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  1. I will have to go back an check to see if this is the first time they have done this. A couple of days early I could see but over a week is something a little different. I know all next week is a holiday an everything should be closed but why not wait until July 3-4 to post an pay the interest? Also remember the ISX will be closed all week along with the banks. If I was one to look through my Dinar goggles an suspect something could be in the works, I would surely give a thumbs up to next week as a window for the CBI to raise the value of the Dinar....
  2. The rumor section is not entertaining anymore. At one time I enjoyed cruising through here for a good laugh but over the past few months the content is so far fetched I can't even get a smile from it...oh well, I will probably be back out of pure boredom....
  3. Now this funny, "Surrender or Die" do they think they will spend the next 10 years in a nice warm jail cell. They will all be hung before the I'm guessing they prefer hanging rather than a bullet or bomb...
  4. Thanks Thug for the article. I use to follow Enorrste a long time ago until he hooked up with that other crazy bunch an slid into the abyss an lost all credibility. This Mike dude is a complete idiot, needs to read the news. The 3000 lb. gorilla in the room that neither one referred to was the RESTRICITION...Both kept talking about the 3000 dollar limit on travelers yada, yada, yada but both either forgot or don't know that this restriction has to go away per IMF instructions. There can be NO restrictions on another countries currency. Example: How many of you folks that's traveled overseas has been limited to how much of that's countries currency you could buy? If I were traveling to Germany next week I can go to my bank an purchase 7-8 thousand dollars worth of Euro, no problem. The issue is not the amount of dollar you buy or sell, it's the corruption within this process that has to be fixed...simple
  5. Very easy to do, just look how the USA is divided...pretty much right in half.
  6. LMAO...No one really thought that there would be any production cuts, not even OPEC themselves. These countries that depend on oil to survive an looking to borrow money from anyone will not entertain the thought of actually scaling back on production. The price of oil will probably hit 40 dollars a barrel before it stabilizes....
  7. The USA is 40 trillion an counting in debt. an continuously borrowing, what does that tell you?
  8. Would you consider selling maybe 500k or 300k increments? You might get some interest lowering the count an I will assume you will be taking PayPal....
  9. I wonder if ISIS was the one who created it, agreed it was a cute story but way to unrealistic for the middle east. The kill them with kindness effort has always failed an if you don't believe me ask the good ole USA or England, France and the list goes on. Hate to throw a negative in here but after working over there an watching the news lately bullets and bombs work the best on your enemies...
  10. Leave it to a bunch of left winged liberals to screw up everything were trying to do over there. Did some of Obamas nut jobs slip through the firing process of this new administration? Personally I could care less what you sleep with, a goat a mule or your sister but in Iraq homosexuality is a bad thing. Why didn't the moron who ordered the raising of a *** flag also raise the flag of hog farmers of the world next to it an maybe celebrate the month of June as hug a *** an eat pork chops month. Unbelievable the extent of some brain dead Americans can go to fulfill an agenda...all this in my opinion of course....
  11. This law should have passed many months ago, the corruption in this parliament is unbelievable...
  12. I was a contractor over there from 04-14, this is not news...hahahaha A little pricey but you can't be to choosey in a war
  13. No way to figure these people out, they had an opportunity to take their 30 day break plus a 30 day Ramadan plus the Eid holiday all back to back an didn't do it. Over two months without going to the office, with pay an they passed. I've been waiting on these articles to start coming out, next parliament session after the feast, how many years have we've read that
  14. Wiljor, I would have to say this is BS for the reason if just one item were true it would dominate CNN an MSNBC news. Can you just hear Rachael Meadow now spewing her venom about Trump being not only on the Russia payroll but now Saudi Arabia. That 800 million dollar yacht would have been on every channel...
  15. gregp, when your friend calls you back just ask him one question, does he have the money in his bank account? He said they cashed in so the money should be in his account, right... I will hold off on my excitement until I hear back that the money is definitely in his account.