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  1. Whales Selling IQD Fails To Find Buyers.

    This article is outdated.. Quote: Pope worked for U.S Bancorp Investments from April 2006 to December 2015, when he was discharged for failing to report outside business activities, according to BrokerCheck records. He was going against regulations in the way he was doing business! Doesn't even apply, article is trash.
  2. And August 31st is my birthday... And... It has nothing to do with dinar! Lol
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 23 August 2017

    Thank you Adam! Always an exciting moment to find the Wednesday chat posted!! Yeehaw! Go RV!!
  4. Trump's White House Disrespect

    Straight up my friend, I also appreciate your comments on this post. To bad that there are a few that can't handle the fact that we have a real person in the office,... Where there once squatted an unamerican teleprompter reader... Umm ummm
  5. Trump's White House Disrespect

    Deny the spiritual/biblical foundation that our country was built on... And feel free to spew all the opinionated refuse you like... and while you are at it don't ever celebrate Thanksgiving, you have nothing to be thankful for because everything you might otherwise be thankful for is actually to your own credit for just happen chance. Thanksgiving was thankfulness to God... It's history, check it out. If you do happen to, in some little way, hold to the spiritual/biblical view that our country was built upon then try something that is written in the good book... Pray for those who are in athority over you. This one little act will change your prospective about YOUR President. No doubt many individuals on here will not be able to think of someone besides themselves for more than a few seconds let alone pray for someone... And you can quit reading because this post doesn't get any better... So it's every man/woman/whatever you want to be/animal/plant for it's self... Putting number one first and foremost because after all it's really all about me. This is great news and it fixes absolutely nothing and you can bet that tomorrow will be worse than yesterday. All of this will be true no matter who YOUR PRESIDENT is... Or you/I could change/be the change... But then that would be completely out of the question.
  6. Thanks DoD, I'm interested to know what your opinion is.
  7. I never make the same mistake twice...

    Ha Snow! If only that were true for me,... I am a very grateful recipient of grace!
  8. I never make the same mistake twice...

    There was a couple of times when I thought I had made a mistake... But I was mistaken both times.
  9. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Ummm yeah... And neither is my wife!
  10. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Hahahaha! Thanks Snow!, That just about fits... Except for just about everything they are singing about. You made me smile though (big teethy grin). Keep sharing the love!
  11. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Thanks Freedomwish! Crazy you would bring that up... It's one of my post RV aspirations and one that not many people know about me. But just for fun of course... Cause I won't NEED to sell a single record! Except to my mom of course...
  12. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    I just stopped in for another look Have there ever been so many Dinarian fish on Adam's update hook!? I for one have taken the bait, Heck! All we want is a big live rate! A rate for the ages, a real home run! Cause I'm really ready... not to be done Oh NO, I'm just ready to start having fun! To meet some folks with whom I've become quite close, you see I read my phone just inches from my nose. This place has become a real part of my life, I may send more time here than I do with my wife! Ok I'm joking I'm sure you can see... But don't ask my wife, she might not agree. As you can tell, I can ramble like a Texan, But it's tough to complete with the likes of rumor section! So bring on the news Adam, whenever you can... Cause we ain't go'n nowhere! No sir! No mama!!!
  13. Just a fun story for This Tuesday afternoon! Things that make you go hmmmm...? Inquiring minds want to know... Right!? So at 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon my brother made an inquiry on a lot of dinar for sale by an eBay seller who also deals currency privately, not solely through eBay, and came to an agreed price which my brother was to then pay at his earliest convenience. Then, at 2:00 am this morning, my brother noticed that ALL of this sellers dinar auctions had been removed from eBay. Upon messaging the seller my brother received this response... "I know I told you yesterday that I could sell you the requested amount of 240,000 in 10k and 5k notes. At this time I'm not wanting to let any more Dinar go with respect to the recent movements in Iraq I am no longer offering Dinar privately or on eBay. It was a pleasure doing business with you I hope you understand and wish you the best. Thanks,****" After a request for further details my brother then received this message... *******, Thanks for understanding the situation and I really appreciate your business but I prefer to not to discuss any further details about the re-evaluation of the Dinar. Furthermore I will not be in communication with any non-buyer persons. At the risk of sounding rude I do not have the time nor interest to discuss the matter further. Any communication about the Dinar with not be replied to and with result in a complaint filed with eBay. Best of luck with your investments. Thanks, *****." This sellers eBay ID is: Worldnotescoins2015 Just curious if anyone else has delt with this seller..? The part that I'm sure we all want to know is what little piece of info caused him to quit selling!! Go RV! Go RI! Go HCL! GO Iraq! Go international!!!
  14. DV PowerBall Pool for 6/10/17

    Happy weekend to everyone!! pb#12
  15. D. V. powerball win circle 6 / 7 / 2017

    08/10/28/41/45 pb#09 Come on! Come on!!

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