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  1. We did go into Iraq with men, blood, and money, lots of all and turn them around. We did not do it for the fun. There is a string between Iraq and USA.
  2. As reporters were leaving, al-Abadi leaned over to Trump and joked, "We have nothing to do with the wiretap." The guy has a sense of humor.. Got his from a news report. Sorry forgot to copy and paste the whole thing.
  3. HaHa,,, my sign in page for Warka this morning gave me this number as my security code.. love the look of it . 2017
  4. Wow, somebody must have been hired from the secretary pool that knows how to type..
  5. Maybe get a Visa card from Warka and spend it .... we can dream right???
  6. Just tried getting in and was able to!
  7. Will this bank every be right. Same here. Blocked.
  8. Doesn't Bagdad need the oil that the kurds control???
  9. So why are they not all running to Dubia? It's in the sand, lots of money, muslim, and their brothers?
  10. Play on words? Bit (coin ) of a passion.. Get it? Ok. Stop.
  11. Maybe they are SMART phones. Then they can get something done....