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  1. Funny how he didn't mention their names but everyone knew who he was talking about. Even all you lefties knew. He only said what we all know
  2. dems defend Obama simply because they think he was a dem, he was not really, him and his cronies used the democratic platform to push there agenda for a third world country full of muslims and a socialist gov
  3. Barry propped up the market's with the bailouts that never ended, his agenda was to make america hit bottom
  4. Left is trying to turn the flag, patriotism, America ,God into a bad thing
  5. stt

    New Bank Story

    15 years ago I used to love the bank stories like they were real guess I still do
  6. Not meaning any disrespect but haven't heard anything about this did it happen or not, thanks for any clarification
  7. Say anything about Trump, guns, god, or America one of the three amigos will show up
  8. First half of second paragraph ba sounds like you're describing Pres Trump
  9. There is a thread here on dv that's about birth certificate and it being a fake, video is long but breaks it down
  10. Pitcher I agree, when Trump wins a second term we will see manufacturing increase immensely,
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