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  1. CBI News 10/26/2017

    This is like a soap opera
  2. Iraq meets it's UN-Kuwait C7 Obligation.

    I got your back CNN
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 4 October 2017

    Good morning and Thank you Adam From PSDON ( Donald )
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 20 Sept 2017

    i go it but in my spam so i am working on it LoL
  5. IQD Now Tied To SDR.

    tequila 1 tequila 2 teqqquila 3 teqla 4 tqula FLOOR and out the door
  6. Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    Free Dinars tomorrow i got it from the W.F. Bank
  7. Looking for 3 to 1 BUT 1to1 will be good GO 1 TO 1
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 9 August 2017

    We are going to see it it's coming
  9. New CBI Announcement 08/09/2017

    1 to1 no 3 to 1 come on RV

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