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  1. First 5 years I looked my dinar all the time, I havent seen it in 10 years now I'm not sure where it is
  2. The media went from helping to leading these treasonous act's, if no one is held responsible their is a big need for a change or penalty for their actions
  3. [I'm aware of how the impeachment process is supposed to happen it's just hard to believe the dems could be so stupid to try and impeach him with articles that even wapo says are not on any federal or state laws, it's just political suicide for them to vote, hate blinds people to this degree is hard to believe, I don't think they will vote
  4. Pres Trump is not going to be impeached, obstruction of Congress does not exist, abuse of power, sure, they picked these out of the sky, what happened to obstruction of justice, bribery, quid, Adam said they have more evidence every day, they don't have Jack so off they go on a different route, there already planning to impeach him after the next elections they said they will surely find something by then if there still with us
  5. The direction they were going nothing would have happened good for us at least this is a different direction and maybe a pot of gold at the end, hope the best for the people who are fighting for their own rights
  6. Next week is to dam long, I think we get our hammers out and go nail some asses to the wall ,it's time I be been in this from the beginning and it was just gonna take a little while
  7. Yes ba fox news does spread bs also, don't watch at all of course you might have heard what you want to
  8. Your right it is madness and no the Pres isn't going to testify if he did it wouldn't stop, madness isn't that easy to stop it's become a mental breakdown of the left
  9. I had a friend have his water heater replaced here in the states, he told me they were from Iraq that showed up to do the job, he said they argued about everything even lunch a 1 hr job took all day
  10. Big fan she is very aware of the plan that's inplace
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