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  1. Hi Adam! Hereing from you this morning .......Has made My Day! ! Looking forward to meeting You........SOON ! ! I'm right with you ....... on an announcement .......on a Saturday....or Sunday. Hopefully....the end of this month! ! My Very Best to You n Yours. ! ! !
  2. Thank you Garbo! This video is so well worth watching! There is So Much Truth in It! !
  3. Hi Adam, This probably isn't the right place to ask this ........But would you please check out my most recent support request # 2960 ?
  4. Hi Adam! So Good to Hear from you! !! I am waiting with Bated Breath ....for the next Live Chat coming up! Will be there with Bells On! !! In the meantime...Safe Travels, and my Best to You and Yours ! !!
  5. Thankyou Thankyou THANKYOU, Adam ! ! ! I'm So Excited about this.....I can hardly sit still anymore ! ! ! ! ! !
  6. Safe Travels, Adam, and Best Wishes to You and Yours ! !
  7. Hi Yvonne, Try this link: This one worked for me.
  8. Hi Adam, Yep! I Wholeheartedly Agree with looking at everything with Optimism ! ! Indubitably !! ! ! ! Thank you so Very Much for All You and Your Crew Do, for All of Us here on DV ! ! !
  9. I want to thank you as well, Wiljor ! ! Also would like to say that You and Synopsis are two of my favorite commentors here on DV. My compliments to Both of You!!
  10. I prefer to think Adam and all the DV team are getting things saucered and blown for the upcoming switch flip. As such, I am OK with being ignored (well sort of) understanding that they do a Superman's (or Superwoman's as the case may be) job for us now and getting things ready for us (hopefully very soon). If nothing else, if they are on vacation, it is certainly well deserved! Here Here ! ! !! Well Said...Synopsis ! !
  11. sorry..... for the Misspelling,......Synopsis !
  12. Agreed, Snoopsis! !