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  1. Carrello, I think that part of this education process of the CBI to the civilians is to help bring them into the 21st century mindset of not carrying cash. When the light comes on to the average Iraqi that they do not need to carry ANY Dinar with them to buy a loaf of bread I think they have arrived. Think about it, how many dollars do you carry to buy a loaf of bread, a 20 dollar bill can last over a month in my wallet. When the CBI an the banks can teach these folks that the card their carrying will not only buy a loaf of bread but a gallon of milk an vegetables, the need for them to carry around a wheel barrel of Dinar will be gone, thus cashless society....
  2. I think we have given Abadi way to much credit lately, he’s gonna end up stupiding away his chance to remain PM. He has made a lot of politicians mad over there an seems to be brushing al Sadr off like he’s nothing. I personally don’t think it matters who the PM is for what we’re looking for, I just keep referring back to what the CBI said, a suitable environment is needed....
  3. Anybody want bet Maliki doesn't lose his immunity? I say he's safe for another 4 years...
  4. DoD

    Buddy in military in iraq

    Bull Dog, you the man sir. I've been preaching that for years, this is the rumor section, only for entertainment purposes. This is the place you come when your bored not for actual information...LMAO. You an Luigi1 can post all the BS in this section of DV as you want, I love it....
  5. KB, I wasn't raised in a military family but my dad was the same...WOW, 5 minutes, must have been nice having all that extra
  6. DoD

    USD Ordered Off The Streets Of Iraq.

    USD Ordered Off The Streets Of Iraq. When I see this come from the CBI an the GOI I will believe it an be jumping up an down. Folks remember, these gurus are for entertainment purposes only, please do not take them seriously. If there were any billboards or change in the ATM's there would be lots of articles AND pictures. I'm hoping everyone is laughing back at Luigi1 like he has been laughing at all the people who hang onto an believe everyone of his
  7. KB, couldn't agree more. When I do my final Dinar exchange I never want to hear the word Iraq again...
  8. DoD

    Some Delta for you

    Looks pretty complicated to me, I'll ask you a question. What kind of formulas do you use when you go buy milk? Here's another question, why in the hell would an Iraqi worry about what the conversion rate is to the dollar when he goes to buy milk. You want someone to give you an intelligent conversation on this subject, how about some intelligent questions?
  9. DoD

    Some Delta for you

    Floridian, go back to the start of this thread an you will see the article you posted is nearly verbatim to what I said. You will also find articles that say the old currency will coincide with the new currency (LD's) for 10 years, that tells you now LOP. You ask what the 10k, 5k, will be worth, it will be worth what the CBI states it will. The years I spent Iraq I can tell you the average Iraqi doesn't have a suitcase full off 000 notes, most didn't have a bank account until lately. The average Iraqi will be able to figure out easily what bread an milk cost just like they know now. The merchant says a gallon of milk cost 2 Dinar, so the average Iraq pulls out 2 one Dinar coins an pays him or he could give him a 5 Dinar note an get his change. Very easy...
  10. DoD

    Some Delta for you

    Floridian, I'll take a shot at it if you don't mind. The "Deleting the Zeros" is the "Project" that the CBI keeps referring to when it talks about a suitable environment. Now the big question to us is, what is this suitable environment. Is it after the new GOI has been seated, is it after the ratification of the new parliament, is it after or before the new tariffs start in Aug? My guess is when the new GOI is formed but before the Aug. tariffs begin, also the new LD's will be introduced...all this JMO of course.
  11. Botzwana, does that make me a guru? If it does I will go ahead and give the rate as well. The Dinar will come out at 1.2 to the Dollar an move up from there. Hey, I'm liking this guru thing. Could everyone send me $20.00 a week an I'll tell you again next week....
  12. Bingo Haymon, an I think that’s the point. The private sector is what will grow Iraq into another Dubai in the region an not fully dependent on oil. It’s just a matter of time now that the CBI will give the Dinar more purchasing power, probably within a few weeks. I know most of the time we think their all a bunch of morons but this seems like a pretty good plan to me. Force the population to support themselves rather than import everything...
  13. What is the emergency? I will need to research their constitution to clarify what constitutes an emergency session for parliament. Losing ones seat does not justify an emergency session or a house fire, this is just election politics as usual for Iraq...The federal judiciary had better step in an put a stop this madness but as usual their late to the show.
  14. My apologies IQD, my attempt at a little humor was obviously taken the wrong way. A lot of sensitive people around now days but I won’t apologize for the advice...
  15. IQD, good job grasshopper...This article is 4 years old but still true. Keep reading an you will find the answer to your question. The IMF gave Iraq some stipulations on all these billions of dollars in loans before they gave it. The MCP was one an as you pointed out an the 2% range for 3 month duration was another. You will also find these articles in the news section....

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