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Democrat: The region delivered all what Baghdad requested and is waiting for positive steps to implement Article 140

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Democrat: The region delivered all what Baghdad requested and is waiting for positive steps to implement Article 140

Editing date: 10/6/2020 21:16  112 times read
The Kurdistan Democratic Party announced, on Tuesday, that it has delivered all the numbers and data requested by the federal government regarding the number of employees, oil contracts, their nature, and the contracting companies.
A spokesman for the parliamentary party bloc, Aram Muhammad, said, "The Kurdistan Regional Government has delivered all the numbers and data requested by the federal government, whether related to the number of employees, oil contracts, their nature and the companies contracting with them." .
He added, "The basis for Iraq's stability is resolving differences between the center and the region, and its impact will be positive for the people from Basra to the region."
Muhammad indicated, "There are parties [he did not name] trying to obstruct the agreement, in return, other parties contribute in their role to reach a solution that satisfies all parties."
He explained, "There are complex files, whether in the oil file, Article 140, the Peshmerga and the region’s share of the budget, but in most of these files we have taken good steps towards a solution."
Aram concluded his statement by saying, "The successive political and health crises over the past two years may have prevented reaching tangible results on the ground, but despite this there are productive steps."
The head of the Iraqi coalition, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, said during his meeting with the Emir of the Islamic Group in Kurdistan, Sheikh Ali Babir and his accompanying delegation, that dialogue and concessions are in the public interest and that everyone has a culture of compromise and meeting in the middle is sufficient to find a solution to the outstanding problems.
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Democrat: The region delivered all what Baghdad requested and is waiting for positive steps to implement Article 140 Editing date: 10/6/2020 21:16 • 112 times read [Baghdad_Wh

They’d better not form a stinking committee to “ study “ this....they’ve had nearly 17 years. Besides which there’s talk now of tossing them back into Chapter 7 - along with The US making big noise of

I predict they will enact 140 “soon in the coming days “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💩💩🙉🙊🙈😬🐪

They’d better not form a stinking committee to “ study “ this....they’ve had nearly 17 years. Besides which there’s talk now of tossing them back into Chapter 7 - along with The US making big noise of shuttering their embassy, hurry the hell up !!!!

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What is the legal period for the internal borrowing legislation sent to Parliament?

19:11 - 10/06/2020

Information / Special ...

The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, explained, on Tuesday, the legal period for the legislation of the new internal borrowing law sent by the government to the House of Representatives.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement to / the information /, that “the House of Representatives can hold an extraordinary session at the invitation of the Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament, or 50 deputies to specialize in the legislation of this law in accordance with Article 58 of the Iraqi Constitution,” noting that “as the session was held On October 10, the enactment of this law will require a lengthy process.

He added, “According to Articles 128 to 136 of the Parliament’s internal system, when the bill arrives in Parliament, the Speaker refers it to the competent committee to prepare the law, and then it is submitted to Parliament for approval of the bill in principle by the majority of the Council’s members, and then all articles are discussed individually and after that it is voted on. "In full," indicating that "voting on the law takes place after four days of reading it and hearing opinions, then he reads a first reading, and two days later he reads a second reading and ends."

He continued, "After completing the vote and reading of the law, it is sent to the Presidency of the Republic to ratify the law in accordance with Article 73 ter of the Iraqi constitution." 25 T.

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Wednesday, October 07, 2020 06:55 AM


Representative legal: the political blocs agreed on the criteria for electoral districts and will pass after the forty-day



The Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed, on Tuesday evening, the existence of a preliminary political agreement on the criteria for dividing electoral districts , while voting on the criteria within the House of Representatives preferred after the end of the Arbaeen visit ceremony.
A member of Hassan Committee The support in a statement that " the political blocs agreed on a set of criteria for the division of constituencies will be put forward in the House of Representatives soon , " pointing out that "these criteria is the division of electoral districts for each of four seats in a circle and reach individual constituencies to three seats or Five, maximum.
He added that "the House of Representatives will begin to discuss those criteria and vote on them after the Arbaeen visit," indicating that "the House of Representatives may resort to voting on the districts individually or completely, as there is political agreement on them."
and the MP for the coalition of conquest Hamid al - Musawi, last Saturday , The current dispute over electoral districts is not political, but rather my components.
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Wednesday, October 07, 2020 07:12 AM


The Kurdish parties reach understandings on electoral districts

Kurdish parties


  The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc in the Iraqi parliament, Joan Ihsan, said on Tuesday that there are common understandings and lines between the Kurdish parties and forces regarding the mechanisms of distributing electoral districts in the provinces of the region and the disputed areas in other provinces.
 Ihsan said in a statement that "there are common lines and political understandings between the Kurdistan Democrat and the Patriotic Union, the Kurdistan Islamic Group, the Movement for Change and the Kurdistan Islamic Union regarding the electoral districts and a mechanism for their distribution in a way that guarantees the interests and rights of all Kurdish parties."
And she added, "Despite the complex peculiarities of some provinces, interests and peculiarities that may intersect between one party and another, the dialogues and discussions are taking place well and with high understandings," indicating that her party.The electoral districts in the governorates of the region or other disputed areas. ”
Ihsan pledged that the voting for the electoral districts in the next parliament session would be decided on the policy and management of the session by the Parliament Presidency, despite the fact that the electoral districts file is complex and sensitive and determines the fate of the upcoming elections, pointing to the approval of the electoral districts. Perhaps it will not be resolved in a single session and requires complex discussions due to the multiplicity of the provinces’s peculiarities and the need to reach understandings that satisfy everyone.
Parliament failed during a session held at the end of last September to pass the electoral districts clause in the new election law due to disagreements about it between political blocs, and parliament postponed voting on this paragraph until Saturday Corresponding to 10 October.
According to the leaks, there is almost unanimity on adopting the middle departments, if the governorates will be divided between two departments, up to 17 departments, according to the size and population of the province.
The new draft election law constitutes a major obstacle to holding the upcoming early parliamentary elections scheduled for next June.
Parliament began discussing the bill since last year in response to unprecedented popular protests pressure, as it is counting on it to make room for the arrival of independents and small blocs more in Parliament.
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The Islamic call regarding the events of Karbala: Wise people should not pour oil on the fire


The Islamic call regarding the events of Karbala: Wise people should not pour oil on the fire

2020-10-06 | 16:05
The Islamic call regarding the events of Karbala: Wise people should not pour oil on the fire

On Tuesday, the Islamic Dawa Party issued a statement regarding the events in Karbala, while the wise people called for not pouring oil on the fire.

The party said in a statement that Alsumaria News received, a copy of which, "We condemn the actions that lead to sabotaging the forty visit ceremonies of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him," warning "against blind sedition that does not remain and is not planned by malicious and hostile parties for stability." IraqAnd implemented by extreme behavioral trends and some deceived groups. "
The party called on "the wise and influential people on public opinion not to add fuel to the fire, and to stand firmly against those who want to disturb and chaos," praising "the elements of protection and security of the holy shrines to ensure the smoothness of the visit and to confront everyone who wants to disturb its peace and exploit it far from its lofty goals."
He stressed, "This blessed million-plus visit is a shining page in the reality of our people and their unlimited generosity, the bright face of our country, its stability and freedom, and all individuals and processions should take care of the sanctity of this place and the sanctity of the occasion and abide by the instructions issued by the holy shrines, the Husseinieh and Abbasid, to organize the visit, and cooperate with the security forces." In charge of protecting visitors in this critical health condition. "
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Al-Fayyad: The Popular Mobilization Forces will remain a support for the people and a keeper of Iraq's soil and sovereignty

08:32 - 10/07/2020


The information / Baghdad ..

The head of the Popular Mobilization Authority , Faleh al-Fayyad, confirmed that the Popular Mobilization Forces will remain a support for the Iraqi people and a guardian of Iraq's soil and sovereignty, expressing his thanks for the position of the supreme religious authority.

Fayyad said in a statement that the information received, a copy of it, that " the popular crowd started building the supreme religious authority and is moving with a Husseiniya mobilization," stressing that " the popular crowd is still on the same path, present with the people in their wedding and blues."

He added that "the forty-day visit strengthened cohesion between the Iraqi people and the popular crowd," stressing that "the crowd will support the people in all its problems."

Al-Fayadh affirmed that " the popular crowd will continue to preserve the unity and sovereignty of Iraq ," referring at the same time to the remembrance of the leaders of victory and their sacrifices in the fortieth visit.

The head of the Popular Mobilization Authority extended his thanks, appreciation and gratitude to "the shrine of the supreme religious authority that enjoys all these formations and the holy Karbala under his care." End / 25

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Al-Baldawi: The Mobilization Authority bears responsibility for the subject of whose contracts have been canceled by its members

09:21 - 07/10/2020


Information / private

The deputy of the Sadiqoun Parliamentary Bloc, Muhammad Karim, held the Popular Mobilization Authority responsible for following up on the issue of whose contracts were canceled from its members who are still demanding their return, just like their peers in other security services, stressing that he will not vote on a budget that does not contain allocations for whose contracts have been canceled.

Karim said to "the information", "The Popular Mobilization Authority has failed to demand the rights of the people of the crowd, especially those whose contracts have been canceled, and therefore it bears the responsibility to follow up on the issue in order to achieve the right and return its members to their work centers."

He added, "The Mobilization Authority must stand firm before the government in order to obtain the allocations of its members from whose contracts had been terminated and treat them fairly, similar to their peers in other security agencies."

He indicated that "thousands of people from the popular crowd continue to work without any appointment orders being issued to them, despite their possession of the electronic card to receive the salary," stressing that "he will not vote on the 2021 budget if it does not include allocations for whose contracts have been canceled by the sons of the popular crowd ." 25 n

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Deputy: The Oil Ministry concluded a deal that caused a loss of more than 14 billion dinars


07-10-2020 10:51 AM




Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

On Wednesday, Representative Alia Nassif called for the cancellation of a deal concluded by the Ministry of Oil, stressing that the contract was concluded in favor of one of the "great politicians" and contributed to heavy losses amounting to 14.5 billion dinars.

Nassif said in a statement, "At a time when Iraqi refineries are complaining about not sending oil to them and losing 14 billion dinars per month, the Ministry of Oil contracted with a company in Karrada to refine 38 thousand barrels of oil per day in Bazian Refinery in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, at a rate of ten billion dinars per month." Confirming that "one of the brokers worked to pass the deal in favor of a major politician."

She added, "The North Oil Company has sent a letter to the Undersecretary for Liquidation Affairs that includes a table of production losses for the month of February 2019, as the lost revenues amounted to 14 billion and 547 million dinars, as a result of emergency stops due to the lack of withdrawal of products, which led to bottlenecks in the tanks and access to Stopping production units, and all these losses and damages are caused by the greed of corruption whales. "

Nassif explained by saying, "The more severe the financial crisis, corruption scandals start to leak out and appear in the open, and extend to include figures who have plundered the country's wealth over the past years, and the state today has reached a dangerous stage of the crisis to the point of not being able to distribute the salaries of employees on time, and the reason is corruption." Rampant for years. "

The deputy stressed, "the need to cancel the refining deal and all deals similar to it, and to address the problem of Iraqi refineries that suffer great losses."

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Aoun: The House of Representatives meets October 15th to start consultations to form a new Lebanese government


Michel Aoun


Lebanese President Michel Aoun said today, Wednesday, that Parliament will meet on October 15th "to conduct parliamentary consultations to assign a person to form the new government."

The government resigned on August 10 following a devastating explosion in the Beirut port, killing nearly 200 people and destroying large swathes of the capital.

Mustafa Adeeb, who was tasked with forming a new government, apologized late last month, amid disputes over ministerial positions.عون-مجلس-النواب-يجتمع-15-أكتوبر-لبدء-مشاورات-لتشكيل-حكومة-لبنانية-جديدة

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A leader in Al-Abadi's coalition: If the elections are achieved, the political class will not have the seats  



Baghdad / Al-Akhbariya

On Wednesday, the leader in the victory coalition, Aqeel Al-Radini, said that if early elections are achieved, the current political class will not get any seats in the next stage due to the growing popular discontent due to the successive crises in the country, while he stressed that all the political, security, economic and living crises that occur need To a serious pause to solve it.

Al-Rudaini told Al-Ikhbariya, “What is happening in Iraq in terms of an economic, financial and living crisis that needs to be seriously stopped in order to solve these problems, especially that Iraq is threatened with economic bankruptcy,” noting that “the strikes on embassies and missions harm Iraq's reputation and may be subjected to Isolation and international sanctions. "

He considered that "if early elections are achieved in the coming months, then all the current political class will not find a single chair in this country due to the severity of the crises the people have experienced," indicating that "the government is going towards early elections and there are many outputs that are not in the interest of the government. At the same time, everything hinges on the successes presented by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and the right decisions towards fighting corruption and restoring the prestige of the state.

 Al-Rudaini explained, "The government has a clear vision, but perhaps bringing it out to public opinion will have a scandal and big talk, and thus it is pledging to form committees after committees so that part of the truth comes out to the public opinion and not the whole truth, but at this particular stage Al-Kazemi has to be clear about public opinion and be Be courageous to present what is available to make it clear if we are heading towards the state or non-state. "

Al-Rudaini stressed that "there will be real frankness, putting points on the letters, holding the negligent accountable, and the killers of the demonstrators and those who launch the rockets, because Iraq today needs diplomatic and political confidence in order to bring in investments in light of the low oil prices," warning of "the large number of foreign interference in the country's affairs because it will lead To chaos, the situation will get out of stagnation, and despite the demonstrations, all concealed and hidden matters will come out into the open. "

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More than 300 billion ... from Baghdad to Erbil and the "ghost of deductions" accompanies the pockets of Kurdistan employees


Yes Iraq - Baghdad

The central government in Baghdad intends, in the coming days, to send more than 300 billion dinars to the regional government in Erbil, amid anticipation for the "ghost of deduction", by Kurdistan employees who are chasing the money into their pockets.

Kurdistan has been witnessing several protest marches for days after the delay in paying their salaries for months, as teachers, teachers and other employees go out in almost daily protests to demand their late dues and express their complaints about the difficulty of living and managing the rest.

A member of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament, Sherzad Hassan, spoke in statements to Kurdish media about the rates of deductions that the salaries of the Kurdistan region will witness, stressing that there is no specific date for the distribution of salaries of employees in the region.

Hassan shows that after Baghdad completes the distribution of the salaries of its employees, it will send an amount of 320 billion dinars to be collected with the money in the region, and it is distributed to the employees at a deduction rate as well, indicating that the Council of Ministers in the Kurdistan region reduced the deduction rate to reach 18% instead Than 21%.

He also explains that despite this, there is a difficulty in providing the amounts allocated to the salaries of employees, which amount to about 890 billion dinars, while the revenues of the region with the sums sent by Baghdad do not exceed 750 billion dinars.

He pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government is waiting to send the money from Baghdad, and it is likely that the middle of next week will witness the start of distributing the salaries of employees in the region.

On Sunday, June 22, 2020, the Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq announced that it had deducted 21 percent of the salaries of employees working in the government sector as a "temporary" measure due to its "financial deficit".

At the time, it stated in a statement that it decided to spend 79 percent of salaries and allowances for public sector employees, indicating that 21 percent of salaries and allowances would be deducted.

She attributed this to "the financial deficit that the region suffers from as a result of the delay in sending part of the region’s share by the federal government in addition to the financial and economic consequences of the outbreak of the Corona virus and the decline in oil prices," noting that the deduction is a "temporary measure and applies only to the current salary that is distributed." Write down more details.

This comes at a time when Iraq's oil exports constitute 98% of foreign currency inflows into the country, as oil constitutes 45% of GDP and 93% of the general budget revenues.

Iraq lost $ 11 billion in revenues from selling oil for the first four months of this year due to the decline in oil prices, following the Corona crisis, according to the Ministry of Oil.

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The head of the Sunni Endowment stresses the need to emphasize strengthening the societal fabric among the people of the country

2020-10-07 | 17:24
The head of the Sunni Endowment stresses the need to emphasize strengthening the societal fabric among the people of the country

The head of the Sunni Endowment Bureau, Saad Kampash, stressed, on Wednesday, the need to emphasize strengthening the societal fabric among the people of the country, while the Kurdistan Islamic Group praised the role of Kampash in supporting government institutions through the continuous awareness campaigns set up by mosques for citizens of Corona.

The media office of the head of the endowment office said in a statement that Alsumaria News received, a copy of which, "The head of the Sunni Endowment Bureau, Saad Kampash, today received in his office in Baghdad a delegation from the Kurdistan Islamic Group headed by the group's emir, Ali Babir, in the presence of a number of members of the House of Representatives and the group's political office."
He added, "During the meeting, they discussed the data of the current stage and the crises that Iraq is going through on the health and economic levels, stressing concerted efforts to cross the country to safety."
Kumbash price during the statement, "the national and moral role that the group plays in serving the public interest," stressing "the need to emphasize strengthening the societal fabric among the people of the same country."
For his part, Prince Papier and the attendees praised Kampash's role in supporting government institutions through the continuous awareness campaigns that mosques set up for citizens against the Coronavirus, in addition to the relief campaigns carried out by the Bureau to help the needy families in light of the difficult situation the country is going through.
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Al-Khaikani: The government has achieved records on "Facebook" and its reality is only rhetoric

08:40 - 10/08/2020

Information / Special ...

Political analyst Karim al-Khaikani said that the government has been active on the social networking site "Facebook" and has achieved a record in media promotion and images, while no accomplishment has been achieved on the ground, but rather there is great resentment of its measures, especially with regard to the people's livelihood.

Al-Khaikani told Al-Maalouma that “the street is boiling with anger, especially the employee segment, because the government is so late in releasing salaries, in addition to throwing the ball into the parliament’s stadium and asking it to vote on borrowing at a time when it has cash liquidity from oil and other revenues, as well as its possession of a large cash reserve. “.

He added, "The government is very active on social networking sites, especially (Facebook), great media promotion and professional photos, at a time when its activity and accuracy in working on the ground should be like its work behind the keyboard."

And that "the current situation and confusion in taking the measures that the people await, warns of an explosion of patience for Iraqis of all segments and a tendency to overthrow the government and the entire political process, because the government has not made any progress and is content with taking pictures." 25 n

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Thursday, 8 October 2020 2:42 PM
Classification:  Iraqi
Deputy: The election law cannot be resolved in the next session



Baghdad / National News Center -
MP for the Saeron Alliance, Sabah Taloubi, said that the election law could not be resolved in the next session, indicating that some political blocs do not conform to the issue of multiple districts, because they will lose many seats.
Taloubi said, "The session on the 10th of this month will not settle the election law," expecting that "the issue of agreement on the various districts will take a longer period."
And, and that "the multiple departments are still the subject of disagreement between the blocs, and until now has not been resolved," expressing his hope "to reach an agreement on the issue of multiple circles during the coming days."
He added, "All the existing blocs are moving towards more than one circle, that is, from 3 circles and above, and therefore we are waiting for agreement on one of these departments."
My request indicated, "Some blocs do not want multiple districts because they will lose a lot of seats. They do not conform to the issue of districts for more than 5 constituencies, so a final agreement must be reached on the number of districts, in order to vote on the election law."

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Barzani in a high-level meeting: We are facing a difficult economic situation



Digital Media NRT

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, approved, on Thursday, all proposals to solve the problem of the quality of gasoline and imported fuels, and the organization and development of central laboratories for examining the quality of fuels and strengthening them with audit devices and the necessary supplies were approved.

This came during a meeting of the Supreme Economic Council under the supervision of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, and in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Qubad Talabani, and a number of relevant ministers and governors .

Barzani's media office said in a statement that Digital Media NRT received a copy of it today (October 8, 2020), that “The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, supervised today, Thursday, October 8, 2020, a meeting of the Supreme Economic Council in the presence of the Vice President Government Qubad Talabani and a number of concerned ministers and governors .

At the beginning of the meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that although the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the world in general are facing a difficult economic situation, the ninth ministerial formation continues in its work aimed at developing and reviving the economy in order to establish a solid and effective economic structure .

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Kurdistan Region has an opportunity to become an important commercial center in Iraq and the region in order to attract foreign investments to implement strategic projects .

In another paragraph of the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Amang Rahim presented a report of the special committee concerned with the problem of the quality of gasoline and imported fuels, and in light of this, all proposals to solve the problem were approved, including unifying and updating technical, health and environmental safety standards for the quality of those fuels and throughout the region .

It was agreed to organize and develop central laboratories for checking the quality of fuels and to reinforce them with the necessary auditing devices and supplies. It was also decided to direct the Ministry of Interior and Commercial Security and commercial control teams to follow up the issue of the quality of imported fuels at border points, fuel depots and fuel stations, and to prevent anyone who uses inappropriate chemicals to raise the quality of gasoline in a manner. It is unsound, which negatively affects the health of the citizens, endangers their lives, and casts a shadow over the environment of the Kurdistan Region, as well as its negative consequences for the economy. The Council of Ministers authorized the concerned authorities to take the most severe legal measures against violators .

It was also stressed at the meeting that taxes should be collected from the profits of companies importing fuel, provided that these measures do not contribute to increasing fuel prices for consumers .

In another axis of the meeting, the Prime Minister presented the outlines of the draft law on intellectual property protection, which aims to protect intellectual rights in all artistic, literary, scientific, commercial and industrial fields, to support the artistic and scientific movement and protect the rights of workers in these areas .

The Legal Committee in the Council of Ministers was directed to expedite the review of the draft law, to be prepared and presented to the Council of Ministers for approval and referred to Parliament, because this law has an important role in stimulating the economy and stimulating companies in light of supporting intellectual property rights, as well as to prevent any violation of these rights As well as putting an end to the operations of counterfeiting and falsifying products and preventing unfair competition, "according to the text of the statement.

No description available.


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Secretary-General of "OPEC": The worst of the oil market is over

18:37 - 10/08/2020

Information / follow-up.

OPEC Secretary-General Muhammad Barkindo said today, Thursday, that the worst for the oil market is over, following the collapse in prices and demand this year due to the Corona virus pandemic and its repercussions.

The Secretary-General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries stressed that "OPEC +" will continue to do the best it knows, and we believe that the worst is over.

The countries of the "OPEC +" group had agreed last April to implement historic cuts in oil production, which will be implemented until the end of April 2022.

The agreement came after the collapse of oil prices in light of the Corona pandemic, as demand for crude decreased significantly. 25 S.

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OPEC: Demand for oil will reach its peak in the late next decade

17:02 - 10/08/2020

Information / follow-up.

OPEC said today, Thursday, that global demand for oil will reach its peak in the late next decade and may start to decline by then.

This is a major shift for the producer organization and reflects the continuing impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the economy and consumer habits.

The forecast issued by OPEC, and included in the organization's World Oil Outlook 2020, comes in light of the growing number of other expectations that the pandemic may represent a turning point for peak oil demand.

OPEC said that oil use will rise to 107.2 million barrels per day in 2030 from 90.7 million barrels per day in 2020, down 1.1 million barrels per day from its 2030 forecast issued last year. 25 S.

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OPEC" expects the decline of the oil sun in developed countries


"OPEC" expects the decline of the oil sun in developed countries

A report issued by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) expected a significant drop in oil consumption in advanced economies.

The experts pointed out in this report on the global oil market forecast that between 2022-2025, OECD member states are supposed to first reach the peak in oil consumption in the region at 47 million barrels per day.
The report notes, however, that by 2045, these countries will face a long-term decline in consumption of this resource to 35 million barrels per day.

According to experts, oil consumption will increase correspondingly in developing countries, due to population growth, and possibly more dynamic economic development, and an increase in the middle class.

Consequently, they expect an increase in oil demand of 74.3 million barrels per day for these countries by 2045, as India will become the largest importer of energy resources.

At the same time, OPEC generally expects an increase in oil consumption from 99.7 million barrels per day from 2019 to 109.3 million barrels per day in 2040.اقتصاد/360898/أوبك-تتوقع-أفول-شمس-النفط-في-الدول-المتقدمة?src=rss&utm_campaign=rss&utm_source=Rss-articles&utm_term=Rss&utm_medium=Rss-360898


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