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  1. Anyone that believes in global warming or climate change is just another follower (sheep) that are useful idiots to the moron liberal elitist. It's almost like I want to feel sorry for them but weakness is inexcusable.
  2. Chuck your are a good man! I pray you will get some relief with your situation. I really hope this dinar things pays off because of what it would do for us and our families. But I also hope this pays off because I don't want to be made a fool of. I have had many failures in my life but I have always pushed forward even in the darkest times. Good luck.
  3. We need to throw these people out of our country. In Texas where I live the last place a Muslim wants to be is here! The problem with Muslims is they are cowards that will not challenge a true patriot to their face. I trust none of them.
  4. These Arab scumbags talk about loving death, I'm happy to accommodate their wishes. They underestimate real Americans that are ready to engage and sacrifice our lives to defend this country and its constitution! Without that we are no better than a banana republic. I ask myself, what is worse living under a communist regime or fighting to the death? I choose the later! With pleasure knowing I did my job!
  5. Anyone that believes that is a complete moron like most people in this speculative prayer. IMO we will profit but no one will get a windfall. People need to get real and/ or a clue
  6. I love you women. You have bigger balls then most men I know. I know most people think talk is cheap but the only thing that matters to me is my family members. After that my life means nothing.
  7. Before I'm on a FEMA train I will be in the history books with many kills. I have no problem with death as long as I kill as many liberals as possible. I can only imagine this country in the next 5-10 years.
  8. Can you believe the human/sub human race has degradated to this? Nothing surprises me anymore. God please give mercy!
  9. Yes Davis I've got several scars in my back also. I with you on that one also.
  10. I've been working for 30+ years in the oil & gas business and I can tell you that there is a lot of truth in those numbers. I see it everyday! I just thank God that my working days are getting close to coming to an end and I don't have to look at these spineless individuals (suck asses) ever again. +1 brother.
  11. You too Umbertino. My prayers are with you and your family & the just of us that are impatiently waiting for this elusive RV.
  12. Umbertino when I was 5 and I acted like that in school, the least of my worries were the teachers or the cops. It was my dad. My ass would get beat so bad that I would never act like that again. Now days it seems the kids are telling the adults/ teachers what to do! This world is definitely screwed up. Discipline seems to be non existent with many parents these days including me. I have 2 older daughters that I really never had to spank. Culture has changed dramatically. It's sad to see the lack of respect younger people show adults today.
  13. No different than these despicable pigs in office here! Eventually there will be an domestic event that will open there eyes. It's coming.
  14. That ever happens to me I break out my AR and I unleash hell! I could care less if anyone thinks I'm FOS. There would be hell to pay against anyone who had anything to do with that. Until we as Americans (white, black, brown, yellow, etc) stand together and go against these liberals we are *****!
  15. That's exactly right skeet! Bunch of cave dwelling ragheads. I just wonder when the world will finally get enough of this terrorism **** and kill them all!
  16. Another libtard statement underestimating people like me and many others. These idiots have no idea what's coming. I didn't accumulate guns & ammo & training because it's fun. Yes I will die through this process but I promise you I will take many others with me. KTA.
  17. We should use any & all of our military might to wipe these terrorists off the face of the earth once and for all. I pray Israel does something soon to these terrorist states also to end this once and for all. If this means using tactical nukes I'm all for it. Even if collateral damage occurs. This crap has gone on too long.
  18. As usual nothing will come of this because the laws of this country don't apply to liberal democrats. What a joke.
  19. I carry a 26" Smith & Wesson baton in my cars along with handguns. I promise you I would not want to be struck by one.
  20. Obviously you have no integrity at all and obviously don't care
  21. No doubt skeet! What a great woman!
  22. The U.S. needs no help destroying the $. They are doing a pretty good job on their own. My conscience is clear, I didn't vote for that monkey.
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