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  1. I'm thinking that whatever country they run to, Iraq can have them extradited back to them. Do you really want to sacrifice not only the political but the economical backlash of probably the biggest and greatest country in the Middle East for a couple of two bit thieves...I think not
  2. A 5 minutes of my life I've wasted an will never get back. Ladies an gentlemen of DV, let me introduce you to a section of this forum that you can go to that is NOT a complete waste of time and oxygen. A place where serious and real discussion of real topics by real people are talked about. A place where there are no personal agendas or attacks. People I give you the VIP group. The other crowd would be the OSI section where these people actually talk of investment strategies rather than wasting your time debating over who posted a news article. Obviously I was bored or mad to venture off into a topic an thread as this. You folks carry on with your highly intelligent Dinar discussion, I am gone....
  3. I know this will sound negative but I will say it anyway. Their reducing their 85% dependence on oil and now just living off of bonds and
  4. Good morning yota, it appears the supplemental budget has been implemented. If I'm not mistaken the salaries for this agriculture department was to be paid from the new adjusted budget...
  5. Joe, I won't comment on your brothers conversation with the seller from EBay because I know nothing about it BUT I can comment about the sellers advertisement on EBay. He/She are from California and have an excellent customer satisfaction record an still have Dinar for sale. You can go on there right now an bid on or buy Dinar. They seem to have just the 25k notes for sale but as of 0900 Saturday morning they are still listed. Hope that helps....
  6. SnowGlobe7, I buy Dinar on EBay just about weekly an the prices have gone up lately but only because of that old supply and demand thingy. This usually happens when the gurus have the masses stirred up... The seller in Joe Sutherland post I have dealt with in the past an they are legit. I will check things out tonight while I'm looking through the site...
  7. LMAO!!! Thanks Adam for the visit I was starting to worry about some of these folks. Maybe they can all get some sleep now that you told them we didn't have an RV last week an everything gonna be alright... lol
  8. I bet this made a lot of folks day when they read this, I guess maybe they could go to Iran an exchange for the new Iran 's economy is changing its currency
  9. If Abadi is smart he will take a pass on this offer, Turkey was a big supporter of ISIS an needs to get out of Iraq.
  10. The other half went to bribes an kick backs, of course there's that snitch fee. I guess they don't chop your hand off anymore for stealing like in the old days.
  11. KB, they have to the end of the month to pass it so they still have time to kick the
  12. I would suggest they quit Disney and get a job at McDonalds. I'm assuming Disney doesn't pay 15 dollars an hour is the reason they live in a car. I can guarantee there's more to the story than this...
  13. It appears Barzani and his band of thieves are the only ones in favor of an independent Kurdistan. The Kurds need to focus on elections an get these corrupt politicians out of office...
  14. Thanks for the articles yota.... Baghdad needs to send a delegation to Mosul if you ask me. They have been going to Erbil for years an have not accomplished much as of yet. There must be some good restaurants and night clubs up there for these crooks to party in an have these photo shoots...They could at least try to get the families in Mosul some living quarters, water and food. I have never been a cheer leader for the crooked Kurdistan government but instead of reading daily headlines about memorandums and succession they should be worried about how their gonna pay salaries an schedule the next elections. I will jump on the Kurdistan ban wagon when they hold elections and vote out the crooked, thieving Barzani family...