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  1. It has been proven that the bc was a fake without a doubt, where he was born don't know don't care, they used the democratic platform to push Obama in office, his agenda was that of a Muslim
  2. Maybe he strangled himself kinda like shooting yourself in the back of the head
  3. Large percentage of the shooters are usually young but not all the time the one thing in common is the drugs jim1 brought up. Hipaa law prevents sharing this information with gun dealers, when mj was being legalized in my area if you got a mj license they were going to take away owning a gun, didn't work. If you're prescribed these drugs you dam shouldn't have a gun. There's been people have seriously violent reactions to these drugs. The drugs don't do what there supposed to do, it doesn't get better it just gets worse
  4. On Sunday I watched the news for entertainment only, twice the talking heads touched on the idea that maybe them and the democratic platform are responsible for the hate also. It was quickly glassed over and forgotten.
  5. I wonder if we the tax payers just paid for Nancy and family to take the Air Force jet loaded with alcohol to vacation in Venice
  6. Baltimore has been run by dem since the 1940s, seems that is common with craphole cities
  7. It's always been said just before the rv there will be a lot of news coming out from cbi that they aren't going to revalue
  8. I think the aliens are here already, they took over the democrats,look at pelosi and shumer they have to be
  9. Next thing we hear will be he hung himself with a piece of string and ofcourse a fire will happen
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