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  1. I would like a count of how many people have died waiting for the RV. I asked Joe Biden and 200 billion seemed a bit off. 🤪
  2. Probably due to the dollar crashing. Dinar will be worth more than the dollar soon.
  3. Jelly Beans, I want my Jelly Beans. And ANYTHING positive out of these so called Iraqi government officials.
  4. WOW, I like. I'm trying to ignore the fact the Iran is involved. Can't say I trust Iran much.
  5. Well ya'll, I don't comment much on here, i mostly just read the articles and comments. I'm tired and pretty close to being done with this whole get rich scheme. All I am sure of is that some people got rich and it wasn't me. Just sayin. Tell me if I'm wrong.
  6. How many time have we heard "Educate the public" over the years? Just sayin. I'm ready for the RV, Just hard to get excited over that statement.
  7. Sure it isn't Trump messing with us? It did come from Twitter ya know. Here's to the possibility of this ride ending soon!
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