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  1. 11 17 25 28 49 pb 19
  2. Thanks Botswana. Disinformation, misinformation... And then when you least expect it...BAM!πŸ’₯
  3. For any of you that are interested... This is a performance with one of our stallions that I did this last October. Enjoy!
  4. Chicken dinner for everyone! πŸ—πŸ—πŸ» - 01-27-31-34-65- -23
  5. Hey Rammer jammer, Has all of your available dinar been purchased? Thanks, Joe
  6. Get'er done! It's time we get back to playing by OUR RULES!!
  7. Awe man! Yer the best. I really appreciate it, I really really do. I'd share my midnight snack with you just for kicks,😁 if I could. (I got to get to bed, or I'll be late for church!)
  8. I was just interested in sharing with my friend some of the main points, but it seems that those must be sought after by one's self. Main points for one person may not be a main point for the next is also a contributing factor to why ready the pinned topics is the way to go. Lazy eh?... That's a new one for me. Get to know me, you may change your mind. The luxury of much, if not any, reading time is not mine. Thank you for taking the time to share.
  9. Adam! I mean, Mr. Montana Sir! I don't know how you do what you do as it is! And then you take the time to respond to this!... Yer totally awesome dude! Just say'n!!
  10. You speak such wisdom... Oh for the time... Let the pinned reading commence!
  11. Good morning DV!! Thank you all in advance for your help and advice! Last night I introduced a good friend to this crazy world of dinar speculation... and he's IN! Needless to say there were lots of imporyant facts and need to know info that I was having a hard time articulating clearly. Having been in this for about 10 years, give or take, the amount of info taken in is... Well... ridiculous... when weighed against how much of the verbiage was actually pertinent! Ha! Can I get an AMEN!!? πŸ™‹πŸ™†Thank you! So here's what I'm getting at. There's so much great info here on DV!.... But I don't have the time or the brain power to sort through it... Can I get an AMEN!! πŸ™‹That's right! So I'm thinking there's got to be some great write-ups and threads that some of you have found/written/posted that are useful and informative in introducing someone to the Dinar and to the great advantages of VIP... Platinum... OSI...πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² Post them here!! Links, posts, chats, videos, recordings, pictures, memes, cat videos... πŸ±πŸ†πŸ―Ha! Just kidding on the last few...πŸ”«No But Seriously!... OK, I'm sure all y'all get the gist of what do'n here... Those who don't... I'm sure there's a cat video that needs another view!
  12. My numbers are! 18 56 59 66 68 pb 05 I'm really ready for a chicken dinner!... Ooh wait, that's what we're having tonight. Lol
  13. Here's mine! Ticket #s 10 12 44 58 60 pb 03