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  1. Another question. When one is circumcised you say "oy vey".... so whenst you get "Uncircumcised", would one say "RV"?? ...asking for a friend, thanks!
  2. Thank you for the definition, and i concur...their whole system does SukSuk
  3. I'm in Belleville IL if you're still selling
  4. Agreed, Agreed, and Agreed!!!! A never ending supply of treacherous bass turds! ...but I am now 4th in line for that traditional kiss on the neck, so...
  5. Intel/Newshound Poo ru Mnt Goat seems to be full up with "ish"...
  6. Yeah, lets stick with berrys plan, O wait it has no plan!
  7. I was actually quite impressed with the quantity of double speak and outright lies that berry can pack into 1 speach.
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