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  1. 25 yrs in the Jewelry Industry, colored diamonds are just a gimmick to sell lesser quality diamonds. The clear and colorless will always bring higher value.
  2. I wouldn't do it for the $500 it's all the same currency. So it doesn't matter if it's old un-circulated or after 2013 un-circulated. Like i said I have not used them and only just now read their agreement page.
  3. IQD Exchange is giving $1100 per million at the moment. They are out of Las Vegas (5940 S. Rainbow Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89118) I have not used them but they s show good rates from time to time.
  4. @gp49 Just multiply the amount of dinar you have by .0015
  5. No, your 3 million dinar is worth 2,556.243 minus cash in
  6. Same here and this is the 3rd time this week receiving an email from him. So my 7 yr anniversary of being a member is coming up in August. So decided to join VIP for 3 months.
  7. To save everyone time of clicking and translating. 14:24 - July 4, 17 Last updated 14:39 - July 4, 17 BAGHDAD / Tomorrow Press: announced Planning and Follow - up Department at the Ministry of Commerce on Tuesday, the new ration card for the years 2017-2018 distribution. The Director General of the Department, Ibtihal Hashim Sabt in a statement to the ministry, "Tomorrow Press", a copy of it, that "received the new cadres started distributing ration cards for the years 2017-2018, for the purpose of the agents delivered to their owners." She said during the supervision of the distribution process in the People 's Supply Branch, said that " the problem of planning committees and follow - up department branch logistical, has been directed to speed up the process of auditing the archives through the ration agent, which is handed over cards after those families check their belongings." She explained that " the new card delivered to its owner to meet to meet the amount of 1,000 dinars under an official receipt." She noted the need " to report violators to the instructions of the ministry , " pointing out that " the distribution process taking place in all branches completed print their cards." And called Sabt citizens to "cooperate and deliver the required documents to the agents Supply in their areas, for the purpose of providing them Bbtaqathm ration and report any breach or violation in this matter or any matter concerning the processing of the ration card items by calling hotlines, ((07815914941, ( 0771507592). " the planning and follow - up Department at the Ministry of Commerce, announced the first on Sunday, completed printing the new ration card for the seven provinces, confirming their distribution in the next few days.
  8. Well guess who was killed again today 06/11/2017
  9. Being a fellow Texan let me try....Yall cain't use that there coupon code fer nothin but the 5 month and lifetime memberships.....
  10. After all these years on DV, I still don't understand why people take the time to click on a post, only to talk down about it. If your not going to read it why click on it and comment on how far you read or didn't read it? IMO it was just as informative as Adams chats and that's not to take anything away from Adams weekly chats....
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