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  1. Central Bank of Argentina makes a move to stop its currency fall. AR Peso is now .037 usd to per Peso. Will the Peso return to it former glory and if it does investing in it could make you some money. It has a history of being closer 1 to 1. With the world economy moving forward I expect it to go back up. Tell me what you think. Video: Time to invest in the Argentina Peso? Articles:
  2. the last sentence. Suni didnt say "could it be the e-dinar? " that was me asking the question. Couldnt edit but wanted to make sure its accurate.
  3. I was reevaluating Kim Clements prophecy. Looking at Kim Clements assistant Sunil Isaac said it made me think, is it just the Iraqi Dinar? Could it be the E-Dinar also? Elijah List Article by Sunil: "What is the DINAR Kim refers to in code? Many people quickly assume it is the Iraqi Dinar which has been touted for several years. Is that what Kim is referring to, the actual paper currency in Iraq, or is there something more? Could it be the E-Dinar also? -Sunil Isaac
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