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    American history, Constitutionalism and a free America, same as everybody else. Brothers and Sisters in arms have been wounded and died for your sorry a$$es, still doing so, all for US. Not all are sorry, an overwhelming majority are, you know who you are. Respect is good.

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  1. Still, it turns my stomach. If you accept money for a service under the guise of a dinar rv, you are in bad trouble. The Feds are watching every single move. Slays out!
  2. Time to be nervous.
  3. They really are "That Naive", thanks for a very informative lesson. Slay.
  4. Any luck yet? I'm aware of the horror stories to date. If you like your health care, forget it, your're screwed. Most all in Kentucky are now on Medicaid. Now there's a success story.
  5. 100,000,000 dollar fraud case unchallenged. We want more! Raise the debt ceiling! Trip to Africa to visit the homeland. What the crap is wrong with people? Don't you see?
  6. "government forces were compelled to withdraw" , HMMMM, "72 were killed and more than 200 injured". Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement. This is how the American Revolution began, April 20, 1775 Same stuff. People are tired of the bullshat. ' Read more:
  7. Yea, the lady's face on the site! I read she and that other gal was in in coohooots with the "First Heffer". Go figure. I say we just all cause a damn International crises like the shutdown and when it's all over, take 11 days off and shoot 18 holes. Worry about this crap next month!
  8. Well said friend! Hope for the best, expect the worse! Guess what!, The best of the worst is now upon us! As we speak.
  9. Yea. kinda fitting for us all. Turdball was my other option. Dinarius Turball.
  10. My new huntin pup's name is D.O.G. (Diogee), Named after his father who passed in a tragic crossfire accident. Couldn't wait for the RV. I'd have to name his puppy!
  11. Ya gotta admit, who stands behind the President at a speech with hair like that. Debbie Wasserman Shultze would never approve. Good Lord! Wash the oil out! What a sham to say the least. Poor destitute lady. Sickening display. Even worse, people actually believe this crap.
  12. Man, what's next with these people. All complete and total failures at everything they do. Can you imagine what Government must have looked like without the advent of the internet and mass communication. Follow the news feeds on the the AHA roll out. That's where we're at today. If you're comfortable with it, then put em back in office. Go ahead and do it. What an illusion the Administration is. They couldn't organize a decent BLT that didn't cost a Billion dollars. How much more can you take? Please!!!!!!!!, yet, everybody loves O. It's beyond me. Slay.
  13. We're still running dogs with not much to show just yet. The weather has been against us. Still early season but looking much better. I know you guys have some success stories by now. Sure would like to see them! Slay.
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