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  1. psdon

    Adam Montana Weekly 20 June 2018

    As the world turns so do the IQD's Thanks BIG A
  2. psdon

    Adam Montana Weekly 30 May 2018

    can i get up off the floor
  3. psdon

    Adam Montana Weekly 25 April 2018

    Adam you take a break from Dinar for a week
  4. psdon

    Iraqi Circulated Banknotes

    you lost me back by the last camel
  5. This is the same from Baghdad all the time i give up
  6. can we pop this and i can get off this ride Goooo RV
  7. psdon

    The weekly will be this afternoon

    it's 3:25 pm In the afternoon
  8. psdon

    Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    Do we have to pay for Dinarvet NO do we have to pay adam NO SO STOP THE BAD CMMENT'S
  9. The BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, known under programme "Commando Vault" and nicknamed "daisy cutter" in Vietnam and in Afghanistan, is a 15,000 pound (6800kg ...

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