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  1. The Plan (maybe)

    What happened to Dan ? I remember Stevel and him had a falling out way back. Ya I have been in this since 2010. I would be happy with.10 just to get on with life 😊
  2. The Plan (maybe)

    Listen at beginning he says Rudoph. I think it's Rudy, part of the BH group and convicted for hedge fund fraud.

    Breitling always says note count I think, not money supply. So the question for the braniacs are - Are they different in terms of what they are on the hook for? This is where i'm always confused.
  4. Trump’s SOTU

    More security and less handouts, means less votes for the Dems and they know it.
  5. I was thinking the same. That's a crazy amount of money.
  6. That's where I saw it as well. Perhaps its nothing. But it is a change.....
  7. In other news..... It appears you can no longer get to the CBI host site where it listed 1.2.
  8. There are many examples of God using less than perfect people throughout the bible.
  9. Aljazera Brokerage

    I did as well . It is one of the e-mails listed on his web site.

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