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  1. Silly Smiles

    Thanks me some Gary Larson!
  2. Storm shutters in place and secured.......Frankie, Frankie......
  3. Hopefully so....something has to break SOON.........the window appears to be closing.
  4. ...only if one is buying a firearm, a knife, a brick, a hammer, an automobile, truck, plane ticket, flight instruction, fertilizer, or any form of poison, baseball bat, rope......yeah
  5. $ 100 billion is a good start

    Agreed 110% DoD......some time back I did an editorial cartoon featuring a "CASH-A-PULT" (play on catapult) as the #1 weapon in the liberal strategy to solve our nation's ills....
  6. I can provide contact info for the hacks that created Obama's birth certificate if that would be helpful....
  7. In that case you might want to keep your seat least you wind up getting a pair of legal briefs... what with all the harrASSment suits going around!
  8. ....all things considered. DD

    Thanks Markinsa.....this is indeed a powerful word. A friend and I were having a discussion Sunday morning about what portion of the body might consist of the "luke warm" congregants, the "fire insurance" group that are seeking to fulfill the minimum requirements for their "ticket" to heaven, and how best church leadership might deal with the issue.....this word suggests that it may be a "non-issue" at this time.......very interesting.

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