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  1. Before another penny is spent, Obama needs to account for the nearly one trillion dollars in stimulaus money that was supposaed to have gone for interstructure
  2. Would not put it past O' to do such a thing. Looking forward to the proof.
  3. All he would need to do is have a red herring disaster and declare martial law......then no elections
  4. They said yesterday that there was a surprise for today. Anybody seen it?
  5. Sorry I thought you were real confused and meant the Atlanta Hawks.They could not beat their.........never mind
  6. He's had 6 years to help the he middle class....this is just more BS. He has done everything he could to destroy it.
  7. I am taking 2 VERY LIBERALS on Wednesday. They need to see what the military and their sacrifices are all about. It's costing me a lunch and the price of the tickets.........small price for some education
  8. Nice piece...wish I could give you more then one+
  9. Add the Dem's to that. They are all in the "ruling class", and hxll with anyone else
  10. I really like him, but you need to check out his anti gun views. I have heard he wants to repeal the 2nd amendment. Part of his views comes from being a doctor
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