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  1. Kinda sad, But I do get it. They get must get hot standing there, notice the small fan for cooling? Maybe it just keeps the flies moving..
  2. If they cant see the price we paid for their advancement, in lives lost and money, Maybe we need a colony in the sandbox. Just own it.
  3. I love the line "to protect and support the product"...... they have none. But oil.
  4. Seems pretty coincidental.
  5. Yes that's a bad dream....
  7. Ha, maybe that will SLOW down the bombers......
  8. haymon

    CBI News 05/28/2018

    I like the word International standards. Sorry, thats two words. 😀
  9. haymon

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Yeah, this train ride is really really slow.
  10. haymon

    Some good news

    Yeah baby, take on investers and build the country so you reach the top of the pile.
  11. haymon

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    ok. Then back to RV and fly over and get..😎
  12. Everybody hates a leader, especially someone that is DOING something...
  13. haymon

    Post RV Withdrawal options

    Has anybody tried a wire transfer from Warka lately?? Didn't we have to wire monies in?? Maybe we can wire it out?

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