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  1. Pray for peace, so very sad for the people just wanting to live and function.
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017 paper from pres about 13303
  3. Yeah kinda stupid.... I'm sure that will be the first thing they produce. Maybe next ED meds.
  4. This guy is gon a get this done. Pray je stays alive! !
  5. Nice grant.... love to see their student loan program.... Oh wait, take this button, push, and watch your vest . I know, not all folks are terrorist.
  6. Warka

    Right now it's hard to get money in or out. Passwords need to be changed every 5 months to keep access to accounts. And if you miss, the account will be blocked. T After a request, they do after a time send you a temp password and let you update your password. So some comunication is still available. Kinda holding our breath til something changes.
  7. Warka

  8. Should of kept my coke stock 15 years ago...............
  9. They have the whole world at their disposal, why Iran.......
  10. Hmmmm, silicone, how did you know it was silicone? Oh I guess it was in the article.
  11. Must of been going to the boys with the sex toys.....
  12. Transfer from Warka to anyone else!

    I think it will take a personal trip over to a teller to get anything from Warka. Not sure about transfers.

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