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Joe Sutherland

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  1. Joe Sutherland

    10 Iqd?

    Yeah! To tease us... And the Chinese... And the Canadians (they deserve it 🙊)... And the Germans... And Kuwait And every other country that has a dinar in their stash!
  2. Joe Sutherland

    10 Iqd?

    That my question! Lol 😅
  3. Joe Sutherland

    10 Iqd?

    The notes in the picture are the 1958 addition of the 10 dinar. hmmm, I wonder why in the world they would choose this note out of all the unrecognized bills to choose from!?
  4. Al-Sadr is patriotic! That should not be hard for us to identify with, put yourself in there shoes... Would we do it different? Heck no! If another country showed up and started taking control of the USA you can bet we would have our own versions of Al-Sadr all across this great country! The key point for me is what the CBI has said they need... "Security and stability" That's for key! The RV is NOT ABOUT THE USA... IT MUST LINE UP WITH WHAT'S BEST FOR IRAQ.. Have a great day everyone!
  5. This is somewhat of an option piece written by an outsider... Insightful maybe, but an opinion nun the less. There are other more positive articles painting a much different picture coming out daily so let's keep an open mind. Hang it there folks, it's going to be a bumpy landing!
  6. Hey guys, I was skimming articles here on DV today and I saw one that had something reading like... "Now that the dinar is equal in value to that of the dollar..." But I can't find it. Any help?
  7. Joe Sutherland

    Get ready for the most expensive driving season in years

    Same over here by Pocatello..
  8. Joe Sutherland

    Abadi opens files of serious corruption

    One must notice this strategic timing right before the elections. It would not be a surprise to see even more hard-hitting prosecutions happening higher up in the former and current government, possibly (and hopefully!) the former prime minister of Iraq Al-Maliki being in that list. Could make for a very interesting next few weeks!
  9. Thanks Thug! $100 a barrel is more than double the amount that the Iraqi budget is built on... Right? ... So I'm guessing some of the Fluffer Puffer Pumper Humpers are going to tell us that they are going to double the RV rate... Wait, I think that's been said a few times already... I might be getting dizzy in this rumor Mill of rate and dates and raisins or were they prunes... Thank for all the great info Thug!
  10. Is there a better time than right now?! RV before HCL? EXACT same time!? Not after... The time is now baby!! This is beyond exciting!
  11. Joe Sutherland

    Economy News» Publishes The Budget Law 2018 !

    Yes ok ok... I'm sure you're absolutely correct. Could have been some good material for most clowns.. But then our Thugs is no normal comic!
  12. Joe Sutherland

    Economy News» Publishes The Budget Law 2018 !

    This is very important!... I'm sure. Of course if you don't feel good about the submission of your mattress... You could see if they have any extra senior employees... Good greif! What kinda bank is this!?... Don't answer that Thug.😂
  13. Joe Sutherland

    IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Wait!.. NEW USD!!? WHERE CAN I BUY THOSE?!? LOL! just kidding I think I'll stick with what I've got.. GO RV! GO RI!! GO SHABIBI!! GO GLORY DAYS!!! GO TO THE BANK FOR MILLIONS... WITHOUT GOING TO JAIL!!! GO... EVERYBODY SING ALONG!!!

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