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  1. CBI News 11/23/2017

    We can only hope! Sure does seem like their up to long will it take is the question.
  2. This peaks my interest. I hope "timely manner" is not like SOON.
  3. This can only help things along.....I just love a great credit rating! Come on Iraq!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone...lets eat some turkey!
  4. CBI News 11/22/2018

    Third review....moving along
  5. Less talk and more action people! Like to see this in the news.....bring it! Thanks Thuggie!!!
  6. CBI News 11/21/2017

    I think most of us feel your pain Bakken. Cant say it will and cant say it wont....have to wait and see. Looking forward to 2018...keeping the faith.
  7. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    I feel the same way....can still invest now, not to late.
  8. Nine Currencies To Revalue..20 Nov.

    I guess Ill quit my job tomorrow

    A friend recommended COINBASE....I'm sure there are several to choose from.
  10. Possible WTO Meeting Friday

    Waiting and waiting and waiting AND WAITING..... We all might as well smoke a big fatty on Ol Frankies blue couch because we will probably be waiting some more. lol

    Good point....Thanks

    Thanks FlyHi....I sure wish I would have invested years ago! Kicking myself now.

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