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Do you like 10,000 notes or no?


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Hey thanks for all the comments. Ya totally in agreement Dinar is DInar whether 50 or 25,000. The only logical reason I can see why someone would want small notes is either A. they buy into the hype that Iraq will wipe out say 25,000 notes and keep the smaller which is not going to happen or b. they think a big rv will occur and want to be able to cash out in amounts under 10k to cheat taxes.


I wasn't saying one note is better than another, it just seems everyone I know has either 25,000 denoms or 5,000 denoms, even on the classifieds here 10ks seem to be the least posted or note being resold. I was just curious why this was, seems people either lean towards 5k or 25k. who knows.

None of us want to "cheat taxes."  We want to claim our just dues, which is the norm for any sensible person who invests money to get a return.

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All denoms we hold are worthless now.

When & Who declared the Iraq Dinar worthless? The new Iraq Dinar still holds a program rate of 1 U.S. dollar = 1166 Dinar. Now how is that worthless. It holds a value, not much. Its not worthless like your saying. Are you just trying to get a rise out of everybody? by saying this or do you intel saying its no good any more!

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