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  1. Thanks Chuck, it would be a game changer if we could see small notes!
  2. Yes they are. Don't understand it myself, it brings attention to the site is the only answer I have. Negative attention is better then no attention to some people.
  3. Implementation thereof....I like the sound of that. BRING IT!
  4. I'm glad your posting again ZUL, like your input.
  5. Shabs and Chess...right on. Poker....Sometimes the law aint right, know what I mean. I say fry the bastard! lol Just another dangerous lunatic on the streets, great!
  6. He needs to be locked up for life....he is a danger to society obviously. Its a darn shame when money and fame can pave a way to freedom. Sad
  7. Enough talk Iraq....pull the friggin trigger! Lets get this economic movement flowing. Thanks for bringing SKYLINE
  8. Good for to be excellent you need to make your currency worth something.
  9. No food, water or porta potties.......enough is enough.
  10. One good Florida storm and you can kiss your a$$ goodbye.
  11. That's what I'm saying!