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  1. the advancement of robotics will be cool in the next few generations. Remember the movie surrogates? check out this link if they can download human to human, human to machine shouldn't be far off.
  2. yep, trust no one. O isn't the first, the only and wont be the last to do this kind of staged show. Rarely are the people standing behind politicians there because they showed up early. The few speeches I have been to the camera viewable audience and question asking audience is polled and approved before they are anywhere near the cameras line of sight. That being said I have my questions of this video too. Really I posted it to get everyone else thoughts. I could see the women to the left not taking ques but communicating with a person near by about the fainting women not looking so well.
  3. there are plenty of road side test to show levels of intoxication, eg any test that shows level of reaction time and balance. What there are not are road side test to show active levels of THC in the blood stream. Those are unnecessary though because as you said, once you have used a form of THC the chemical trace can be found in your system weeks after the effects have worn off. Whats funny is Drug test are known by drug users to be a faulty system but they are believed to be perfect by other people. A pot smoker can smoke on the weekend at his home and then fail a drug test 2 weeks later at
  4. absolutely, stand up for your rights. Speak out every chance you can. Not trying to say otherwise, doing so is really the only freedoms we have left and so few even do that.. Just trying to state how awful things have become and with out a massive outcry and change in attitude its only going to get worse.
  5. Use this link you know the problem with this is the current administration is known to actively attack (IRS audit) those that go against them.
  6. $678 million is such an insane number for a website... just think you could have paid 500 of the worlds best programers $1m each to write a brand new awesome site, then spent 100 million on building a brand new server farm to handle massive traffic beyond anything this site should have experienced. And after all that there would still be 78 million to call profit for the company. Instead they got greedy, purchased 10 year old software that is usually found for free and then botched the programming and infrastructure. I seriously doubt if this project had anywhere near $1m worth of necessar
  7. this is good, trains are really needed. It's hard on the richer Iraqi's to get all those wheel barrows of cash to town on shopping day. I think this will help that problem.
  8. not really questioning your thoughts on the president, to each his own, but are you really saying the "problem" is usage or implementation of free speech??
  9. Proof Obama’s Fainting Lady was Faked in 3 Minutes I don’t watch a lot of television. In fact, I don’t ever watch it. If it doesn’t come on Netflix or an online video I usually skip it. That’s why it took me a little while to watch the video of the President rescuing the damsel in distress in the Rose Garden. It popped up on my news feed on Facebook, and I got curious. As it turned out, it floored me. I couldn’t believe how phony it was. As soon as I watched it I went to youtube to check it out from differ
  10. that's an old article but for the fun of it lets see... If the dinar becomes 1,000 times more valuable, it will become 1,000 times more expensive to do business in Iraq. Do you think this would be sustainable? it used to be, why couldn't it be again? also it is 1000x more expensive to do business in other countries if what you are basing the cost to is the currency valuation. Would you buy dinars at 1,000 times the current price? If not, why do you expect someone to buy your dinars at 1,000 times what you paid for them? this is a stupid question.... why do people buy yellow rocks out of t
  11. because they wanted free healthcare and jobs... lol that worked huh
  12. While I expect the rather usually BC volatility to be worsened in the short term due to this site being shut down, if the feds keep the seized BC out of circulation all they are going to do is increase the value. BC come in limited supply, there will only ever be so many. Also while what the feds did looks like something real, it was pretty much the same as kicking a bunch of flea market vendors out of a parking lot and locking the gate. The vendors will just go somewhere else, the only person arrested was the guy who owned the parking lot. Seems fair.
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