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Our 50 notes are now worthless...


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Well looks like the Dinar 50 notes are now worthless. I think technically the date they become worthless is April 31, however I believe all the current 50 note trade programs out there being offered by dealers pretty much all had expiration dates of April 1, so if your still holding your 50 notes your now stuck with them unless you can flip them on ebay.

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Well guess that means everything is good,since there isn't an April 31st.

Well all the dealer programs ended today so unless you plan on personally traveling to Iraq or shipping them to the cbi to get your $4 per bundle your stuck with them. Not a huge loss as they don't have that much value anyways but I think unless you have a huge amount and can deal with the cbi directly your out of luck as of today as DinarInc's program ended as did the other one or two dealers offering to trade.


Dinar Inc




Our corporate power house Xchange of America will be exchanging all Iraqi Dinar 50 denomination notes FREE of CHARGE, as a courtesy to all Dinar holders worldwide.  Deadline is April 1, 2015.





BuyIraqi Dinarhere

5. Notes MUST BE received by April 1, 2015. We will return any packages which arrive after that date.

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I'm in the same boat. As long as it RV's this month we should still be able to cash them in.  :peace:

I doubt anyone is taking 50's. I spoke to a dealer who was cashing them in when I was making arrangements to send in a few of mine, origionally wans't and then decided what the hell. They said they don't have a way to sell them to CBi and that they are taking a loss on everything they take in but doing it as a courtesy and for marketing to new customers. If that's the case I doubt even in the case of an rv if someone would want to take in notes that are going to be worthless in a matter of days.

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