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After his involvement corruption deals worth $ 130 billion .. Maliki accused his opponents of corruption

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After his involvement corruption deals worth $ 130 billion .. Maliki accused his opponents of corruption


BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, attacked on Sunday what he described as "spoilers" of political opponents, saying they were seeking to make a political coup in the post-Daesh.

And it accused the blocks and political parties, al-Maliki during his tenure as prime minister, to waive the constitution and to work for the abolition of the legislative role of the House of Representatives, after the Constitution was interpreted according to the whims, so as to ensure its survival in the chair Time hitter peaceful transfer of power display Alhait.anthy 21 / t principle

According to what he sees as al-Maliki, the "post-Daesh will be more complicated, as it will try to thieves revolutions events of a political coup through education against participating in the elections, to discourage citizens from voting and contribute to the choice of a majority government policy moves the state of the state of weakness to a state power."

He stressed that "it is necessary to stand against those who are trying to encroach upon the Constitution, because the bypass will lead to the fragmentation of the state," and urged "everyone to maintain order and to protect him from gangs and militias who want to control the destiny of the country."

He claimed al-Maliki in a speech during a ceremony in support of the security forces in Karbala and attended / Baghdadi News /, it "must be the fight against corruption by not defending the corrupt even without the back of the corrupt, and could seek to reform, to bring him to spend," calling to be " fighting corruption is not actually a word, because corruption is not only struggling to launch slogans, as he put it. "

The Commission announced that the size of the Parliamentary Integrity Iraqi funds smuggled out of the country since al-Maliki received his first government because of corruption deals, up to $ 130 billion.



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When I was young I stole $20 out of my moms purse and put lipstick in the garbage disposal. I blamed it on my sister so I wouldn't get in trouble. My mom believed it because why would I be playing with lipstick?? Always blame someone else. If your counter story is good enough you will probably get away with it. 

Maliki is dumb and smart all at the same time. Your average politician. 

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Good morning Yota, have a blessed Sunday my friend 


Malikis days are numbered, he will soon be on trial for the crimes he has committed. Once accused officially,  perhaps in the Gazzette, he will die a slow and painful death :deadhorse:

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Maliki addressed a message to the anti-corruption released .. already be, not in words, slogans were (Details)

02-10-2016 04:28 PM
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Orbit News -



Warned the president of a coalition of state law , Nuri Kamal al - Maliki, on Sunday, from the protection of the corrupt and cover up for them to be able to seek to reform bring them to justice to be punished. Maliki said in a speech today during a ceremony in support of the Armed Forces and the crowd popular Mujahid established clans Masood in the province of Karbala Holy that he 'must be the fight against corruption by not defending the corrupt even without the back of the corrupt and unable to seek to reform , to bring him to justice, calling out to be the fight against corruption' actually not in words 'because corruption is not struggling to launch slogans only. Maliki stressed,' the the need to stand against those who are trying to encroach upon the constitution because overtaking will lead to the fragmentation of the state asking everyone to maintain order and to protect him from gangs and militias who want to control the destiny of the country, pointing out that we need to persevere 's efforts to stand against abuse, theft and extortion committed by gangs outlaw operations. He praised the 'victories achieved by our armed forces and popular crowd during the recent fighting, saying that those victories have foiled the efforts of the enemies to tear Iraq apart and divide. the new' warned to drop the political process after the enemies failed to bring it down through Daesh and through the so - called (military council) associated with resurrection, indicating that the post - Daesh will be more complicated because thieves will try to make a political coup revolutions through education against participating in the elections to discourage citizens from voting and contribute to the choice of a majority government policy moves from the state of vulnerability to a state force.

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