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  1. Electrify it and put razor wire at the top and on the US side. Put out signs on both side and let them stack up like cord wood. The punishment is not severe enough to deter them from smuggling or entering ILLEGALLY. Some of you may not have experienced it as children but pain is a deterrent
  2. Before this gets real confusing I need to be clear on my comment. I meant to say that instead of all the men being forced to have vasectomies by some new law that the people writing this new law should be forced to get lobotomies.
  3. Shabs, I gave you an up tick because I agree with you. I also don't feel you were strong enough in your words.
  4. I am not fired up to vote based on anyone or any party using a race card. I am motivated by which party wants to take away things I have worked hard for and want to keep.
  5. Per Shab's post Yes he does. He is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the land. Whether he should get involved is another issue.
  6. The fact that they were not charged is enough to make someone think twice about our justice department.
  7. And you see nothing wrong with the uneven application of the law?? Murderers get less time than that. That is not my laughing face. What I said is not a laughing matter.
  8. But the Democrats did? Yes they did. And yet you have never condemned the ordering and payment to a foreign national for an unverified Steel Dossier (admitted by Steele himself) by the HC campaign, tthe illegal FISA warrants used against a US citizen and the transition team and information leaked to the press for the same wanted effect. Oh wait, it is against Trump and you are OK with that because you disapprove of Trump, a lot.
  9. Funny how McCabe land Comey both lie several times to Federal agents and they get nothing. Stone is convicted of lying and they want 7-9 years. If your an Obama or HC hold out you get 0 time. Equal justice under the law.
  10. I just looked up Idaho health service wage. Average is $50,000. Not a bad wage to live on. $4000 a month.
  11. It was proven through testimony he did not. People that have a great dislike for Trump don't want to admit he did not do a QPQ. As for the asking Ukraine to investigate corruption? Trump was following a law put into effect by Clinton supported by Biden.
  12. Same to you Umbertino. Thanks.
  13. This is what it is about. Power. They have it and want to use it to effect social experiments with monetary means. People aren't responding to the carrot so use the stick. Trouble is when you start using the stick on people they tend to fight back.
  14. No reason to retry Flynn. No reason to retry Flynn Continued government misconduct and denials of accountability by the worst offenders & #VanGrack himself who has suppressed evidence favorable to @GenFlynn from the beginning #DOJ #FBICorruption This is from his attorney Sidney Powell. She is a former federal prosecutor. She has presented evidence to the court of government misconduct. It up to the judge to decide if his case will be thrown out.
  15. I might vote for a moderate that is not anti 2nd A. She isn't one though.
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