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  1. Thanks. I’ve never really followed the various exchange groups unless someone posts it here. I like unusual stuff happening, and the piece Newbie posted yesterday, with all the various currencies listed, was definitely new. If this is new from Xe, even better.
  2. ReVbo


    It’s 86/100 of a dinar, not a dollar, and from the history of that stock, it’s pure coincidence that it’s at that number today. That this particular stock is worth .86 dinar today is completely irrelevant to the any potential appreciation of the dinar. We’re talking about a bank that’s worth roughly $175 million. That is a VERY small, unimportant bank, and its market capitalization has zero to do with the dinar other than its stock is valued in dinars.
  3. ReVbo


    That’s a quote for stock in a bank, not an exchange rate. That bank’s stock is currently worth .86 dinars per share.
  4. Sorry, Buti. I posted the same article you did. I didn’t see yours.
  5. Yeah, that was actually the headline of the translation I originally posted. I thought that would be really confusing, though, so I went with the other.
  6. Never mind. Can’t edit a thread title.
  7. In fact, let’s test that theory. DV isn’t a stickler for headlines being original to Iraqi news, are they?
  8. I think it’s that the headline doesn’t say anything about the dinar. If it was titled “Sadr Calls for Dinar in the Ranks of Major Work,” it would have 100 replies.
  9. The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, that everyone is waiting for the trial of "corrupt" officials and politicians in Iraq, wondering about the date of their trial and who will be tried. "When will the corruptists be tried in my country? ... And who will be prosecuted?" Sadr said in a tweet on his social networking site Twitter. "When is the decision Iraqi?" "When will the Iraqi economy flourish, and its currency will be in the ranks of major work, and when educated youth will have an effective role in determining the fate of Iraq and its construction?" "We are all waiting for the trial of the corrupt." http://www.almaalomah.com/2018/07/02/322900/
  10. tlar is alive and well. He just didn't want his stuff to become public anymore so he keeps his communications private.
  11. ReVbo

    The Kapster stands her ground

    Kaperoni is a dude, BA.
  12. Good to hear. You never know, and as many people as I've seen talk about it seriously, I wanted to make sure.
  13. I'm not usually one to give investment advice to anybody, but I sure hope you two aren't serious about that. The only people who argue Zimbabwe's currency will make a comeback are people looking to sell Zimbabwe's currency. There is no hope that this country will improve, economically, any time in the foreseeable future. Mugabe robbed the place blind and murdered or ran off every producer in the country. Now, his successor is begging the white farmers to come back to the country, but it's not happening because they all know, as soon as they get their farms up and running again, the government will just come back in and confiscate them. Zimbabwe went from breadbasket to basket case in under 20 years, and it's not coming back in our lifetimes.
  14. ReVbo

    Buddy in military in iraq

    I hadn't seen that yet. Yeah, that should definitely put an end to this rumor. You need to get some new sources, Bulldog. Yours are messing with you.

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