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  1. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Sorry Adam, I guess you were referring to the one you sent out earlier , about OSI Q&A Email . I did get that one. Thanks for all you and your staff do for all of us.....Much Appreciated !!!
  2. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Hi Adam, To my knowledge, I did Not receive an Email from you about OSI, today. Anything I should do? Best Regards to You n Yours.
  3. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    Adam, I apologize, For not keeping up with all the info on Bitcoin. For the past two months, I have been dealing with severe Sciatica pain. I can only sit at my Desk top Computer for 10 to 15 minuets at a time. I have been trying to keep up with your info on Bitcom, but a lot of it is Way over my head. Is there any possible way .....That there could be List put on the forum of Reputable Investers for people like me choose from? I would be expect to pay a reasonable Fee, for their services . Either that ....or I’m open to any suggestions you may have.
  4. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 December 2017

    As a matter of fact.....I was wondering about that too, raeeman. How bout it, Adam? Got something for us ‘Ole Timers’ ? ! Also: About sending a Support Ticket. I Did Send one! November 30th, 2017, # 6740. I haven’t as Yet, received an Answer, from anyone. I will close with saying: I know You and your Staff are terribly Busy, And I commend All of you for the Fantastic Job you’re doing! This is by Far .....The Best Site for Dinar Info, available to us on the ‘Net’ and so glad A friend told me about you!
  5. Pepperina

    Questions For Adam's Update 12-13-2017

    Hi Adam, I have one question. Where do I go , here on the forum, to send you a PM? Best Wishes to You n Yours.
  6. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 16 November 2017

    Hi There Adam! I Truly agree with all these folks. If you haven't yet checked out all the good info Adam has here... about becoming a VIP....and about OSI......just waiting for you to read... Well, you're surely going to miss out on something .....I consider a Life Changer! ! ! I am Really Looking Forward to meeting you in person, Adam, and that goes for a lot of you VIPs out there !!!
  7. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    You Can BET Your Bottom Dinar, Adam, ....Lots And LOTS of us Here , Have Your Back! ! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍!
  8. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    Good to hear from you, Adam! Safe Travels, My Best Wishes to You n Yours ! !!
  9. Pepperina

    Questions For Adam's Update 10-25-2017

    Hi Adam, My question is.....Will you be having a Special Discount on Any of the VIP Memberships this Next Month ? l will have to update, Three Separate Membersips that will expire......The 5th of November ! A Discount would help me tremendously ! Best Wishes, to You n Yours.
  10. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    Blessings To You n Yours, Adam, Many,MANY THANKYOUs, To You and Your Staff, for All You Do for us here! ! And....SAFE TRAVELS! ! .
  11. Pepperina

    Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Hey there Adam, Just wanted to Pop in to say, Best of Health to You and Your Family. 😊! And when You are traveling....🛫. . . ✈️. . . 🛬. . .Save Travels as well ! 😊! And When you have time, I'll be '👍Tickled Pink 👍' Hear From You ! 🤗😎😉😁 ! ! ! !
  12. Pepperina

    Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    I agree, KGreen & RMC10! I wouldn't want to make any premature statements if I new valid information would be available in the very short term to give everybody the best rendition of current and actual conditions! So....................... the wait is worth every picosecond................................if Adam even posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never met and don't know Adam personally so in no way am I trying to vouch for him or (especially) speak for him but I think it is well worth the wait at his discretion to present what he believes is timely information! Hey, I believe Adam is giving a nicety by even posting as regular as he does (THANK YOU, ADAM!!!). Due to the nature of this speculative investment, nobody (including Adam in my opinion) can make any hard and fast statements about the future of the IQD. In my opinion, each individual bears the consequence and benefits directly for this speculative investment and must not hold somebody else responsible for any aspect of the performance of the IQD (especially Adam since he is only a service provider and has no control whatsoever over the timing or outcome of this speculative investment while only following through on terms he makes for those services). Just my opinion and A LOT of Us here Has Your Back, Adam !!!!! !!!!!! I Totally agree with whats been said here! Just wondering though .......How many folks here..... Would Jump at the Chance to .....Step INTO ADAMS Shoes right now?? Just Sayin...... !!!!!
  13. Pepperina

    Adam Montana Weekly - 12 July 2017

    Hi Adam! Many, MANY THANKS to YOU, And Your Staff for All The Hard Working Hours ,You put in here! I Absolutely Love... Love .......LOVE......That Super FANTASTIC SENSE Of HUMOR Of YOUR s ! ! ! My BEST To YOU n YOURs ! ! ! ! !
  14. Pepperina

    NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    I'm thinking he is 'Busy......Extremely Busy, Workin away .....On The New Fantastic.......VIP ONLY SITE ! ! ! Now, I could be wrong......been wrong before.......But Then Again..............I've been Right a couple of times before.....Too ! ! ! 😊 ! 😎 ! 😉 ! ! ! 👍 !
  15. Pepperina

    Adam Montana semi-weekly 22 June 2017

    Hi Adam! Hereing from you this morning .......Has made My Day! ! Looking forward to meeting You........SOON ! ! I'm right with you ....... on an announcement .......on a Saturday....or Sunday. Hopefully....the end of this month! ! My Very Best to You n Yours. ! ! !

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