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  1. Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM
  2. Then you are not reading what is printed. If you don't like what is written you have the right to put him on ignore. You won't because you would rather make fun of him, call him names and attempt to berate him.
  3. Shoot them down. A donated Chinese drone is still a foreign national entity. Take the darn thing down if its over your property.
  4. My fridge complained to my wife. She said "Now you know what I go through. He won't leave me alone either"
  5. So if one state drops out of emergency status does this go away? Hows this for a solution. I DJT do rescind EO XXXXXXX as null and void.
  6. So was he retired LE and died of Covid and then went on to teach and again die of Covid in Memphis? Because that is what I am getting from this.
  7. Work testing could be handled just like a TB test. Go to a DR and get tested. Cleared and the employer is notified. Fail and employer is notified. No need for a card. To get my SS or DL I did not need to get a vaccine against my will. The work environment is fine until compromised from outside. Scenario: All the office workers get tested and are clear. One of the office workers get infected outside of office brings it back to work. All the staff is now exposed. Two choices: Quarrantine the whole staff till it runs its course or back to square one. Or do you force vaccine to keep your job. For all intents and purposes this virus will die off or go dormant when summer hits. (Listen for the b*tching to start about the heat). When next fall or winter hits we should have an effective treatment to fight it with and not force people against their will to get a vaccine.
  8. They already do background checks at gun shows. You purchase the firearm, then the BGC, then, you pick up firearm at the dealers brick and mortar shop. Firearm sales in the parking lot are going to happen and in some states are illegal and must go through an FFL. Universal BGC are another way to gather info on gun ownership.
  9. I have been drinking tonic water every night for about 3 years. It helps with restless keg syndrome. For once I am ahead of the curve. Still not going to eat mushrooms.
  10. The DOJ when they shut off the background checks for firearms and ammo. That violates the 2nd A for many law abiding folks. Some people have firearms on a 10 day hold in Ca and now cannot get them for possibly 30 days. Being told you can't assemble in a church but you can wait for hours in a Costco line. Or go to Lowes or Home Depot. When a Governor can restrict your God given right to move freely when you or your family want to go somewhere. When you get arrested for body surfing. Not to mention the rights that will be assaulted when this thing settles out in the name of safety. I am all for self quarantining if you want but don't tell me I have to stay home. I am practicing all the necessary things to avoid the Flu.
  11. My best wishes to you and yours. Not saying there aren't any deaths from this. They are also adding any deaths of other causes into the numbers also. I don't trust any of them.
  12. I will tell him again. Suck it Bill. My body, my decision. Works for women.
  13. Actually the scary people who are the ones who set these people up with a loaded firearm and then film them doing very unsafe discharging of said firearm.
  14. Cl, I am not saying he isn't smart. I am saying what he said in 15 would not have mattered today. China delayed admitting it had a problem, thus delaying any quick action, and then destroyed the epicenter and any information a team of virus experts could have used to help fight this virus.
  15. Tough to have a team of virus researchers check things out when the country involved delays announcing the outbreak, bulldozes ground zero and then denies entrance to check thing out. Bill Gates may seem like a friend, but I personally have my doubts.
  16. Like I told Bill Gates in another thread. Suck it UN.
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