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  1. Angel “111” ....this stinks of flesh. The number111sounds like “me,me,me” in the bible angels have names, Michael, Gabriel, etc. the above post contains about 12 “ours” nothing good comes from the flesh. We are saved by the shed blood of the Lord Jesus
  2. Don’t forget about the “ships at sea”
  3. I was wondering that myself. I pulled up asia on google maps and china is on the same continent as iraq. Synopsis has posted alot about the new silk road initiative. I personally dont know much about that but i would imagine they are setting up deals with iraq to further this initiative. I think iraq can be china’s metaphorical “gas station” jmo gooooo rv
  4. Alot better than the accountants “pencil”
  5. With as much fighting as these political blocks do, i hope they can come together on this one!!! thanks for highlighting the good stuff Thugs!
  6. Thanks Thugs, appreciate you bringing the news!!!
  7. It Looks Like We’re In The Sweet Spot Zone ! feels more like the “twilight Zone”
  8. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I am truly amazed at the way the Lord works! my older brother suggested i get into this investment. He’s a man of integrity an entrepreneur and just an all around good guy. So when he introduced me to the dinar i did some research and decided to invest. We took advantage of many things mr. Montana has offered. We had plans, went over those plans and then planned some more lol. (Im not going into detail because this is a public forum). In my dream my ticket was ripped in half. My brother just told me he is out of this investment and moving into something else. I think thats why my ticket is now half a ticket. I was actually dumbfounded when he told me this. It was clear he had made up his mind, so I didn’t share any of the iraqi news with him. Thanks again to all who have contributed here!
  9. Excellent perspective! Thanks for your response! In one of andy andrews podcasts he was talking about King David. How he was a man after Gods own heart. He prayed help me to WANT your will God! If you believe God created the heavens and the earth. The leviathan of the deep, then he knows whats best for us! For King David to pray asking God to help him want his will ,i would imagine he knew about human selfishness. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May the Lord lift up his countenence upon you and give you peace. thanks again !
  10. Thank you Keylime for sharing your dream! I too had a dream, and I actually remembered it! i hit 1 million on a piece of paper, not sure if it was a lotto ticket or a scratcher but I remember the 1 million printed in the corner. I was very excited and started walking across a parking lot. In the middle of the lot was an island. These are not uncommon where i live , inside the island sometimes theres grass or flowers or shrubs. This island wasnt very big and it was surrounded by a 6 inch high cement curb. I noticed the island had grass in it and was very wet almost “swampy”. I decided to walk across it. I was almost to the other side when i sank waist deep into some water. I pulled myself out and stood up. I immediately reached into my pocket and pulled out my ticket but when i pulled it the ticket ripped in half because it was wet. I remember thinking, man I probably shouldnt have done that. I hope this is a warning to stay vigilant post rv and not something that will happen in the future. After being in this investment for 11 years it would really suck to lose half of it. Any thoughts? thanks again Keylime and everyone who contributed!!! and as always Gooooooo RV
  11. I didnt see any missing letters. Glad you still have all your fingers!!! Gooooo. RV !!!!
  12. Your a fantastic and hard working person saradise! A hearfelt thanks for all you do!!!!!
  13. Thanks synopsis, the best of weekend too you too my friend....I always enjoy and learn something from your “breakdowns”
  14. sorry not trying to speak for you synopsis, just an observation 😉
  15. just my opinion but i think synopsis is trying to get you to DIVE deeper in the between the lines if you will
  16. no the jehovah's witness bible DOES NOT say the same thing as others, or we would not be having this disscussion at all. im not a good debater and i dont know much about King James. so i cant comment on that. but does'nt it stand to reason that you should go to the source for accurate answers? im talking about original hebrew text, scrolls? just a thought but when God inspired the jewish priests to write HIS word, i would think that would be the best and most accurate. i have never read the original hebrew text so dont take my word for it , do your own due dilligence. and another thought, im not sure how long the bible has been here , 2500 years? you mean to tell me that everyone before charles russell created the jehovah's witness bible in 1961 was wrong? why would God allow this? he told his priests to write the bible.... and then in 1961 tell the whole world that oops i must have made a mistake.... im going to let charles russell get the correct version. God doesnt make mistakes my friend. thats what im taking about when i made the comment about wind, think and annalize, dive to the bottom of the pool for answers
  17. wow , excellent link nstoolman. thank you for posting this! i didnt know the jehovah's witness's created there own bible in 1961. no wonder its radically different than the original scriptures. thanks again bud!!!
  18. Excellent point coorslite21!!! just because you cant find this phrase in the bible botzwana, does this mean its not true? consider this ....have you ever seen wind? I guarantee you never have....thats because its invisible, you can see what wind does, it makes the trees sway, you can feel a breeze across your face. Just because YOU cant see wind does that make it untrue or false? If you want a quality debate then you have to dive to the bottom of the pool, do alot of research devote your life to finding truth. Your posts from above seem very combative too me, i dont know what your objective is in writing this post?
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