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  1. Good Morning yota, this is what I was referring to in an earlier post. Thanks as always for your continued service to us all for the articles you post....I would bet a 500 Dinar note that they pass the budget before months end.
  2. Agreed Thug, add in the CBI introducing the LD's since last November, no way it's all a coincidence. Come on Abadi with the corrected 2018 budget an were BANK by months end....
  3. Come on Abadi meet with the parliamentary finance group, make the changes an get it back to parliament for a frigging vote....why these people make it so difficult is beyond me....
  4. I'm thinking they are at the point now where the CBI can no longer hide the plan about the Dinar getting ready to RV. Their cutting salaries which no one likes but once they hear the Dinar will rise in value to offset the salary cut...everything's OK. The IMF has strongly suggested to Abadi to raise the Kurds share up from the 12 percent (which he will) that's in the budget now. The Kurds according to some articles have turned over ALL the entry points in Kurdistan (which Abadi wanted) so now Abadi will raise the percentage in the budget (which they want) an everybody is happy. there are no real obstacles to pass the budget This is the reason they know that the committee is drawing up the final version of the budget an Jubouri will call another special session in about a week or two to read it and vote on it.This version is what everybody wants so there's nothing to disagree about. Thus it will be passed by the end of the month an come January 1st the new monetary plan will be implemented....Simple
  5. I bet their gonna have sanctions against the USA and their allies. After the announcement the papers will read, starting today no Arab League country will accept any loans or military support from the USA. Today going forward no Arab League country will stop the slaughter of each others civilians or bombing. These actions should make Trump an America rethink this crazy policy about Jerusalem... While making his trip to Saudi Arabia, an other countries last month he probably behind closed doors gave them a little heads up to this for coming announcement...
  6. Kindness of the Southern Back Roads

    Heavyduty053 you and I are the same age an I like you was born an raised in Alabama. All the things you mentioned I also had the pleasure of experiencing (it wasn't such a pleasure back then though). I guess his work ethic an respect for my mother was the 2 greatest things my father instilled me that I passed down to my children. Southern living now days are a lot different in most areas compared to way back then but some things never for God, country and family was always priority. Respect your elders an stand when a woman walks into a room. You always stand to shake another mans hand an you better have a good grip. I could go on an on with my learning but won't because I'm sure you had the same upbringing.... Enjoyed your post an look forward to your next.
  7. I thought Mecca was their holy land...He stressed that "Jerusalem is our Holy Land and our land." There is always some type of drama an crisis with these people. I guess now that ISIS is gone they need somebody else to kill. Moqtada al Sadr hasn't gotten his share of the news lately so it appears he's now concerned about a city in Israel an is back to his sabre rattling of killing Americans....
  8. Barzani, you had your chance 2-3 months ago to end this referendum talk an also ignored many world leaders advice against it an you let it continue. Now you suffer the consequences of that decision an I'm sure Abadi is LHAO behind closed doors about it. The Kurdistan region as you have known it will no longer exist, your region will be no different than Basra or Mosul. The GOI will be paying your salaries, collecting fees from entry points an controlling ALL oil in your region. We will also pay your region whatever the hell we decide out of the 2018 budget and everyone after it. Article 140 and the HCL will be negotiated according to the Iraq Constitution of which you will adhere to an we don't need France or any other country telling the GOI how to interpret it.... All this in my opinion of course...But I think this is what Abadi will be telling Barzani behind closed
  9. The years I worked in Afghanistan an saw pictures an read about what the Afghan soldiers were given to stand guard at the check points for months on end was sickening. The pictures of 8-9 year old boys pimped out an dressed up for the pleasure of these sick men was disgusting. I kept thinking American soldiers are over here dying for this sick an perverted country. It will be interesting to see if there are enough sane an civilized people in Iraq to vote down this new law the sick and deranged politicians are wanting to pass. You would think at some point in time Iraq would want to escape the life style an customs of predators from 2000 years ago.
  10. I bet that check was in the mailbox every month without delay, drain the swamp...
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 22 November 2017

    idplzr, I think most of us on here have been in this speculation so long that were bored an not excited anymore. Here of lately there hasn't been any earth shattering news coming out of Iraq which makes things even worse. I also can see where people are looking for other investments because they have grown tired of the wait. I'm probably like a lot on here that don't have the extra money to invest in any other speculation at this time so we continue to look for Dinar news. I would suggest to keep reading in the news section because we have some great folks posting the news there. I hope Adam doesn't change the site name from DinarVets to
  12. Could be they've started to arrest some of the thieves trading in these daily auctions, remember this is where a lot of the corruption is....Maybe they will continue to trend down until they stop them completely...
  13. Man, isn't this a great thing, been a long time coming....maybe after he finishes destroying these agencies he can start with overhauling the senate and congress...How about draining the swamp an term limits to start.
  14. The exchange rate of the Dinar and RV has nothing to do with the accession into the WTO...
  15. It's of my opinion the CBI will come out introducing the new LD's an giving them an exchange rate 1.20 just like their web-site has stated the last couple of months...

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