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16 minutes ago, boosterbglee said:

why do the other planets 

appear to be round, why would we be the only flat one?

There are many things that are unknown to me. 


Regarding the flatness take a look at "Little Piggy Cam" are my eyes deceiving



(BTW Dogg Cam was the 1st to take a look at 120000 feet. )


Oddly enough when the balloon breaks it falls down with in 20 mile of launch.


I say it is impossible on a spinning globe at 1k miles per hour,


leaping around the sun at 66.6 thousand miles per hour,


all the while spinning on it axis at 66.6 degrees,


in an ever expanding universe at of over 2 million miles per hour.


And didn't Auguste Picard say in Popular science Magazine  in  1931 that the earth “seems to be a flat disk with upturned edges”. (He was the first man to reach the stratosphere in his gondola reaching 52000 feet.)




And in Genesis 1:14: we see the following:

Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;



I can say if the dinar ever RV's I'm buying a balloon and getting my camera ready, (one without a fish eye lens!)


I would have to say that every word in the bible is correct.


And to quote LGD on a post a couple of years ago: to deny it means we are calling God a liar. 


Peace to all.


I am not here to cause any trouble with any of you.


Heck I know atheist too. 


To each its own.


I will say if you ever are in front of Jesus Christ himself - Do not deny Him!




Come on RV!


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10 minutes ago, bigwave said:

At 121,00 feet the ball should be bent - there should be no doubt.


it's flat....


121,000 feet equals 22.92 miles high.....the ball earth is 7,918 miles 22.92 miles high, the view is only 0.00289% of the distance across the globe.  That's like a flea standing on another flea's shoulders on a basketball and saying, yep, it's flat.


GO RV, then BV

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4 hours ago, Shabibilicious said:

yep, it's flat.

So what you are really saying that the "research" is clear that because we live on a spinning globe we walk up-hill, down-hill or side ways and the other research is not real:



Kansas Is Flatter Than a Pancake

by Mark Fonstad 1, William Pugatch 1, and Brandon Vogt 2

1. Department of Geography, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
2. Department of Geography, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona




If a plan took off flying from SF to HI it would necessarily be flying sideways.


Yet I have flown that rout several times and each time I could see the ocean below on each side of the plane.


Further if a plane flew from SF up and over the north pole and then down around the south pole and back to SF at some point the plane would be necessarily be flying upside down.


If you can show a picture, say from "Hubble", of a plane flying upside down then I will stop showing you truth.


Or how about a plane flying from SF to NY, flying sideways then I'll go home on that note too.


Those with ears let them hear.....


BTW this is not a flattie thread.




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5 minutes ago, bigwave said:

Non- Fish-Eye -Lens:








The overhead cameras do not appear in the bottom video. Jump off capsules are different, too.


Here is a video to show the deceptive photography used to depict a flat earth. The sun distorts in shape when approaching the edge of the camera field of vision.  There is also a very slight rise in the horizon at the edges.




The original video shows a curved antenna that if was videoed with a camera portraying a straight antenna, the horizon would be curved indicating a spherical (geoidal) earth. The video as well shows a slight rise in the horizon at the edges.


Unfortunate the flat earth hoax is being perpetrated on people.

Entertainment - Yes, of course.


Reality - No, absolutely NOT!!!


Mostly like WWE. Pure theatrical fiction. Massive entertainment following.

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14 hours ago, bigwave said:

Red Bull guy jumped from 8k feet higher and wow you were right - look at the bend:

image.png.7492297c7bf8aad4cab049801260cca7.png lens.  Look at the proportional change in size of the two rails of the capsule that are merely a few feet apart, or even the size of Red Bull guy's hand in comparison to his foot....It's all caused by the shape of the lens, plain and simple.


GO RV, then BV

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Well guys I stand in morose amazement. It was my desire to show everyone how we've all been manipulated via Tell A Vision and the MK Ultra mind control technique only to be usurped by my friends giving the perfect example. 


Nevertheless, I am truly filled with great sadness because of what this exposes. 

We speak our words and write our post in an effort to convey our thoughts. But this little experiment shows, rather painfully, that no one is actually listening. And each of us is so engrossed within our next expression that we are impervious to the reality, no one is listening. 


This is why men like Trump are able to rise to such power. In the world we have created (as described above) only someone with intellectual prowess and unabated rashness would be able to arouse attention away from ourselves. Donald Trump is the Neo to the Matrix Mr. Smith. 

But like Neo, Trump was never unexpected. The purpose of this hundred years of mind control is far, far more sinister than you know.  


So go ahead and turn this thread into a flat earth debate. Live in your fantasy world and enjoy what time you all have left. 


It has come time for me to withdraw into myself both in the real world and in cyberspace. I confess to everyone that I've lost all faith in humanity. There's nothing left worth saving. 

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7 minutes ago, nstoolman1 said:

A lot of folks both on this forum and off. Big debate with proof from both sides being thrown about.



Ok....I'll add 2 thoughts.....


1. Why is the moon round....?


2. 10 or so years ago I had the opportunity to do one of the high altitude MIG rides.....(which I highly recommend)

At 70,000 feet the curvature of the Earth was very apparent....I don't think I was hallucinating......    CL



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A couple of final thoughts on the "flat Earth" side of this thread:


If the earth was round an airplane would always have to "nose up or nose down" to account for the "curve versus leveling off at 35,000 feet.




If the oceans were round, a submarine would always have to "nose down" vs leveling off to avoid being seen when cashing a ship.


I sign off, for now, on the flat side .


And, if you see a picture of a plane flying upside down while "coming around the bend: let me know.

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10 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

Well guys I stand in morose amazement. It was my desire to show everyone how we've all been manipulated via Tell A Vision and the MK Ultra mind control technique only to be usurped by my friends giving the perfect example. 


One of the tools of manipulation is nefarious perpetrators espousing a immoral and/or illegal position will actually communicate some topic of truth so that the truth itself will be discredited.


Like using a Lie the Earth is Flat instead of the Earth being spherical (geoidal) in shape.


As being perpetrated by the Flat Earth believers, or at least, Flat Earth perpetrators.


Sure, some truly believe the Earth is Flat (incorrectly, of course) while others, Luciferians for example, intentionally perpetrate the Earth is Flat to compromise the gullible and those who espouse Luciferians ALWAYS tell lies so the converse of what a Luciferian espouses is ALWAYS the truth.


Discernment is necessary to parse TRUTH from lies.


The TRUTH is the earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape.


The LIE is the earth is flat (at least on "top") in shape.


Rational explanations for the phenomena Flat Earth believers perpetrate as proof the Earth is Flat is easily and readily discredited as the videos I posted show.


Sure, Luciferian activities are both obscure and in the open and are to be identified and dealt with appropriately - even indictment for cause and prosecution.


Man judges the body.


God judges the soul.


Physical phenomena are truly a beauty of the Creator and are to be appreciated as such then understood, even with the applicable physical interactions, for what they are.


Flat Earth believers need to see the deception they are a part of and discern the appropriate view of the physical phenomena right in front of them.


Like the Earth is spherical (geoidal) in shape.


This, of course, regardless of whether any other Born Again Believers In Jesus Christ perpetrate the Earth is Flat.


As mentioned earlier, I would like to see a list of over 200 Biblical References the Earth is Flat.


In context, these verses can be shown as to NOT be a basis for the Flat Earth the Flat Earth believers are perpetrating.

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