win..... so much loss after isis. I really think Abadi could seal the deal for re election if he revalued and gave the people back their purchasing power
  6. Well I will just add my , I have not specifically heard August in my Spirit..... but in 2009 i believe I heard that it would RV and it was not an "if" but a "when"...... I also believe that this long exhausting ride, has been a period of preparation to handle the massive influx of resources! The truth is the average dinar holder is not mentally, spiritually equipped to handle this type of wealth transfer! I thought I was but I wasn't. I've always been middle class guy who's dream was to be comfortable.... but I had no idea how to handle this type of "lotto effect" money... The truth is it can make or break someone. There are countless stories of lives destroyed by wealth. Your character needs to surpass your talents or wealth so that it does not destroy you! Ive had a recent eye opening experience that I believe the Lord had blessed me with! We will be blessed to be a blessing....(Kim Clement's word clearly said that we are to help the poor and needy) I won a sales competition for my company that sent me and my wife as well as another couple to an all inclusive vacation in the Dominican (Blessed) It was a one week trip for everyone except me...(a severe ear infection kept me from flying home) I can hear the jokes at the office now lol...... anyway, my phone was destroyed by walking into the pool (More jokes) but it caused me to spend time thinking without technology and I did a ton of observing and praying and soul searching!!! The average Dominican makes 200 US a month (wrap your head around that) They work 12 days on 3 days off schedules at these resorts away from their families to serve wealthy Americans/Europeans/Canadians etc for pennies!!! They do it with a smile! They are genuinely happy people and they have sooooo much less! It convicted me deeply (No, I'm not saying it's wrong to vacation and enjoy ourselves) It just crystallized the idea that I'm not being blessed with an RV for Lamborghinis and Ferrari's....... We're being blessed because for whatever reason, the Spirit of God saw fit to allow us to have the foresight to invest in Babylon and a major wealth transfer! Not to make ourselves great.... but to make HIM great to the people of this world with so much less than us! My heart's desire is to help others in such a way as to show them true love and compassion and make my little corner of the world a better place. Will I be debt free? Yes... will my children's children be set up? Yes (thanks to VIP and OSI strategies that during this time of preparation I've taken advantage of, thanks to Adam, Mods and seasoned DVr's) But as far as the poor and broken hearted.... let 's be God's hands and feet to show love, mercy and compassion on those far less fortunate! Sorry for for being so long-winded just wanted to share what I was shown this last week!
  7. We stayed at secrets Royal beach and have been treated like royalty! but for sure will consider secrets cap Cana! A lot of seaweed on this side. I heard better water over by cap Cana. Thanks for recommendation
  8. I recently got back from Punta Cana and if it RV's you can bet I'll be there awhile. I'm in Punta Cana now. My wife and friends left last week but I had an ear infection and dr suggested I not fly so I didn't rupture ear drum.... So I'm at the end of week two and hoping I don't have to go back to the grind for too long before we see a change in the MCP of Iraq leading to what we hope is the promised land (RV)
  9. I'm still in the Dominican trying to figure out a way not to leave!!! An RV would almost do the trick I think...... Chapter 7 please finish so we can move onπŸ™πŸ€πŸ€
  10. Not if you're in VIP and OSI...... Thanks to Adam's hard work
  11. McCain Removal The Secret Code To RV.

  12. Adam Montana Weekly - 25 July 2017

    Good Stuff Chief, liking where we are at and agree that win lose or draw I've learned a lot about world economies, finance, strategies to protect wealth etc! I for one appreciate the site you and the mods have built Have a great evening!
  13. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    Yes baby! Come to papa thanks waitisover
  14. To quote Matthew McConaughey -"all right all right all right!!!!"

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