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  1. I was thinking "judges watch out!" How easy to poison one or do a McDonald's coffee spill.
  2. Mmm, guess ya don't mess with the mob, or the rich......very sad. Reminds me of godfather.
  3. DT, I get the desire to move away from fossil fuel. What will be used to make electricity? Won't be coal, won't be fossil fuel - then what? Can't burn trees, don't want to use nuclear-powered, wind won't make enough. Just curious. Wondering what the tree huggers think how all this electricity is going to be produced.
  4. Ya gotta grow a pair before ya can be "fixed" and that goes for the whole 'publican par-tay. Ya got the house, ya got the senate, ya got a repub president and ya still can't pass anything but gas. Jiminy if ya at least passed gas ya woulda passed something!
  5. Wee-Gee, for the 5 millionth 6 hundred seventy fifth time - not!
  6. Gee Loo-wee-gee, phones at work have been down, malfunctioning. May be that's why I've not gotten the call?
  7. Welcome to the World Cutie!

    Oh my gosh MuleS. She's beautiful. Congratulations to you G'ma and her family.
  8. Has anybody asked the question on how he allegedly obtained so many guns and no red flag went up? Omgoodness buy one and the law is all over you; he bought and brought to the other side of >10! Really?!
  9. Mule, had to give ya a +, made me laugh. I thought the same thing and wondered with their faces covered so tightly and dark glasses how could they see? Plus not being allowed to drive previously have to be a free for all on the roads until they get used to it.

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