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CBI: You Got Questions...We Have Answers.


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TNT via Tishwash:             How Will Foreign Trade Be Financed After The Cancellation Of The Electronic Platform? The CBI  Answers.

ARTICLE:  The CBI revealed the mechanism for financing foreign trade after canceling the electronic platform & currency auction that the Central Bank intends to implement soon.


The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, Ammar Hamad Khalaf, said in an interview followed by a news briefing, “The CBI is heading to cancel the electronic platform & the currency auction soon.”


He explained that "the banks will be responsible for financing foreign trade directly through the Dollars they own & they will be fully responsible for auditing invoices & transfers, which is the practice globally."




CandyKisses:                     Remarkable progress in two years. Iraq moves from recovery to development (details).

ARTICLE:  The Parliamentary Economy and Industry Committee commented on Iraq's transition from the recovery stage to the development stage during the current & future period.


Ruqaya al-Nouri, a member of the committee, told a news agency that "Iraq over the past years was going through a recovery phase due to the difficult security conditions it went through, especially during the period of occupation of the terrorist organization ISIS & after the liberation operations & the advancement of the country's reality needed efforts & a long time."


Al-Nouri added that "Iraq is currently past the recovery stage & has entered the stage of development at various levels, especially with regard to the service and urban aspect & many others," stressing that "there is great government interest in developing all banking & service sectors & Iraq during the next two years will witness a remarkable & significant development in various aspects."

Since taking office in October 2022, Iraqi PM Mohammed Shia al-Sudani has achieved a record number of policy achievements. 


The "service government," which he heads, has completed a range of projects including the construction of roads, highways & hospitals, the signing of Multibillion-Bollar agreements to ensure energy independence, the completion of a deal with Tehran to swap gas for oil so that Iraqis can withstand the sweltering heat in summer when temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius & work with the government to pass the federal budget for three years.




CandyKisses:                 Specialist: Iraq's Economic Environment Is Qualified To Attract international & Arab Banks.

ARTICLE:  Economist and professor of financial economics at the University of Baghdad, Humam Al-Shamma, confirmed on Monday (February 19, 2024) that Iraq's economic environment is qualified to attract international & Arab banks.


Shamma said, for "Baghdad Today", that "Iraq & its economic, even security & political environment is ready to attract international & Arab banks," considering that "this is an important step in order to develop the banking sector in Iraq, whether governmental or private, especially since there are international banks currently operating in Iraq."


He stressed that "the work of any bank, even if it is global, must be in accordance with compliance with international standards in financial transfers & any bank that violates this exposes itself to sanctions, whether the US or even by the CBI."


He pointed out that "attracting international banks should not be limited to countries alone, but must be inclusive without any discrimination & this is applicable in all developed countries of the world."


Talk of attracting banks from outside the country comes with the continued ban of many Iraqi banks from dealing in Dollars as a result of non-compliance with the controls of the CBI & the UST.




CandyKisses:                    Iraq & Egypt Discuss Ways To Strengthen Relations Between The Two Countries In The Oil & Energy Sector.

ARTICLE:  Deputy PM for Energy Affairs & Minister of Oil Hayyan Abdul Ghani discussed with the Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources of the Arab Republic of Egypt Tariq Al-Mulla ways to strengthen relations between the two brotherly countries in the oil & energy sector.

According to a statement by the Ministry of Oil, Abdel Ghani met the Egyptian minister during an official visit to participate in the work of the Egypt International Energy Conference & Exhibition.


The Egyptian minister stressed the importance of the existing cooperation between the two brotherly countries and Egypt's keenness to strengthen this cooperation across various fields, especially oil, energy & petrochemical industries, pointing to the existing partnership & cooperation with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Enppi & Petrojet, stressing the importance of expanding the areas of cooperation to serve the common interests of the two countries.

For his part, Deputy PM for Energy Affairs & Minister of Oil affirmed Iraq's support for bilateral cooperation with Egypt & its aspiration to expand the volume of participation of Egyptian companies in the investment projects announced by the ministry, expressing his interest in participating in the Egypt International Energy Conference & Exhibition as an important economic event.

Deputy PM for Energy Affairs & Minister of Oil Hayyan Abdel Ghani arrived in Cairo to participate in the work of the Egypt International Energy Conference & Exhibition "EGYPES2024".








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Here's MZ daily thread...Whales Are Making Appointments & Are Talking...A Ramadan RV...



MarkZ  Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim.


Member: Good morning everyone, beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Member: I dusted off my dinar and dong, getting them ready to go.

Member: Hoping this is the week….What are you hearing Mark?

MZ: Something interesting from a whale…..that a couple of “Currency Whales” have exchange appointments in March. It may be they are setting appointments for after the event (Reset?) But it is interesting and these whales are not under NDA’s yet. I have heard from 3 of those right now. These whales have spent hundreds of thousands on currencies…one of them has spent millions.

Member: If bond folks are under NDA’s they must be going first & we currency folks after them…..this would explain those currency whales …imo.

Member: A whale posted he was just waiting for German Bonds, hopefully they will fund today.

Member:  Some hypothecation that Bank crashes will occur on March 11th when their Fed loans come due.

Member: So it looks like rumors about today Feb 20th were bogus…..sigh.

MZ: Some BRICS news: “BRICS treading in uncharted territory”  This is one of the best backgrounds on BRICS.

MZ: “IMF says Zimbabwe should speed up currency reforms”  They are trying to tackle their rising inflation again. The world pushing them to go to a “Market based” instead of a “Fixed currency” which is the same thing Iraq is pushing to do.

MZ:” Lavrov says Cuba to develop ties with BRICS-EAEU”  Concrete plans to be discussed soon. Would be huge for the Cuban people.

Member: Rumor is they put the QFS in place yesterday but it won’t be fully implemented until March 24th. Will this have an impact on RV timing???

MZ: You will know when it’s in place. You will be told about new currency & a new system. I don’t think we will have to look for it.

Member: If it’s a shotgun start I would think the QFS will be live just before we exchange.

Member:  I typed in all Chase Banks in Florida & the page showed JP Morgan Wealth Management Branches. Nothing on there that said "Bank"!

MZ: MilitiaMan did a fantastic video. Talks about JP Morgan and the work they are doing over there in Iraq. He talks about them supporting the value and the suspension on the 3 year budget for some reason?  The only thing that makes sense to me is they know there will be a new value to the dinar soon. Be sure to go watch his videos and like and share them.

Member: I heard this has to be done before Ramadan….which is March 10th this year.

Member: We heard all of this last Ramadan…and the Ramadan before that….

MZ: Business is very much restricted or slows down during Ramadan. I would assume their reference is to not have it go on during Ramadan…….but it is still possible to have it happen then.

Member: If Iraq has to have sustainable pricing starting March 1 and Ramadan starts on March 11, I really feel like we are in the window now. Especially with Kuwait reevaluating during Ramadan.

Member: If Everything is ready to go ……..why we are still waiting?

Member: Is there any IRS update?

MZ: All I can tell you is they have restricted going after tax collections right now. Maybe because its an election year?

Member: You would think if there are White Hats….they would do it before Tax day so as not to give those billions in tax money right to the bad guys. I am very sick of our hard earned money going right to evil people.

Member:  I’m tired of hearing when it CAN’T go! I’m tired of hearing it can’t go during Ramadan or because it’s a bank holiday or because Isaac’s banks aren’t open Friday through Monday! When WILL it go?

Member: I’m not throwing in the towel and quitting but I admit I am exhausted and tired of this donkey being led by ever un-reaching carrot torture. I admit many day’s I question if this RV is real or not.

MZ: It is real…the big question is “WHEN”

Member: L always heard that it would seem very quiet and feel like nothing happening then boom!!!

Member: Everyone stay positive…..keep the faith. The best is yet to come.

Member:  Thank you, Mark and mods! Have a great day, Everyone!

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