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  1. How Snowfall effects different regions...

    Omgoodness cold is cold "wet or dry" True dat!
  2. How Snowfall effects different regions...

    24-36", bikini weather in MN
  3. How to scare your neighbors this Christmas...

    Moose, it did but the adults fell out laughing.
  4. How to scare your neighbors this Christmas...

    This one always cracks me up. I had two uncles who were terrible pranksters. At Christmas they would take the shotgun outside and shoot into the air and tell us they shot Santa or Rudolph. They were terrible but loved them dearly.

    Prayer for Mom for a safe delivery, healthy birth. Prayer for you to take a deep breath. Hugs.💚
  6. Al Franken, Groper

    Crack me up Shabs, I've a good sense of humor!
  7. Al Franken, Groper

    Apparently Shabs, the senate seat isn't the only thing Frank grabbed........
  8. Happy Thanksgiving DV !

    Blessings, peace and a warm, safe thanksgiving.
  9. How about passing a law/change without a load of pork or non-related crap attached. Bridges to nowhere...... Or reading it and knowing what ya want to pass?
  10. And how do the various scientific communities that can't agree on this, know it isn't a normal climactic cycle?
  11. Hmmm and who's playing those games? What age groups like the killing as well as DAHollywood's murder movies? DA=dumbazz
  12. CBI News 11/06/2017

    10 yrs - ROTFLMBO
  13. CBI News 11/06/2017

    Ok, who's going to attend the conference on behalf of us here on DV? It would be lovely to hear first hand what's going on.

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