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  1. Who bought dinar you know that stuff is a big scam. Don't fall for the get rich quick scam.
  2. the socialists are running ads everywhere there resistance to the socialism is coming from. that doesn't mean he's not right. Do you really want the gov't hiding their bad mistakes all the time. Kind of like the budget they just submitted that was over a trillion dollars off??
  3. As far as I know, my wife's a long time teller, all deposits get turned into US dollars at value the time the transaction takes place. Put them in a safe deposit box.
  4. knight Thanks for being the first one everyday for posting news and great articles. I don't know how you do it, but your awesome. Thank You
  5. toolman hit the nail right on the head. I wish all politicians had to watch tis too!!!!!! It is the truth.
  6. when it does RV Okie will brag about calling it. HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA
  7. Obummer is looking to steal our money by any and all means possible to him.. He is a traitor to our constitution and the hard working U.S. citizens. Call all of your Represenatives and tell them to impeach this creep, or arrest him.
  8. I went into my local bank and they asked if I was there to buy dinars, I said not today and they said that's to bad they really needed the wire tranfer fee money.. HA-HA hope this helps
  9. Sounds like BS news as they were given what they asked for. I find it stange they keep asking for more?
  10. They could RV then send in the world bank authorities to prosecute these creeps. Goooo RV
  11. uncirculd, I agree, they talk a good game but never any follow through.. It seems to me somebody is profiting from their continued sanctions
  12. Everybodies (gurus) trying to call it, to claim fame. Use your own judgement it's probably more accurate.
  13. JoeB, Why do you call the truth Hate. Don't hate the messenger hate the game. All said here is true, you should take it as much a warning as anything. This is not the dinar news section. Keep learning to read and you'll get it eventually. I've been fluant since the second grade.
  14. umberwhoooo, There you go again. Many words don't make you look any smarter. Or less of a marxist communist..
  15. Does this suprise anybody??? This was the person demanding ( where's my money) what Obummer promised during his stop there RIGHT. Maybe they will tell us what O promised them now.
  16. So, when will we be able to do that. I want to take my dinars and move to another country too!!!!
  17. O does work best with children, they put up less resistance.
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