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  1. Thanks for all you do! I get so tired and depressed hearing “it’s going this weekend” or some other such nonsense!! You bring a light into the dark for me!! Thank you so very much!!
  2. Hey Mr Montana, I was wondering if you will send out a message when the HCL is set? It would be appreciated. Thanks for all you and your staff do for us!!
  3. So in looking through this topic I cannot find where the "Verified" badge shows up. Am I blind? If it is not even showing on our own profile, why are we doing this? OGIT, NR, Plat for life Yvonne
  4. There again there would have to be screenings done to keep the drug addicted people from getting weapons. And I don't know about you but in my city they are already strapped for cash to handle the issues already out there. It's not the homeless people that are the problem and if they can't afford a home how are they going to afford shells or weapons? Last time I priced Shotguns they were more expensive that a months rent.
  5. That makes me SOOO ANGRY!! Especially when I have to sit in the exam room waiting for the doc to show his face for 1 hour or more!!! Why do they think their time is so much more important than anyone else's?
  6. I got an email the other day from The Treasury Vault that said they had more Dinar to sell. I just checked their web site and they show all denoms avail. Y
  7. They can't be dying to bad since they recently are limiting the numbers of tourists allowed into the parks on a daily basis.
  8. Yvonne


    I'm NOT holding my breath!!
  9. I've heard that some don't believe that dogs don't know how to show love but I totally disagree. I have a small dog. I got her from a friend that already had 2 and couldn't keep her. They found her running around loose without tags and a total mess. Her nails were so long she could hardly walk. We think she's part Chinese Crested (powder puff) and part Shih tzu so we tell everyone she's a Crested ****. When I get home from work at night she's on my lap and usually doesn't leave unless she has to go out. She lays her head on my chest and looks up at me with those big brown eyes and I
  10. I'm the same way. My best friend tells everyone that I "will change the Universal joint in a jeep and go inside and knit a sweater". (Which is what I did for her one day.) I refuse to pay someone to do something that I can do myself. AND at 63 I'm still doing!!
  11. Thanks Mr. M. I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day! Thanks for all you do.
  12. Here you go wizard1 - I had not posted this earlier as I didn't know how you were to get it. The Gift card # is 26731X858X24MH4FF3RN and go here to redeem them. Good luck and best wishes!!
  13. At the company I work for (it's a small company) we have 1 employee who is a LEGAL immigrant and doesn't pay any state tax and minimal Fed tax and doesn't carry insurance on his family. How can the Federal government say that " the aliens pay significant off-setting taxes back to federal, state and local treasuries" I call BULL**** on that!!!
  14. Good story!! Glad Carmen got her's!!
  15. Sorry I misunderstood your deadlines. But I did tell him to hurry!
  16. Mr. Montana said the discount is only good until 5:00 PM tonight so HURRY!! the discount code is goRVmay25 and the link is: Do NOT pass go and do not collect $200 HURRY!!
  17. I used my "retirement funds" (if you could call it that, there was so little of it) to purchase more "retirement funds". I'm just about to that point to retire so I'll play along for a bit longer.
  18. I give up!! Apparently you ALL missed the part where I said "I BELIEVE IN GOD, THE FATHER AND IN HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, AND IN THE HOLY GHOST" I just choose to believe in MORE!!!! GIVE IT A REST!! I'M ENTITLED TO MY BELIEFS TOO!!!
  19. With your screen name being "Learning all I can" I would think you would be a bit more open minded for SOMEONE ELSE'S beliefs!! I am not a born again Christian, I was actually born and raised Mormon (And I DON"T need any negative feedback on that one either) I raised my children Mormon and they have gone their own way in their belief. I do not condemn them in what they believe and they don't condemn me in mine! Blessed be!
  20. I knew when I posted this that I would get some type of attack by some overzealous bible thumping (I'm better than you) Christians!!! It just amazes me how ignorant people some people are! SURPRISE! I believe in God the father and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost! I was raised Christian AND I am an Ordained Minister! BUT I also believe that there is more out there for me and others like me who have opened their minds to more. I believe there is a resonance in the world around us. I believe that the earth and the flora and fauna have a resonance to impart to me.
  21. I was born in San Antonio, TX. Due to the fluoride in the water that my mother ingested while she carried me I have Huge white spots on my permanent teeth, I was criticized and made fun of all my life (even as an adult) by people because they thought I "didn't brush my teeth". I finally had them covered by a dentist with porcelain. The fluoride really doesn't do as much as they think it does!!
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