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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 24 January 2018

    Is it evening yet?

    Congratulations!! A most wonderful blessing indeed.
  3. Yes, it is a very small world. Kent and I were best buds in about the fifth grade. He still lives here in town. Awesome story. Thanks Markinsa for sharing that.
  4. Handyman Corner - "Lug Nuts"

    That's fuuuuny stuff !!! Thank you.
  5. Sunday's Coming

    Thank You Yota.

    Thank You LGD. I will indeed spread a smile today. You have a good one.
  7. New CBI Announcement 01/26/2017

    Man O Man!! Talking about something to get excited about!! Hey Boss, how about giving Master Yota a raise?
  8. Lily Tomlin- Emestine the Operator

    Funny stuff!! Thanks Mr. Moose. I really needed that.
  9. Excellent post Adam, and yes, we put the right person in for the job.
  10. This is awesome news. Thanks Boss.
  11. Best five minutes you'll spend today....

    Simply awesome! Thank you Moose.
  12. New CBI announcement 06/15/2015

    This is so exciting isn't it? I totally agree with you Doc.

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