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  1. cottn68

    Cabinet sets Eid al-Adha holiday

    FINALLY....a holiday!
  2. So if they failed extraordinarily at yet another session, where's the surprises???🤑
  3. Thank you for the definition, and i concur...their whole system does SukSuk
  4. cottn68

    Selling 5 million Dinars

    I'm in Belleville IL if you're still selling
  5. cottn68

    We Just Got Screwed Again

    Agreed, Agreed, and Agreed!!!! A never ending supply of treacherous bass turds! ...but I am now 4th in line for that traditional kiss on the neck, so...
  6. Intel/Newshound Poo ru Mnt Goat seems to be full up with "ish"...
  7. cottn68

    Guess Who I Am?

    Yeah, lets stick with berrys plan, O wait it has no plan!
  8. Undoubtedly berry will do some good...for them
  9. I was actually quite impressed with the quantity of double speak and outright lies that berry can pack into 1 speach.
  10. Agreed, and I truly hope all will heed this warning!
  11. Maybe they're letting him choose his own cell??
  12. You got that right chess!! Personally, I'm enjoying the crap out of watching all the cowardly rats running around screaming foul. The fact that the Don actually has a plan, and would undoubtedly put it into action, sure has the PC crowd and all the rest of the oxygen thieves throwing a hissy fit...LMAO!!! He's probably already having blueprints drawn up, whilst the other morons are talking about talking about it.... blowhards!!!

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