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  1. If you like to sale your dinar message me please thanks. North Texas area please
  2. I wish I had placed the bet when he shared the site i would have been rich man today .
  3. Hi Tankdude Thank you you are always welcome appreciate all your help. Talk with you soon.
  4. Hi Taiexpat, What book do you recommend about mitochondrial dysfunction and cancer because currently I'm taking supplements that detox the mitochondria and helps Gene expressions to your 20s. It has helped my family and friends with different health problems from arthritis to MS to heart valves..... thanks for your help and your knowledge
  5. I'm interested also send me pm please
  6. Hi thai thanks for all your wisdom on health subjects. And few other fields. I was wondering if you can send me the info to purchase gc-maf thank you again for all your help.
  7. He wanted change in absolute dictatorship in the country and equal opportunity for all democracy. You did see him or his followers pick guns or bombs. They did demonstration .
  8. Hand him over to the victims families and let them kill him slowly make him suffer long and hard.
  9. Dv underground movement piggy is back. Merry Christmas you áll
  10. Saudis are the the one who support all terrorist attacks and groups after cia create them.
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