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  1. Adam, Should I infer that you are not as set that an explicit HCL will/should be passed before any fundamental currency actions would be taken by the CBI? In both the distant, and recent, past, you have been pretty adamant that you wanted to see a stable GOI, steadily increasing oil price, and an HCL. Once those were in place, we should look for RV really soon (as opposed to "soon" ) Are you still looking for that HCL prior to an RV and if not, why not?
  2. Yeah, that's what the grizzled old prospector says to the teenagers who stumble across his cabin...In, like, every cheesy horror movie evarrr! 😂 So, that makes you... 🤨
  3. For anyone interested, here is the "whois" domain name info, FWIW: Domain name: Data validation: Nominet was able to match the registrant's name and address against a 3rd party data source on 26-Jul-2014 Registrar: 123-Reg Limited t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG] URL: Relevant dates: Registered on: 23-Dec-2005 Expiry date: 23-Dec-2024 Last updated: 16-Sep-2017 Registration status: Registered until expiry date. Name servers: WHOIS lookup made at 03:50:17 27-Aug-2018 -- This WHOIS information is provided for free by Nominet UK the central registry for .uk domain names. This information and the .uk WHOIS are: Copyright Nominet UK 1996 - 2018.
  4. So, I have heard, and read (as far as I can figure out the translation) that the budget has been passed and, as of right now, it has been published in the gazette. If this is in fact true, and the relevant HCL law (or laws) were included in that, where are we in the process? Is there anything of substance that the legislature must enact? Are we just waiting on the CBI only, now? Are we there yet???
  5. Sunday, besides being Easter in most places, is April Fools Day. I'd say that would be an appropriate day to officially enact the 2018 budget, given recent developments!
  6. Adam, I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the "hard news" Iraq stories over that last few weeks, but I have heard mention that the HCL was passed, or is in a budget to be passed or something like that. Are we really that close to the enactment of the real HCL? Is it imminent? And if so, how does this realistically affect an RV timetable. If it isn't really imminent, then how does that extend your timetable for the "event"? Thank you, sir.
  7. After Ramadan, before the Feast. If not, then who knows?
  8. Ugh! So sad. From the pictures, Mosul has turned into effing Lebanon. ISIS needs to be dealt with swiftly so they can begin rebuilding.
  9. Hmm, "One and a half times their value." Currently their value is like .00086 of 1 USD. Hopefully we're talking about 1.5 X 0.86, or about $1.29 per dinar. That would be awesome! Heck, I would be completely satisfied with 86c to the dollar. Even 50c to the dollar would be might fine. Below that and I'm probably engaged in, The Waiting Game. Wait! I'm already engaged in, The Waiting Game!
  10. Murd11, Keep in mind this was posted in the RUMORS section. If you start seeing this sort of thing outside of the rumors or chat log areas, then you might want to track down a moderator.
  11. I had not heard the official reference to financial/currency progress tied so explicitly to the outcome of the Mosul liberation. Sounds like, when we hear the GOI stating that as far as they are concerned, Mosul is effectively liberated AND we have solid info on HCL passage (already happened, happening very soon, etc.) then I will really get invested in tracking the day to day activities. And also waiting for The Call, of course! Until then, I have one foot in and one foot out. Here's to a speedy and decisive resolution to Mosul's predicament.
  12. As with all of the rumors, time will tell. Hopefully time tells us a wonderful story financial contentment and satisfaction. Either way, time will tell.
  13. Tiger, I thought that before anything can be voted on before the full parliament, it must emerge from its committee vote. The Kurds have more say there, as they should. I can remember sources from the committee (numerous times 1, 2 and 3 years ago) saying things like, "We intend to vote on this and have something for the parliament to vote on by X day" and then, the day before "X" day, a notice would come out that the Kurds had brought forth numerous objections, the vote did not pass (or was not even taken) and they would take it up again at a future time. I agree that if something makes it to the full parliament, it will likely pass. The reason we don't yet have an HCL is that no proposals have yet managed to leave committee for a full vote. Here's hoping that will change in the coming weeks.
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