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  1. Gypsygirl11

    China Contract Rate

    Your kidding, right!?! LOL...nobody is that stupid.
  2. 05 14 26 46 50 PB 09 The window is OPEN to POSSIBILITY now.....being positive, lol
  3. Get them all out of here. Thank you Trump administration! Notice how many are bunking in California.
  4. Bump, cute thread. They sell 80 Billion a day?!? Noooooo, really? There shouldn't be an issue then! I'm 2 tired to look it up. And the Lithium Drip is so funny, lol ..... I think I need one of those.
  5. Well, while we are asking...I need 11 Million.
  6. I hope your right...SMH I don't see it.
  7. 08 12 23 40 54 PB 16 Ready for upgrading my life style....Lets go!
  8. Your killing it today Pitcher! Thanks for all the articles.
  9. Well, Pres Trump is a fighter. Iran is a horrible place and their intentions are not good. GOOD LUCK trying to change them...that is a dream I think. It will be interesting how this plays out.
  10. Gypsygirl11

    Amt Winehouse

    Something different. Having a nice weekend, hope you are also.
  11. Gypsygirl11

    Amt Winehouse

    Just realized I can scan articles while listening to this Album...nice.
  12. Gypsygirl11

    Amt Winehouse

    I'm so sorry Karsten....A man you are. Thanks for posting videos....Yes, these are 60's for sure, never heard of the Seekers. Again not to my liking....give me Jimi Hendrix, Stones etc. Simon and Garfunkel are as sappy as I'll go. lol Give me some Moody Blues too. There is so much to choose from the 60's. Take care Mr. Karsten - enjoy the weekend
  13. Gypsygirl11

    Amt Winehouse

    I know of her, Joan Baez...just not my style. I understand she is gifted. And girl, I grew up in the eighties. Believe me, Madonna is nothing like Amy. Enjoy your input though. Peace
  14. Gypsygirl11

    Amt Winehouse

    I never listened to Joan Baez. This girl had definite talent. Jazzy blues. I don't see the Madonna though. It's to bad she had the substance abuse issue.

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