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  1. Appears we need a recalculation by Laidback!
  2. slb

    USD to IQD 1220 dinars /per dollar

    Wise words!
  3. slb

    CBI News 06/11/2018

    At least something is changing.... I think the point was, they were not changing on the CBI site prior .
  4. slb

    CBI News 05/27/2018

    Is that the same day as Ramadan ends? Hmm.....
  5. Finally, good job!
  6. 120000/1200/1.2/.80 Please just end it ! I'm so gone and not looking back.
  7. slb

    Kap says years away....

    4/29/18 Kaperoni Well here's the deal... None of these numbers that are being reported are official so even though they may be in compliance or out of compliance there is nothing official from the CBI these are just third-party numbers being reported from media outlets. So now visiting two or three other media outlets I have found yet another set of reported spread numbers from today's auction and these numbers are within compliance. These are reporting sale of the dollar at 1200 to $1. Since there is no way to confirm the legitimacy of these numbers all we can do is wait out the 3 month IMF requirement and see what happens.
  8. slb

    another site report

    It had one job......
  9. slb

    Two Gurus...Two Different Views.

    Speaking of Kap.... They have become the donation Nazis again over at DA.
  10. Seriously, this is probably the closest to a suitable environment they will ever have .....
  11. If there is no profit,there is no need for an auction. Then what.......😊

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