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  1. I love xylitol! It is a great sweetner that has the real sugar taste without the insulin spikes that sugar, agave and honey can cause. But, make sure you purchase the American version made from Birch trees. You can find it a little cheaper made from corn but it can be GMO corn and you have no way of knowing if it is GMO as most of the cheaper version is imported from China. Who knew birch trees could taste so good. It can be used in all manner of desserts and recipes so it is totally paleo friendly for those living the paleo lifestyle.
  2. This is too cool! I found 1.9 Pandas 2. 4 horses and a colt 3. A bald man with his hand on his chest, an old man and a woman holding a baby, a woman's profile at the right end of the arch and a faint face at the left end of the arch and a dead dog lying in the street and 4. yes they are all straight!
  3. Amen and Amen! Keep your eyes on Him and His Word in your heart. Like the song says: He gives beauty for ashes Strength for fear Gladness for mourning Peace for despair! May the God of heaven wrap you in His loving arms and give you peace and healing in the midst of your storm. pegsue
  4. Well, I just finished the book. I wanted to read it and then go back and re-read it with everyone else and do all the exercises. I must say, if we all study and implement everything he says, we will all be very different when we are done! I am so excited as I had no idea that my money blueprint was so detrimental to my checkbook! How empowering! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. This definitely gives me more confidence that we will have at least some of the tools needed after the RV. Will be on the right track anyway.
  5. This is an awesome thread. I have read most of the posts but hope to have time to go back and reread them. I did purchase the book. For those who, like me, are on a tight budget, I bought it on Amazon for $.01 with the $3.99 shipping for the hardcover copy. So it isn't so expensive. Goldiegirl - thanks for the pdf version. That is awesome!
  6. This seems rather disturbing to me. If you really do check out the executive order it is much more than just wanting to audit the fed. Go read up on it. This is a very bad thing! It puts the ICC above our own Constitution and takes away any and all rights we have as US citizens! There are many more sites to check it out but you might want to know what it actually means to us. "Executive Order 12425 theobamafile ^ | theobamafile Posted on Monday, December 21, 2009 12:00:32 AM by American Dream 246 EO: AMENDING EXECUTIVE ORDER 12425 DESIGNATING INTERPOL AS A PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATI
  7. I answered each of the questions but none of them reflected my thoughts at all. I personally think they need to just scrap the IRS and implement a flat tax. That way - no loop holes and everyone pays a fair share....even the law makers!!!
  8. I don't come on very often so just saw this. I'll be sure to lift her as well as your family up in prayer. May God, in His infinite mercy, bless you all with good health and a peaceful spirit as you rest in Him.
  9. Hey Keepm. I am glad to finally know where you got your name. Buddy Holly gave me mine with Peggy Sue. Was sort of a nick name when I was a kid.
  10. Hey Sara... can I have my badge now? Thanks!
  11. This is quite interesting. It is not saying that you cannot ever trade on forex. What it is saying is that you have to be what is called an Accredited Investor. That is to say, your net worth is 1M or you make in excess of 200K per year. If you read "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing / What the Rich Invest in, That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!" it will explain it better. This book is part of the Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series. There are many other investments that we as the "average joe" cannot invest in. It is illegal because it is too volatile and risky so they are, in a sense, protecting us fr
  12. [joy1716] Hi Adam [ROCKSCISSORSPAPER] Welcome, Mr. Montana~ [RoseAnn] Good evening Adam Topic: Please hold your type while our Host is in the house! thank you! [Adam Montana] hey all! [Adam Montana] No responses at this time please [Adam Montana] I have to apologize [Adam Montana] I did NOT get to read the Question thread [Adam Montana] and I've been in meetings literally all day [poorman] hello from wausau ,wi [Adam Montana] the good news is [Adam Montana] poorman don't speak until the topic changes [Adam Montana] you can see the topic at the tomp [Adam Montana] top*
  13. Maybe you don't think it is so bad unless you are the one that is fed to the lions! Might want to think about that one.
  14. First off, I am Not a racist. Some of my best friends are Americans of color, Korean, and Hispanics. However, I believe that Obama should have never become President of this great nation, but not because he is black. But, because he was not properly vetted. For those of you who do not know what that means, it means that he should have proven his citizenship BEFORE the elections! That said, I would like to tell you of my own experience. I have Adobe Illustrator on my computer and personally went to the website and downloaded the "so called" birth certificate. It seems that it wa
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