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  1. Two very young brothers were in their bedroom one morning and the oldest brother said lets say a cuss word in front of mama at breakfast. I'm going to say the word "damn" and you say the word "ass". The youngest brother agrees and they both headed down to the breakfast table. After they're seated the mother looks at the oldest brother and asked him what he would like for breakfast. He replied "how about some of those damn Cheerios". The mother jerked him up from the table and wore his little fanny out all the way upstairs to his bedroom. She came down and looked at the youngest brother and said, Now what would you like for breakfast? The youngest sat there for a moment and then said "I don't know, but you can bet you sweet ass it aint going to be any of those damn Cheerios".
  2. Guru SteveI and his "extremely reliable sources" would have trouble finding the sun on a clear day.
  3. looks like grandma has worked to hard in the kitchen and got overheated.
  4. If I was from Canada I would be humble also.
  5. What does "puncation" mean?
  6. A man and his wife went go to play golf. On the first hole the man tees off first On his downswing, he notices his wife teeing up her ball on the lady's tee directly in front of him Unable to stop his swing he crushes his drive and hits her in the head She is killed instantly A few days later the state medical examiner calls the man to tell him that his wife's death was caused from head trauma. The examiner also told the man that he found a golf ball in his wife's rectum The man asked was it a Titilest 4 and the examiner asked "how did you know" The man said "that was my mulligan".
  7. At least he spelled "freinds" correctly. lol
  8. I don't know where you got these facts about the Kuwaiti Dinar, but they are all wrong. And your math makes no since at all.
  9. In 1980 I lost my home using that same logic. Sometimes you do need to know.
  10. Just want them to- let - this rv happen so -it- will finally -be- over !!
  11. If you made a 3,000 percent profit on $100.00 then you would have $3,000.00 not $300,00.00.
  12. After reading Okie's post we know two things for sure: 1. No bell has been rung. 2. No contractors are cashing in. Thanks Okie, Keep the info coming.
  13. letitbe


    If you think Obama sounds intelligent I'd be careful to whom you call an idiot.
  14. Well since you brought it up, your question is very misleading. I believe you meant to say what needs to be done to make this happen sooner. Obviously if nothing is done then our investment drags out forever. Meaning no offence.
  15. don't know, but rest assured what ever needs to be done to cause this to drag on will without a doubt be done.
  16. Why on earth does anyone care anything about Okie? Is he popular because he makes up stories we want to hear? He may have been entertaining early on, but I for one have had enough of his and all the other guru BS. I believe they lie for one reason only ----- they're paid to lie.
  17. Totally agree. making a honest effort----- making "an" honest effort
  18. Bravo !! He has spent more money in 2 years in office than all the other presidents combined. How scary is that?
  19. You're correct, it happened with the liberal Dems in the House and Senate.
  20. If your wealthy friend is not a citizen then he has no tax liability. Now any profit he makes while he's here that's another story.
  21. I've told my wife and children and best friends. If you can actually sell it back for about $900.00 per 1,000,000 dinar then this investment is a no-brainer. Even if it doesn't rv anytime soon, the dinar will gain strength on the dollar as Iraq grows stronger. The downside is hardly nothing and the upside could be huge. I wouldn't put my retirement in this, but on the other hand I think your stupid if you don't own a little of it.
  22. Ever wonder why the same people tell the same lies over and over? It's because they're paid to do it.
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