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Iraq Banks: Increase USD Supply Leads To Return Of The Exchange Rate.


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Here's an article from Dinarland...

It appears the RV-RI process may be getting under way.

Iraq banks say a return to the USD supply will lead to return of the exchange rate.

Treat as a rumor.  Not verified.  Your opine.



Bondlady’s Corner  via  TLM724:

Association Of Banks: Central Bank Actions Will Return Dollar Prices To Their Rates.

The Iraqi Private Banks Association announced today, Monday, that the Central Bank’s measures to increase the dollar supply through its approved outlets will lead to a return of exchange rates to their rates quickly.   “The economic & political conditions & their repercussions negatively affect stability in the monetary system & the financial system & thus this will lead to economic instability & market confusion,” the association’s advisor, Samir Al-Nusairi, said in a statement, which the news agency received a copy of.


Al-Nusairi added, “Several days ago, a new wave of criticism began from some media affected by rumors launched & driven by speculators in the currency exchange market with the aim of creating a state of confusion & instability & trying to drag the money market into instability & thwarting the central bank’s plans to control the target rates.”   The exchange rate, which has remained stable since its adjustment to the new rates of finance, banks & the public.


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here's another article related to the above...remember...nobody knows the rate or date...



MarkZ  via  PDK: 

ARTICLE:  The latest rates we heard were as high as $4.80 – $4.81 as a street rate…higher for those in the oil for Dinar program.  Consider this all a rumor.   Nobody knows until we get there…I am being pressured to stop talking rates…so will do that soon.  That day is coming and coming quickly. But for now…still hearing about $2-$2.25 for the Vietnamese dong…bankers still think I am a dollar or two low…I hope they are right and I am wrong.


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here's another article related to the above...take with a grain of salt...F26 is an unreliable source...




ARTICLE:  The Paris committee told them recently (a few days ago) that Iraq you have to honor our agreement…you have to change your exchange rate in the positive because the Paris Club is still holding some of Iraq’s stolen funds.  Remember 80% of Iraq’s debt has been paid off through the Paris Accord Agreement.  In order for Iraq to finish retrieving their stolen funds, they need to comply & change their exchange rate & go international.


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33 minutes ago, screwball said:

lets unpack this? any great minds like to comment on what this could realistically entail?


IMHO.  CBI is going back to currency auctions with Iran benefiting the most.

This also keeps the money laundering mill going by making it easier to hide corruption.

Also, the currency auctions will increase Iraq's foreign reserves in true value.  That's as good as gold.

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2 hours ago, screwball said:

how many countries have currency auctions??? how many eastern countries that produce Oil and gas have currency auctions? they cant go on forever! they need to remove MCP and create money velocity! currency auctions will be short term they have to pull trigger eventually


Eventually oil prices will tank. 

The money laundering & currency auctions will go on & on as long as they allow it to. 

It seems like everyone has their hand in the cookie jar. 

Change can only come from within.

Iraq has to want to help itself.   IMHO.


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