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  1. LGD, I think you will be alright because technically that's just a picture of a man with long hair and a beard. Heck, that sounds like you and me. If you think that's what Jesus looks like I'm sure no one here would complain...I hope they wouldn't anyway.
  2. Maliki has one goal in mind an that is to take over the Presidency when they remove Masum, its in their constitution so he's pushing his agenda hard...I do think Abadi an others are onto his plan an won't let that happen.
  3. I think this is the perfect time for the Kurds to push the article 140 issue with the GOI. In my opinion right now they are on the outside looking in an if they can get some type of agreement with Kirkuk an article 140 they could maybe slip in the HCL somehow. I know, wishful thinking...
  4. Chuck I can only give you my odds on this because I'm pretty sure Vegas has probably never heard of Kurdistan. I'm actually doubling down an buying a little more Dinar because I think with this latest fiasco by Barzani it just might pay off for us. One thing I've noticed with todays articles that yota and Tiger have posted have in common is that all the Kurds from the top down all of sudden want to talk. Heck they even want to come back to I would give 100 - 1 odds that this will be settled peacefully without Abadi starving and actually shutting down Kurdistan (which he could) in getting article 140 settled once an for all. The question of the timing is what I'm not so sure about at the moment....
  5. Good Morning yota an thanks for the articles.. One would think that this parliament would be discussing how to start building new airports, new banking system, new oil pipe lines an what country to build them to (because their choices are very limited). Maybe start talking about elections an candidates for each ministries. The list goes on an on but you would think if a succession had been completely thought out an planned out these issues would have already been addressed. My personal opinion is this was never the intention to succeed but merely another threat an sabre rattling that went to far for Barzani an had to go through with it. The crook is smart enough to know that Abadi could actually make life in Kurdistan really bad with all the embargos an freezes he could order. Maybe this is the last straw that forces a decision on Kirkuk an article's to hoping
  6. Well lookyyyy here, the Kurds want to come back an be a part of this terrible Abadi regime an parliament....aren't they afraid masta Barzani will get mad an have them removed. It appears Talabani has seen the writing on the wall an wants his folks to come back into the fold. I'm not sure how Barzani will get through this without looking like a complete idiot an a incompetent leader but the Kurds have to hold elections an rid themselves of these crooks...
  7. Thanks for the articles yota... Barzani is showing that there was never much planning going into this referendum vote. He either hadn't thought about or never expected Abadi to take over airports, borders and the banking system in Kurdistan. Now is the right time in my opinion for Abadi and the GOI to pass the laws that they need to pass without the Kurds interference. They should create and word the HCL and article 140 the way they want it to read. The HCL includes all of Iraq not just the Kurdistan region, I'm sure the folk in Basra would like it put into law. I have never cared for Barzani and his den of thieves but really like their army. The Peshmerga army is one of the best in the middle east. Anyway this move by Barzani could be the big break were looking for within this madness...
  8. New York Kevin, that's exactly what Turkey is saying. I read another article where their closing down the border crossing an actually moving it down the road to enter into Iraq territory.
  9. Not really sure if Abadi and the rest of Parliament care if they ever show up again or not. These fools really have no reason to return to Parliament after voting to succeed from Iraq. From the sounds of Abadi he has already written these guys off anyway. You figure him taking back their 17% of the budget, closing the borders an taking over the airports, the Kurds really wouldn't feel much like voting
  10. Gonna be interesting to see what Abadi does come Saturday when Friday comes an goes an Barzani has sent his Permishma troops to the airports...
  11. I didn't realize America had any airports in Kurdistan. A little help somebody, how many an where?
  12. Business as usual, the Kurds haven't been to parliament in awhile now. They need to pass and implement these new laws an post them in the gazette. Make sure the Kurdistan area gets plenty of copies. No more negotiations, time for talk is over...we're moving forward. Can you tell I've been listening to a lot of Trump
  13. I will predict the meetings between Erbil and Baghdad won't be as nice an comfortable as before. Can you just see the look on Barzani face when Abadi says were replacing the president, the governor an all the rest of the politicians involved in this vote...add that to manning and controlling all the borders and air space. The poor ignorant people of Kurdistan remind me of the people in North Korea, just doing what their told. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we've seen the last of Kurdistan as we know it...
  14. Chuck, are you saying the Russians will give them a cut rate on the oil they sell to Kurdistan? Russia sells more oil than the Kurds but I go back to my original question about how they gonna get it out or into Kurdistan when Turkey shuts down the pipe lines. My guess would be Iran, if Iran can incorporate Kurdistan into Iran that would be their fix...
  15. Spider, who they gonna sell it to? Abadi will have sanctions against them. Maybe North Korea will buy it. How they gonna get it to North Korea? All the pipe lines out of Kurdistan will be stopped. You are correct, no need for HCL..

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