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Kuwaiti Industry: Commissions with Iraq will implement joint plans

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Just now, davis411 said:

I like the word pronto 


:twothumbs: Oh, YEAH!!!, Davis411, AND The Very Best Of Your Up Coming Weekend To You!!! :tiphat:


TOO Bad PRONTO IS ALWAYS in "conjunction" "with" "TONTO"!!!










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THESE "folks" REALLY need to get over THEIR "silly" "behavior' NOW!!!


Go Moola Nova!


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How tuff is it to roll a joint ... and do U really need a plan to do that ?  



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Trade: Development of the port of Safwan Abdali to stop the Iraqi ports movement and the joint agreement under study

Local | 01:45 - 19/07/2019


Baghdad - The 
Ministry of Commerce confirmed that the development and rehabilitation of the port of Safwan al-Abdali will contribute to the development of trade between Iraq and Kuwait and activates religious tourism through the entry of large numbers of Kuwaiti citizens to religious areas in Iraq, noting that it does not stop the Iraqi ports movement. 
The ministry said in a statement received by Mawazine News that "this port is an important link with the State of Kuwait and passes through daily many passengers from the two countries because of the social ties that connect many of the people of Basra and Kuwait, as well as the importance of commercial transport between the two countries, Has been disabled for many years for various reasons. "
It added that "the talk of some of the joint agreement between Iraq and Kuwait and the damage to Iraqi ports or the province of Basra is premature because the Convention goes through the preliminary reading stages in all the relevant bodies in the subject, including the province of Basra for study and the statement of interest of each party in it in the interest of Iraq As well as the formation of four joint committees between the two countries to resolve the outstanding issues and develop solutions to contribute to the achievement of important steps forward. 
The statement stressed that "the desire of the two countries to develop the port of Safwan al-Abdali has great economic and social significance and indications not related to the work of any other facility as this port is one of the aspects of development sought by any country with another country in addition to being one of the faces of the country, And keeping the current poor condition in terms of facilities and supplies is not justified and will not serve the interests of all. "
The statement concluded that "the common desire of both countries' leadership and determination to overcome all obstacles to achieving progress in the level of relations in various fields will contribute to bridging the gap and restoring confidence to the two countries in overcoming a dark era that has re-established relations. Basra, because it is the first link in the relationship with the brotherly countries of Kuwait, where the officials expressed the desire to invest in Basra and help them to recover and to be an important economic partner. "

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Kuwait grants multi-entry visas to 400 Iraqi businessmen


2019-07-23 07:24اقتصاد/312527/الكويت-تمنح-فيزا-متعددة-الدخول-لـ-400-رجل-أعمال-عر


KUWAIT: Kuwait's Minister of Trade and Industry Khalid Al-Roudhan announced on Tuesday the granting of a multi-entry visa to 400 Iraqi businessmen.

"The formation of a special committee with the Iraqi side under the name of" white list "includes the granting of a multi-entry visa to 400 Iraqi businessmen.

"There is an ambitious plan to open different markets," he said, adding that "he visited Iraq last week, pointing to the existence of a lofty desire to open free markets with them."

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