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  1. Posturing, like a couple of fighting roosters.
  2. Sage449

    Roachford - Cuddly Toy

    Umbertino, no criticism here, but sometimes I've never heard of the musician or songs posted. You must be a walking encyclopedia of music.
  3. Sage449


    Amen! Stupid is as stupid does, the kid rescued multiple times qualifies for the Darwin award, as do others. If you want to take that risk, fine, your choice, don't ask me to pay for it. Worst part, is these jugheads breed.
  4. Sage449

    Fathers Day

    Loved the clip, made me laugh.
  5. B/A, you and I will never agree politically but I do agree with your statement "Man this country is really in trouble when people knowingly support a guy who says lying is okay... We all know people lie, but most don't come out and say "it's okay that I'm lying....." And I don't see any difference in his lies and Clinton’s or O's or the media. They all suck.
  6. Sage449

    The difference a women can make for a man...

    Sch-whew! Clinton looks like a skinned wienie. Pulled through a keyhole backwards. In the face of constant stress, including her husband, Melania brings grace and style back to the White House. Go MT.
  7. Sage449

    Iraq Finance Conference Sept 2018

    The header states September 29th -30th, 2018.
  8. If already posted I missed it, delete mine. Welcome to Iraq Finance 2018 2018 a decisive year for Iraq’s strategic efforts to sustain economic progress and develop new financing opportunities. Huge investments are flooding in to rebuild the badly damaged infrastructure of the country. Long-awaited structural and administrative reforms have now been implemented, revealing the immense investment potential in an economy poised for expansion. Iraq’s government is committed to continuing this prosperous path by providing security and promoting transparency. Iraq is opening up for privatisation and is offering new opportunities for foreign direct investment across the industries. In particular, the country is seeking international partners to modernise its financial services infrastructure. Being less dependent on oil revenues, Iraq continues to seek new partnerships to address a number of urgent fiscal and political issues and fund numerous multi-billion dollar O&G, electricity and transportation projects. Connecting Iraq with global decision-makers, Iraq Finance 2018 is an event too important to miss. Under the Patronage of H.E Ali al-Allaq, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Iraq Finance 2018 will gather key Iraqi officials, over 200 international investors, global corporate leaders, bankers, financial and legal professionals, as well as the most influential personalities on the banking sector in the region, in a way that no other event can. Iraq Finance 2018 gathers all major stakeholders involved in directing the economic development of Iraq. Make sure you don’t miss out. Previous keynote speakers Ahmed al-Kinani Chairman of Parliamentarian Economy and Investment Committee Dr Mudher Mohammed-Saleh Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iraq Mustafa al-Hiti Head of the Reconstruction Fund Dr Mahmoud Dagher Director of Financial Operations at Central Bank of Iraq H.E Ali al-Allaq Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq H.E. Dr Salman al-Jumaili Minister of Planning Dr Sami al-Araji Chairman, National Investment Commission The Opportunity Hear from the highest ranking Iraqi officials Discover opportunities in Iraq’s banking, finance, and oil industries Network with top delegates from the banking, finance, investment, insurance, and security sectors Discover new business niches Exhibit your services to senior Iraqi officials, as well as an international investment audience Seal deals with top decision makers Highlights Why Attend? Hear from the highest delegation of Iraqi Officials Examine the state of Iraq’s banking sector Network and deal-making opportunities with top-decisions makers Discuss sources and structures of finance Attend the biggest annual event on banking and finance in Iraq Benefit from exclusive keynote speakers What's new for 2018? Financial sustainability in Iraq in light of declining of the oil incomes Risk management: steps towards fair, efficient, transparent financial sector Private investment in Iraq - new finance and investment laws Strategies to boost financing of the SMEs Practicalities of project financing: power and construction industry case studies Technological modernisation and world-class solutions for the banking sector Investment plans in physical and electronic security of banking institutions in Iraq Key Topics Reforms for accelerating economic growth and developing the financial system in Iraq Foreign direct investment in Iraq in light of the new finance and investment laws Sectors with strong FDI potential: power and utilities, transportation, social infrastructure Investment priorities and project development: opportunities for private sector participation Public private partnership case studies: success stories in Iraq infrastructure development Risk reduction and management: steps towards fair, efficient financial market Financial sustainability in Iraq in light of the declining oil incomes Restructuring of government-owned Rafedain and Rasheed banks: prospects of work International perspectives on developing effective financial system in Iraq Improving Iraq’s financial systems through technical partnerships with international companies Adopting international banking technology innovations Status of bank security in Iraq: physical and electronic security Opportunities for the growth of Islamic banking in Iraq Benefits of Attending Get an inside view of Iraq’s financial and banking infrastructure and the major opportunities for investment and partnership. Hear about the ongoing reforms that have been carried out since 2014 to boost project lending and kick-start consumer finance. Become directly or indirectly involved in the modernisation and growth of one of the most profitable emerging markets today. Gain direct exposure to senior representatives from several government organisations including the Ministry of Finance, Central Bank of Iraq, and National Investment Commission. Identify projects that require immediate financing and mechanisms for developing specific risk allocations to suit circumstances on the ground in Iraq. Hear regional experts and C-level executives present their long and short term financing strategies for Iraq.
  9. Sage449

    Buddy in military in iraq

    BD, oh that it were true. I'd be on the plane to Belize.
  10. Sage449

    Some Delta for you

    B/A, I so want this ride to be over, been at it since at least 2004, I have to check my dinar receipt to be sure of date. Just want this done and keep believing this is our year. Iraq wants to move into the 21st century business-wise and so does the rest of the world. Thank you for the info, could be promising.
  11. Sage449

    Draining the Swamp/Sewer

    Karma, the dems have consistently thumbed it's nose at the American people that don't agree with them. If your not with its socialist agenda you're pond scum. Now the shoe is on the other foot, more people are wanting something more than the government handout. And the dems cannot face that or come up with a way to get to voters when the U.S. continues to prosper. You may not like Trump, his means/methods, but he has done much for the economy and working to stop the "give me/you owe me" attitude. I've paid enough taxes over my lifetime to be a millionaire many times over and it galls me to pay for those who hate America, disregard it's laws and believe I'm responsible for them and owe them everything for free. Nothing in life is or come free.
  12. Sage449

    Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized

    I read Danny Kirwan died recently. Can't be many left.
  13. Pitch, Soros wants to think and us to believe he's God. Guess he isn't much to his great surprise. He's a disgusting human being and I hesitate to call him human.
  14. Sage449

    HOT...CBI Removed From UN Sanctions.

    Loo-squee-gee, 1st time ever! No vArified, your opine and real news! Hugs.💚 😲😊All meant in good fun.....

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