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  1. Gypsygirl11

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Navira, you seem very sure of yourself...lets hope your better be right! lol
  2. Gypsygirl11

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Ohhhh boy, I LOVE this article. I think Iraq and all of us are READY....NOW. $1.71 would be out of this world!!! Yes please
  3. Gypsygirl11


    Skeetdog got it all figured out! Now a house and live off interest....that's it, lol
  4. Gypsygirl11


    I guess I'm easy....I will gladly pay what needs to be paid...Like PokerPlayer says....I do not wish to meet Tiny (who is over six feet tall). Let's just get this ball rollin!
  5. Gypsygirl11

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Thuggie got it right I think...BullDog's friend is mistaken. Probably it's about the ATMS, and able to give out $1,500 from machines. O well
  6. Gypsygirl11

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Agree NextYear. Now this is a great rumor - thanks for posting Bulldog!
  7. Gypsygirl11


    Another one for Pres Trump....yup
  8. Gypsygirl11

    Natalie Merchant

  9. The HA HA thing is a bit much...but to each their own. Weird sense of humor. Hope you guys are right so we can HA, HA, HA our way to the bank! You two can become besties ....they remind me of a movie...was it dumb and dumber? lol JK guys....just don't wet your pants when it hits. - hopefully this month. Lets shoot for the end of June, 2018.....yes please
  10. I'm a realist now a days. lol Please do not preach to me. I believe in destiny
  11. Time will tell. Like the others stated....I'm done getting excited...sure would be sweet though....mama is wearing thin! God willing something happens this year.
  12. Gypsygirl11

    Next RV Window...End Of Ramadan-EID 15 June.

    Wishful thinking that's for sure...but hey, why not!
  13. Gypsygirl11

    Next RV Window...End Of Ramadan-EID 15 June.

    Luigi is an individual that posts mostly ridiculous rumors. Why, I don't know! lol He did not write them...he just posts them.

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