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  1. Thanks for the articles yota...I have to believe that there's a reason for these crooks to extend this session other than these couple of articles. Think about it, they should be out of session today for a few weeks plus add Ramadan another month so they were looking at a 2 month break. There has to be a vote their wanting to do before the Ramadan break....
  2. Now come on folks, if your employer paid you for not showing up for work would you go? Not just NO but He!! NO...Half Crazy, I'm with you on that, except I'm just about there already....
  3. The only full service I want to use from Warka Bank is the ability to sell all my ISX stocks an be able to transfer it out of their bank...been with this dog since 2009 an can't wait to be rid of them.....
  4. phlip, Hate to tell you bro but this is old news...this came out in January of 2016..still good news though... CBI lifted custody over Al-Warka Investment Bank (BWAI) According to CBI’s announcement, CBI lifted custody over Al-Warka Investment Bank (BWAI). CBI announced that it is supporting the rehabilitation of the bank’s investment and financing activities. In addition, CBI allowed BWAI to continue all of its banking activities including participating in foreign currency auctions. for 28-1-2016.pdf
  5. Yeah, the next articles will read - All important laws will be passed right after the holy month of Ramadan...then right after the feast...etc. Can you tell I've been in this awhile, I have memorized their BS articles they send out every year. lol
  6. I'm thinking this is why the Kurds are in such a good mood now days. Implementing Article 140 is probably the trade off for the signing of the HCL in the behind closed doors meetings. Kurdistan needs to hurry up and hold elections to rid them of some of their corrupt officials just like the GOI did, it's my understanding that the majority of the Kurds are not in favor of independence from Iraq....
  7. Dreamer, I agree you are
  8. Just a quick summary of the topic that seems to be a little confusing. Folks Iraq being released from Chapter VII has nothing to do with the RV...I repeat, the release from Chapter VII has nothing to do with the RV of the Dinar...Chapter VII was imposed on Iraq by the UN for the behavior of Saddam Hussein, there was many parts to this Chapter VII an the last to fall was the payment to Kuwait for war damages. The World Bank and the IMF has set guidelines and stipulations for Iraq to meet in order to reach "Article VIII" but that's a different animal than the UN Chapter VII release. In my opinion it wont take 2 months for the announcement because Iraq has done everything required for their release. I'm guessing it's just a matter of paperwork an the UN actually having a meeting to discuss it. I'm also of the belief that the Dinar could RV before this 2 month time line with or without the TOTAL Chapter VII release...
  9. Yep, wake me up when it hits 1200-1205.....
  10. Jaygo, I'll help out you a little. Karmal is a broker in Iraq that everyone I've talked to is very satisfied with. He will send you all the information needed to get into the ISX. I will warn you now it is a little time consuming but will be worth the trouble one day. This is the broker I would use if all my money wasn't tied up in Warka Bank. Good Luck
  11. From some of the other articles I'm reading about this bombing it appears there was a truck (or trucks) loaded with explosives that was hit that caused the big bang. I will give them the benefit of the doubt an agree they didn't know this truck or trucks were loaded with explosives. It sounds like the ISIS militants that were in this building wanted to go out with a bang an take as many civilians as possible with them. These demons time on earth is quickly coming to an end....
  12. Parliament hosts security chiefs tomorrow on the new massacre in Mosul These morons never seem to amaze me. I'm wondering if the security chiefs will hang or relieve the people of their duties that gave the US Air Force the coordinate's of the targets to bomb. A new massacre, you people should be ashamed to call yourselves leaders.
  13. That's what I'm talking about...back to my original post, keep on killing these animals, no letting up... Thanks Yota
  14. You saying this article is false? Maybe some fake news....
  15. They don't need to suspend the operations, they need to finish it. It only makes sense if there was this many civilian casualties that there are many ISIS casualties as well. In my opinion they should storm every available man they have into this zone an be done with the liberation of Mosul....