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  1. Obama would never start a war with Syria. Iran would tell him not to, and Russia is already there.
  2. When I win a billion dollars tomorrow night how much dinar do ya think I'll buy then? Read more: None
  3. 05, 18, 24, 31, 38 PB 14 Good Luck, but I'll skip the Today Show We'll probably need to cut Adam in for administrative fees.
  4. Should that include "gun free zones" , where guns are technically illegal ?
  5. Colorado beat you to it. I'm not a fan of the law because you shouldn't have to ask permission to exercise your constitutional rights. A bunch of Sheriff's sued to block the law when it came out, but failed. BTW, have you heard about weed in Colorado
  6. Xi is in London. My guess would be that is the only factual part.
  7. Hey Umbert, next time the world is going to end, I would like to know beforehand. There's a couple I things I would've liked to have done. Thanks in advance, Hooter
  8. Tell him no. 5k shouldn't be too much to scrape up amongst professional friends. Probably some bigger problems your not aware of.
  9. Good analysis DM. I was hoping Trump would have performed better, but I'm sure he'll use it as a learning experience. Really impressed with Huckabee, but his abortion comments will sadly ruin him. I liked Carson as well especially considering his experience level. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Walker needs some more charisma, and never let the camera see that massive bald spot. (it's bigger than mine). I love Cruz, but he's probably not going to appeal to enough people. Paul was a big letdown, he seemed greasy. I met Rubio in Vegas, and could never vote for him, even though he was well prepared (overly). I really don't like any of the other guys at all, and would not vote for them. And most importantly, the moderators SUCKED !!!
  10. Best political talk in town + Luigi makes it worth while.
  11. I find it funny that the only ones offended by Trump are liberals and RINO's. Let's you know who they are afraid of. Keep it up Trumpster
  12. That can be a real expensive bet.
  13. Must be a misprint. My thumb is 2 1/2 inches
  14. The USPS is about the only mandated government agency in the Constitution. As such, I fully support it even if it loses money.
  15. I'll take a shot at a prediction. RV to occur @ 5:55 AM on 5/15/15 with a rate of .55
  16. I could use a little global warming. It's supposed to snow tonight.
  17. Adam, will Broncos draft pick Shane Ray be a bust due to the abundance of marijuana in Colorado ?
  18. Luigi, I sign in every day just to take away a ruby. Keep em coming. I know it's all BS, but I like reading it anyway. Thanks
  19. Or maybe it is.
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