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  1. yeah, they held a meeting!! great follow thru..
  2. China, the Trojan horse of today.... don't do it!!
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 8 November 2017 - WHOOPS!!!!

    Now I'm all messed-up. I set my clock on Wednesday chats.......😩
  4. As long as this train ride has been running, I would like it to at least pay back for the cash I have sitting and being spent on holding my accounts open. Just so my other half could see it as a break even investment. 😨
  5. CBI News 10/29/2017

  6. Tillerson in Iraq Today

    That's alot of towels, somebody is going to take a bath.
  7. Aljazera Brokerage

    Yeah, it used to be any amount, but new regs state $10,000.00 min. Really put a stop to my trading. No penny stocks here!
  8. Aljazera Brokerage

    I have gotten them before. It's the best they can do for use. Not as sophisticated as I would expect, but it is legit.
  9. I think the one with the orange collar is Malaki..:o)
  10. They could have my dinar if they would trade me right.
  11. They could have my dinar if they would trade me right.

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