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  1. Well thank goodness the Iraq court system doesn’t work like the one we have here in the good ole USA. Each prisoner stays on death row for 20 years before their put sleep. Sure the courts will hang a few inocent men, but the country will be safe again. It obviously sucks to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the security forces made their sweep...
  2. I think they were just showing the difference in the price from northern Iraq to southern Iraq...
  3. climber7, I bought it through my Warka Bank. If you have a Warka account they will take the money out of your account to buy their stock. It appears their try to raise capital an giving their customers a 14 day buying opportunity. I have bought most of my Dinar through the years on EBay. There have been to many thieves pop up here on DV to pedal their Dinar an rip these good folks for me to take chance.
  4. It doesn't get any simpler than this, it has to be printed in the gazette before it can be challenged. Another article says Abadi is going to challenge some of the articles in the budget, AFTER it has been published, got make the IMF an World Bank happy...
  5. Synopsis, I see your point in the administration of the budget but the real time started when the president received the budget which was on March 7 + 15 days which makes it next Thursday March 22...I agree, I thought the budget couldn't be implemented before it was in the gazette but it seems this year a lot of urgency in getting the money distributed. I'm liking it...
  6. I bought another 100k today myself in hoping for much fortune. I don't know if their trying to tell us something or not but with all the banking news in the headlines lately I figured what the heck...flip a coin an hope that one Dinar per share will be worth one USD one day.
  7. NMP2017, I just looked at my portfolio an in 11/3/2008 I had 200k shares at 1.4 a share...I don't see me contributing anything else to Warka.
  8. You are correct sir, once the 15 days are up it will automatically be rarified per their constitution. Not sure of the exact day that Masum received the budget but that’s when the 15 days started. I would guess the president has the peragitive to send the budget to whomever he pleases, parliament, me, you etc. but in 15 days it’s law...
  9. Now why is this not surprising, corruption from the top down. No wonder Iraq is in the top 5 of most corrupt countries in the world. I guess when your top clergy is as corrupt as Maliki it explains why nobody’s being hung for these crimes...
  10. KB, couldn't help but laugh at this post an the statement by MSN Money you quoted. For the past 15 years that's all I've heard about Iraq an the Dinar. Zimbabwe seems like a pretty safe bet compared to what Iraq has been called since I've been in this gamble...thanks for the laugh this morning.
  11. Thats probably about the same number you would see if you clicked on the CBI website, that's the only one that matters...
  12. The corrupt Barzani family seeing their power an money stealing about to come to an end. Hosting that referendum last September was the best thing these thieves could have done for our Dinar investment....
  13. Buying votes sounds a little crooked but bailing out a bankrupt Kurdistan through some fancy wheeling an dealing on a budget is pretty good politics...Abadi knows he has the crooked Kurds backs to the wall an he's gonna get everything he wants before he gets his foot off their throats...You think after all the boycotting the Kurds have done they all just happen to show up in Parliment today by chance? You have to admit calling an error on the budget an getting another voter of an additional trillion Dinar was pretty savvy... Abadi gave the Kurds what they wanted (a pay check) an now he's gonna get what he wants. Total control of their military (Peshmerga) Total control of the borders Total control of the airports Total control of their OIL
  14. Nothing fishy KB, all a well orchestrated back room deal making arrangements. Couldn’t help but laugh at one article stating they were tricked, you weren’t tricked, you got your
  15. Abadi is nicer than I would be, while he has a strong grip and squeezing the Kurds balls he should hold off paying the salaries until President Masoum signs off on the budget today...

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