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  1. I received it as well but haven’t figured out the new policy. XChage has been buying back your Dinar for years. Maybe it’s the Dong they started buying...
  2. A wise man that Abadi, he sees he can get more money, guns, financial aid, political support etc. from the USA than that of Iran. He is willing to play the game with Trump as long as it benefits Iraq. Iran is broke right now an can offer Iraq nothing but a hiding place for all their thieves.
  3. Does this mean they will radify the elections on Thursday? yeah right....
  4. DoD

    Looking to buy

    DC, how much for the rest?
  5. Buti, I spent a lot of time in Iraq an you are 100% correct in your statement. These people cherish the little things that we take for granite an celebrate their great accomplishments even though to many may seem minute. You are a great contributor to this site an do a thankless job but you should know you are greatly appreciated....
  6. DoD

    Selling my dinar

    How can I contact you?
  7. DoD


    You still have Dinar for sale?
  8. DoD

    Selling my dinar

    hopeful, if DA doesn't reply back to you I would be interested in the Dinar at 900.
  9. Can you imagine how much money Maliki has lost in the past few months...
  10. You do PayPal I will assume...
  11. Just posted in another forum about the protesters being led by a bunch of idiots an now I read where the head of the winning block is even more of a moron. This is why country's like Iraq go from one dictator to the next, they cant conceive the logic of a democracy. Why in the hell would this idiot want to delay the forming of the government until the protesters demands are met. An this is what I've been gambling on since 2004, hell I'm bigger idiot than the fools...
  12. LMAO!!!. I read through these demands a couple of times just to make sure I didn't miss it. The number one demand that these sheep herders an farmers should have demanded was getting rid of the corruption. All the rest of demands would take care of itself. I guess I was giving these folks to much credit but you would think out of all the thousands of protestors they could find at least 4-5 with a little brains to do their negotiating. These camel jockeys throw out a couple of billion dollars to build a power house in their demands like it's chump change.
  13. Trump had better send mad dog Maddox into Basra with some of his advisors to get a grip on this crowd control. The longer these fools go without a government the worse its going to get. I still haven't figured out the delay, this recounting the ballots is BS I do know that. Why the stall, why the wait, what are they waiting on? Everyone in the world knows if they recount the ballots 10 more times nothing is gonna change. I'm sure I will have my answers so0n....
  14. Karsten, you are not being punished, you are being blessed an just don't realize it yet...
  15. Iraq is in desperate need of some adult supervision over there. It's been nearly 2 months since the election an still no finalized results. There's just to much that can go wrong with this much time to form a government. These long delays just gives more time for the crooks to regroup, I don't trust any of them. With enough money, extortion an mob type pressure anything is possible in Iraq politics. Wouldn't surprise me one bit to see Maliki buy enough of these groups to form the next government...

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