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  1. lol, good one PP. Great find Floridian! Now, lets see some action!!!!!!!!!! Giddy up
  2. Hair - Aquarius

    Love this one. Puts a smile on my face.
  3. Economy Where to?

    Lots of chat lately on how prosperous Iraq is....whats going on? Show us what the hell your talking about, dare you!
  4. LOL!!!! This has been a waiting game hasn't it!!! One day SOOOOON...had to say it.
  5. Question about the VND

    TY, interesting!!!!
  6. Question about the VND

    Was 10,000 their smallest bill before seeing this 1,000 bill? Is this an old note Blueskyline?
  7. Question about the VND

    So does anybody wanna guess at the rate?
  8. Its Sat morning and the storm is moving West....Holy mother of God....right up the Gulf coast!
  9. Still work to be done...2018

    I hope your right. I understood it as they wanted to keep their currency pegged to the dollar as is now.
  10. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

    Love this one. Just saw you posted , lol

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