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  1. Eeeewwwwww! Sounds as bad as coors which I swear is bunny P
  2. Pets are smarter than humans and innately know to not look at the sun.
  3. Rumors used to be fun to read................ used to..................
  4. LGD, too many today are unwilling to take responsibility for own all areas of life. One of the reasons were such a mess as a country. Besides needing Christ, the nation has become a never me mentality, never at fault and that needs to change too.
  5. Lgd, I will listen to all but still make my own decisions. That way I've only myself to blame.
  6. Spoke with my stock man last week, was discussing whether or not given current market to pick some more aggressive stocks. Told absolutely not, now us not the tome, expectin a big market correction in September/October.
  7. It makes you get the feeling they believe they're untouchable; hence the more sloppy became. Good thoughts dive.
  8. How can the FBI justify this? Both sides have to be in on the fix for Comey and now Mueller to have weaseled their way into where they were/are; wonder if this will get any play and cool the jets of the dems regarding Trump and the Ruskies? Busted! HUGE arrest made in Democrat spy ring A major arrest last night threatens to expose dozens of Democratic politicians’ links to an alleged spy ring, rumored to be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. These aren’t small-time liberal politicians, either. This list includes a “who’s who” of top Democratic House Representatives – and it...
  9. PP and cutter73, I think you may be thinking of SWFloridaGuy - he allegedly committed suicide - he was also great and a huge shock when the DV group learned of his passing. Very, very sad and I still miss him and his knowledge.
  10. Scooter had a lot good to say - he was always interesting, at that time way informed compared to many others and did some great write-ups. But went off the deep end then I guess - too much de-nar talk makes ya crazy I guess.
  11. Them darned red "Lerts" get us every time - maybe another color would be better? GregP - every hear anything further from your friend overseas (recalling correctly I hope)? Was hoping with all this dinar and CBI talk, may be he'd heard something positive.
  12. DT - is this the mailman of many moons/years ago? He and Medic were the team/gurus of the year at one time?
  13. Loo-wee-gee - you need to be Poppy 3'd - a little roast for you, too by Meatball!