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  1. Maliki is showing his true holds's now or never.
  2. Agreed.....have only heard bits and pieces lately but followed him for a while back....had always seemed very conservative and "clinical" in reporting and analyzing the news.
  3. The swamp is deep and wide......I hope I am wrong but looks like Sadr talks big, but with Jubouri getting back in and Maliki will buy his way back in nothing will change with the GOI in any significant way. Again, I hope I am wrong but the writing is beginning to appear on the wall. Pass the gravy....
  4. Looks like someone is stirring the pot hoping to continue the chaos.....and anti-US sentiment......Maliki, is that you?
  5. DinarDavo

    Sadr: Reinstate The Dinar.

    This is attributed to a Tweet Sadr posted a few days ago......if anyone out there tweets and can run it SADR ASKED WHEN WILL IRAQ’S CURRENCY IN THE RANKS OF MAJOR CURRENCIES The leader of the Sadrist movement, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, touched on a number of important files concerning the economic side, fighting corruption and the role of Iraqi youth in the next stage. Mr. al-Sadr put a number of questions in a tweet published on social networking sites, wondering about the subject of corruption, 1.and WHEN THE CORRUPT WILL BE TRIED IN MY COUNTRY, AND WHO WILL BE PROSECUTED, and 2.when the Iraqi economy flourishes and ITS CURRENCY IN THE RANKS OF MAJOR CURRENCIES. (Mnt Goat – Sadr is talking about the reinstatement of the dinar…WOW! ) Mr. Al-Sadr pointed to the role of educated youth by asking him when they will have a role in shaping the fate of their country. He ended with a number of slogans summarizing his vision of the files, saying, "We are all waiting for the trial of the corrupt."
  6. I like the sound of "caretaker government" and "without restriction".....

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