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  1. Thnx, TG..... That is gonna be a great day and one that has been a long time coming. Keep the Faith~
  2. Thnx, boosterbglee ..... Really appreciate your caring and your love.
  3. Thank you, my brother.... A big hug from us too~
  4. Been doing that for years..... Thnx anyway!
  5. Another year is here & thus begins my seventh {7th} here with all you good folks. 2016 was a tough year for my son & I. My wife passed away from a sudden heart attack on August 12th & I've been suffering from recurring sinus infections since the first week of September. My son & I want to thank all of the folks here on Dinar Vets for helping us through some tough times with all your love & support. We wish all of you peace, great health, safety and plenty of everything you need in 2017. Happy New Year !
  6. I'm just being the optomist, NI....hoping that they get this thing off the ground ASAP.
  7. We have 56 days until 2017 dawns..... Hopefully they will enact this currency reform on January 1st. That would certainly be the optimal way to balance all their books and a much simpler means of calculating.....not to mention the best scenario for the citizens of Iraq to follow. Just birth this baby for all involved .... Please!!!!!
  8. Candy, It's worse than maddening....I've been wrestling with this mess for nearly 7 years.
  9. When you dig below the surface, as Yota always does, ya get to the truth. The arrest of Ethel Najafi is nothing more than politicall motivated bullshit. The 'Reform Front' is Nouri al-Maliki's new tool of destroying Abaidi's government. Maliki has these a-hole MP's working for him, in parliament, disassembling Abaidi's plan/work, piece by piece.
  10. Pesh fighters.......bury all these terrorists. Blow up all their weapons & put all their money in the CBI.
  11. I do not understand why the U.S. is allowing these aircraft to be sold to Iraq, before all the Iranian militias are driven out, Iraq's borders are secure and Iraq's sovereignty is recognized by Iran. We saw a couple days ago where our Navy destroyers were fired upon from Yemen, an Iranian outpost. If you remember, Maliki is from Yemen. I have a big problem with our technology falling into the hands of these Iranian terrorists.
  12. Only stating the obvious & yes, it is the proverbial 'fly in the ointment', BUT, Iraq/Abaidi cannot move this monetary reform forward as long as Maliki is free to pressure all his greased palms to disassemble Abaidi's appointments to the various ministries. No corporate monies will be coming into Iraq, to boost their economy, until the Maliki threat is dealt with AND all the remaining banking and investment laws are on the books.
  13. What kind of currency could ISIS have? Paper & Coins with Satan's face on them? All these loosed demons, in all the myriad of terrorist organizations worlldwide, must be erradicated..
  14. the meantime, folks have little or no food, folks are living in cemeteries sleeping atop graves, children are scavenging garbage bins.....all while the politicians continue to block the passage of the HCL.
  15. It is BLATENTLY obvious that Iraq does not have the will or the morals to remove Maliki, much less bring him up on charges for all his horrendous crimes against humanity. His buddy, Medhat Mahmoud is still the head of their court system too. If The World Court does not step in and extradite Maliki out of Iraq, this mess is going to continue until Maliki completely destroys Abaidi's hard work and all his progress. Iran's dictator, Ali Khameini, has continued exporting terror upon The Nation of Iraq.
  16. Great untangling of the Iraqish, Snopsis. I vividly remember,during Maliki's reich, that he had cut many deals with his arse-hole buddies in Iran, to import rotten, contaminated and putrid foods and medicine for his countrymen to consume. Everyone made a killing.....literally, except for the poor souls who were trying to get enough calories just to survive. I keep thinking that the axe is about to fall on Maliki and his stooges. He cannot be allowed to undermine Iraq's sovereignty any longer.
  17. Iraq needs to let their prisoners stamp out their license plates....while they are waiting for the hangman. Maliki needs a good job.
  18. Iraq does not need Iran's natural gas. This is crazy stuff. The only way that Iraq should enter into ANY business contracts with Iran ahould be contingent on Iran's cessation of STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM <
  19. Yes, Maliki is. It is time to remove this despot. If they ever plan on doing it, now is the time, before Maliki completely disassembles all the hard work that Abaidi has worked for over 2 years on.
  20. Another crook......with corruption as rampant as it is in Iraq, toddlers must be taught this 'craft' by observing their parents. They sure aren't learning it in the mosques.
  21. THese two-bit parliamentarians have been telling these poor & desperate citizens of Iraq, for 13 YEARS, that they are going to settle the Hydrocarbon Law & give them their fair share of the proceeds from the sale of each barrel of oil. There are Iraqis who have no home and mothers who sleep in cemeteries at night with their children and many scavenge from garbage cans just to survive.The summertime temps there approach 120 degrees fahrenheit. How can any of these politicians sleep at night knowing that they themselves have food, clean water, air conditioning and a toilet, while so many are dying waiting for THEIR MONEY? ? ? I am with Sadr. I think they have given these stuffed suits in Parliament waay tooo much time to help the people. Time for MILLIONS to hit the streets, storm the parliament and drag each of these bastards out into the square....while simultaneously beating the absolute hell out of them. STARTING WITH MALIKI & the State of Law bunch.
  22. Evened you back out, my brother. Who the hell would be so childish as to throw a raspberry at what you stated? I guess there are those who simply cannot handle the truth.
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