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  1. I suspect that if the new Iraqi government "meets the needs of the Iraqi citizens" they will have met the requirements of the USA with a stable, strong, and prosperous allie in the Middle East.
  2. Orange High Panther here.....Gooooo Panthers......and RV !!!
  3. I think the Federal Council is supposed to make a ruling on or about 10-4 as to the largest bloc.....then the they will slug it out.
  4. DinarDavo

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Well, that was easy enough.....maybe we will be conducting business by this time next year.
  5. DinarDavo

    Announcement of the largest bloc

    Why do I keep hoping they will do the right thing?
  6. Not enough to go around....LOL? Too many hands in the cookie jar already !!!
  7. DinarDavo

    Obama on the Stump

    .....definitely evil personified.
  8. My brother and I were visiting a new gun shop located at our local county seat and got to shooting the bull with the owner. We got to discussing old TV shows and Gun Smoke came up... he mentioned that in his younger days he was the local barber and Ken Curtiss would stop by his shop for a trim when he was on tour with The Sons of the Pioneers......he said he had explicit instructions "don't touch the beard!". ....also said he was about the nicest person you could ever meet.
  9. Thanks for the great memories Theseus.......How 'bout that "Your business, you didn't build that!".....I almost fell out of my chair...LOL.....funnier than a shot to the rocks!
  10. For the prognosticators that say we will see a lot of chaos prior to the RV......this is the 'perfect storm".....oh wait, that's everyday in Iraq !!!
  11. DinarDavo

    Any News on 9-5 deadline for HCL Enactment?

    Found this article on a news site dated April 6, 2018: It is reported that the Iraqi President has ratified the Law on 25 March 2018. The Law does not enter into force until it is published in the Official Gazette, which is yet to be done (as we understand at the time of writing this article).
  12. I haven't noticed any chatter about the deadline to enact the citizen's provision of the gas and oil law......what party is responsible for this action if it's already been passed?
  13. This is beyond amazing......first they hand recount the citizens votes and now they are not sure who has the largest bloc......and maybe 2 weeks to figure that out.....Wow.

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