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  1. ... good air only, nothing to your face area ... Man, I'll be glad when this thing hits ...
  2. My gosh Luigi, that is the foundation for 'one world order'. I think there's this book that sorta' outlines, how all that plays out. This is one of the most insightful paragraphs, from a personal perspective, that I have ever read from you(Luigi, I don't read you much, sorry) I have faith that I will be long gone, by the time they are chipping everyone. Man, I'll be glad when this thing hits !
  3. You're killing me Thug ... they give you so much "straight man" material...Man, I'll be glad when this hits !!
  4. #stillbelieve

    Go Iraq

    Oh Thug, if it wasn't for ur sense of humor, this would drive me crazier than my wife already says that I! I be glad when this hits !
  5. Good Grief ! Is that a picture of Mahdi ? If I had to wear that mug around all day, it would be tough to make any rational decision...I have a gut feeling that Iran is pulling those strings, of picking his cabinet...Man! I'll be glad when this thing hits !
  6. I keep having this picture in my head, that this Frank guy just moves down to the other end of the couch and thinks he's Delta and then moves back to the other end of the couch, to answer himself...there's a medical term for that... man I'll be glad when this hits !
  7. U the man 'ur Thugness' ... when this hits and we all go our merry way, a lot of these guys lives will be void of meaning...
  8. I swear Synopsis, when you bear down, you have some of the most creative writing and pragmatic analysis around, and we thoroughly enjoy your reads...our conjecture is, the Insainian(another Synopsis gem!) mulletheads (one in the same) have billions of Iraqi Dinar...BILLIONS ... Maliki(sp) BILLIONS stashed, WITH him ... they (whomever the heck that is) will not enrich that militant govt'. ... look how they've grown in Syria and Yemen, since obutthead gave them all of that cash ... lets drive those mulletheads out of exsistance, and RV/RI the Dinar currency that we all hold ... like, last Thursday would have been great ... I still believe ( :
  9. This is my first post. Please be kind ( : .. I appreciate everyone's opinion on this site, (we were 'dinared' five years ago) and, I have a scenario that I would respectfully like everyone's views about.....We all ask, especially lately, why don't they RV/RI ? I know at this very moment, it's probably because there is not a sitting Gov't., but I believe it's because of Iran. After all these years, since the Saddam currency was replaced, how much Dinar do you think the Iranian mullet heads have stashed ? Think about it. How much do you think Maliki(sp) let them get away with. Why would they want it ? Maybe they know the plan ? Now, don't you know that The Prez knows where every available dollar is, in his administration ? If the treasury is holding Dinar, and it does RV/RI's, he would be telling everyone ! And telling, and telling and telling... he would love for it domino ! I'm afraid until there is some way to make sure the mullet heads aren't enriched ( super severe sanctions ? ) THEY are not going to let this happen. Look what they have done with the cash that obutthead gave them. Who the heck is THEY ? I don't know. Is this an old theory ? Is seems like, that with everything they have in place now, it has to be something major that's holding them back. ( besides chp.VIII, etc. ? ) I still believe ... ( :
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