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  1. haymon

    Warka Banking online

    Yeah, feels like I'm stepping on a hacker trap, but seems to always get to the log in and see my numbers.
  2. haymon

    Wells Fargo

    I'm still hoping to bless my wife with a large pile of cash to let her see past welfare for retirement...................We didn't plan very well.
  3. Not even smart mice. $6 bucks a barrel.......I thought the black market was so you can make more money.. I guess it is hard to sell something so plentiful, like sea water on an island.
  4. haymon


    Try texting the Web phone number it works.
  5. They just passed the laws ... you guys don't do anything fast. It must be election time, dah, you think!
  6. The sale of rope is hanging high on the charts.......
  7. I figured it was a risk putting it out there.
  8. Maybe it's just a reminder that Christ was crucified and rose from the dead.............
  9. Bags to big for cargo pants pockets.
  10. Man They are the best at finding ways to bet the system. I thought we had clever folks her in the US.
  11. haymon

    ISX Closed Mar. 21

    Hmmm, Cause for pause. WHAT, another holiday!!
  12. Wow an answer and positive information. Good days!
  13. Don't start wild fires.
  14. Governments do have a tendency to screw some things up.. But they really want to do the right thing.

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