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  1. iraq was told imf report after imf report to reduce demand on oil and diversify their economy. Iraq is a good example of how bad things have to get before politicians will do anything for their people. Even when there was a million people storming the green zone they still wanted to only think of themselves. IMF may have to step in a RV their currency for them. Either way, what a wait.
  2. before reading your post I Came to the same conclusion. the phoenix will rise.
  3. they are probably hiding in canada so that the government can pay them.
  4. "authorities were unconvinced of the urgent need to modify fiscal policy settings." so they dont want to change. being forced to change and rv is our only hope atm imo.
  5. David Hutchinson, Stanley Meyer, Dr. Tom Bearden. re: what does DNA editing and nano-tech have to do with rockets? I was pointing out that many technological avenues have been allowed to advance, while others linger.
  6. the same thing would have been said and were true of the first computers. large/bulky/expensive. that all changed too. all that we see isnt all that there "is". in fact there are many things locked away or held onto to slow our advancement, in some areas. why are we still using rockets when we have dna editing, cloning, nano tech,quantum computers?
  7. it does make alot of things i agree. but energy generation will be shifting to fusion/ solar. ie tocamak reactors like ITER. we used to use horses for travel. now we still do just not in the same scope and capacity.
  8. nor did god save the thousands of people dead and still being killed in iraq, christian/yazidi/muslim etc. open slave markets/human trafficking/ human body parts trade.
  9. the article that was release by the cbi when the 50 IQD was cancelled stated it was so that it would not be confused with the new 50. I would like to mention that not 1 single "guru" called it before hand either.
  10. kindly disagree, purchasing power of currency does make a difference for the citizens. I'm in canada. any tech i need from the states costs me 30% more due to the minimized purchasing power of our currency. however we have an international currency that is recognized. iraq does not.
  11. using the usd as the main currency in country just hurts the people. the USD is controlled by the US central bank not the iraqi central bank; therefore they technically don't have a monetary policy. as an importer of almost all their good. keeping the value of the IQD low just Hurts the people. The Government gets payed in USD from the sales of oil. they keep running on status quo, eventually they will have to change or be forced to. would just love to see something with it. the isx drops every email i get.
  12. someday it will change. by 2050 if half to worlds cars are electric there wont be such a need for oil. iraq is running out of time.
  13. this is just talking about the rate of exchange difference between the official and the market rate, by going digital it stops these industries from scamming people and giving them a different rate for the currency then what they should be getting. digitization keeps people honest. ( in theory)
  14. they could release a new currency with a new currency code, one that is international with a new value. lock the current 000 notes at a certain value as an internal non international currency with a defined time for trade in before cancellation/expiration. i dony know how this would affect those of us with warka accounts or those with shares in the isx. they could do a reverse stock split. we will see what they end up doing, either way its been a long wait to see and would be nice to see something different.
  15. bought mine at parity to the USD so far my CAD is down 30c or so. dinar has done better than the canadian dollar to hold value lol
  16. hmm. begining of the year start? not very far away. could happen anytime tho. time to hodl still
  17. releasing more of the lower notes buy's them more time before the deletion of the zero's project. however if they wanted to start that project in january i'm fine with it, as it has been stated already both new and old notes will co-exist.
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