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  1. tlar is alive and well. He just didn't want his stuff to become public anymore so he keeps his communications private.
  2. ReVbo

    The Kapster stands her ground

    Kaperoni is a dude, BA.
  3. Good to hear. You never know, and as many people as I've seen talk about it seriously, I wanted to make sure.
  4. I'm not usually one to give investment advice to anybody, but I sure hope you two aren't serious about that. The only people who argue Zimbabwe's currency will make a comeback are people looking to sell Zimbabwe's currency. There is no hope that this country will improve, economically, any time in the foreseeable future. Mugabe robbed the place blind and murdered or ran off every producer in the country. Now, his successor is begging the white farmers to come back to the country, but it's not happening because they all know, as soon as they get their farms up and running again, the government will just come back in and confiscate them. Zimbabwe went from breadbasket to basket case in under 20 years, and it's not coming back in our lifetimes.
  5. ReVbo

    Buddy in military in iraq

    I hadn't seen that yet. Yeah, that should definitely put an end to this rumor. You need to get some new sources, Bulldog. Yours are messing with you.
  6. ReVbo

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Beats me. I went back and looked up Bulldog's post history and this isn't the first time he has posted a rumor so I'm taking it with a truckload of salt. I would imagine, it it was true, we would have seen confirmation from other members as there are lots of folks here with contacts in Iraq.
  7. We have watched the market rate very closely over there for a very long time, and feel confident that, at midnight, Friday, June 15, the IMF's 90-day compliance requirement will have been met.
  8. ReVbo

    Explanation of IMF 90-Day Rule

    It’s been a long time, Floridian, and I really don’t want to do all the research again, but I’ve seen lots of references to the 2% rule from the IMF over the years. I don’t know that it HAS to go for three months, but the IMF was never going to allow a move to Article 8 while the multiple currency practice (spread between the official rate and market rate being excessive) was going on. Here’s the link to the IMF definition of MCP: (i) Action by a member or its fiscal agencies that of itself gives rise to a spread of more than 2 percent between buying and selling rates for spot exchange transactions between the member’s currency and any other member’s currency would be considered a multiple currency practice and would require the prior approval of the Fund.
  9. ReVbo

    Is this right?????

    It’s a parliamentary system, Floridian, very similar to what they have in the UK and Canada and various other Western democracies, and Kap is right about how it works. That said, recent polls have Abadi’s coalition gaining 78 seats to Maliki’s State Law coalition’s 19. Maliki doesn’t have nearly as many friends in the other blocs, either, so Abadi is very likely going to remain as PM.
  10. It started about three weeks ago.
  11. ReVbo

    Off-balance sheet

    I’ve seen “JD” or “JD Dinar” used in place of “Iraqi Dinar” several times over the years. I think it’s just a translator glitch. Given the exchange rate of the Jordanian Dinar, it definitely doesn’t make sense that “JD” refers to the Jordanian currency in this context.
  12. ReVbo

    Urgent...On Iraqi TV.

    Delta is wrong (Or more likely, lying). I could go back and verify the street rate from January, but I don’t have to because I watch it every day. It was in the 1250 ballpark back then and has only been IMF compliant for about 2-3 weeks. That puts 90 days around mid June. The IMF may grant Iraq a hardship exception considering they were ready four years ago before ISIS blew up half the country, although I doubt it, but to declare 90-day compliance is already complete is nonsense. Hopefully, this post will reach a few KTFA members and they won’t be up until 4:00am waiting for a change. Save the all-nighter for about June 12, folks.
  13. I did. That was hypothetical, though, and while I’m sure they have the technical capabilities, they may not be allowed to per IMF guidelines.
  14. Who knows, guys? Maybe there’s something to that 90-day rule Kaperoni always talks about. I’ve actually seen it in writing from the IMF as it relates to acceptance of Article 8. That puts us around about June 12-15. In the grand scheme, that’s not too bad.
  15. ReVbo

    Dinar exchange questions

    OMG. I can’t believe there are still people following that stuff. You need to forget everything you think you know about this, OP. Those people want to steal your money. How long have you been at this, incidentally?

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