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  1. Not sure which crypto coin is the 'one'.... but with XRP in an uncertain time I transferred my XRP to Bitcoin....Seems the hot hand right now...I try to keep an eye on all coins and read what I can find...If something breaks out, I'm prepared to redirect that way.. Thanks to all for their input on crypto... We can share what info we have and help each other...
  2. Sometimes people don't understand why we stand for a flag before an event.. A reminder to all considering what we are going thru.. We HONOR the men and women of the military, we HONOR 1st Responders, we HONOR all people who live under this flag who stepped forward thru this crisis, medical (who really defined what their profession means,they truly walk the walk), 1st responders, parents, companies/people who transitioned their businesses to produce life saving material, workers at stores that remain open to provide us with basic necessities, the everyday individual who provides an a
  3. Funny Video
  4. An interesting read...
  5. Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab Sorry if this is already posted...
  6. Interesting point on this song... Gordon Lightfoot made sure the song was factual and was known to go back in studio and rerecord song if a new fact came to light..
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