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  1. Thank you for your hard work Saradise!!!!
  2. Thank you Saradise!
  3. Great questions saradise, im gonna give it a shot! 8. 38. 47. 48. 66. Pb 26
  4. Thank you!
  5. thanks for info coorslite21! i pulled up western resources on my tc2000 trading platform and the ticker symbol came up as WRX.TO it doesnt seem to have much trading volumn, 21k shares traded today, is that because its a penny stock? im a part time swing trader so im not familiar with long term holds in penny stocks. ijust want to make sure im looking at the same stock you are, on my platform it says it closed today at .58, is that correct? the total float is not showing on my platform either, i will check another site to try and find it. on a side note i remember looking at the sky through the back window of my moms car while laying on the "shelf"! it wouldnt take her to long to catch me and tell me to get
  6. Theres been a drive by Thugging!