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  1. ...i agree...and i remember him repeatedly saying he does not endorse and neither can we, any venue that sells dinars, and we cannot "mention" another dinar forum site, either. i lost trust in adam a long time ago...the only one making any money on any of this is him. his sales of the vip memberships and the dinar books have made him a really nice fortune.... do you believe in karma, adam? ...well,from your picture, it looks like you need oxygen more than anything else. ...the VIP "service" is not free....
  2. this is just one tiny pic of a bigger picture in our country. sad, sad, sad.
  3. ...You and Okie should get a Hotel room and tear one off. Sounds like your really enamored with this guy...was that you i saw at the park pulling the petals of a daisy, " he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not..."? Oh,and by the way SD, there is no such thing as Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or ....
  4. I did not quote anyone, and i do not follow anyone...that's YOUR problem. BTW-when you say, "The majority of the people on this site had enough brains not to vote for this puke..."- Well guess what DM, I sincerely doubt you speak for all 34,362 members and i also sincerely doubt they have made you their spokeperson! Blehhhh! Love ya!
  5. well, you guys were so quick to vote him in just cuz he said that magic word "Change"! You never bothered to ask for specifics, yu just hit the ground running with it! why would you run with it when all he had was Comm. Organizer Experience?? It was a mockery-yet you and all the other dems just bought it HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! Now, the sweet grapes have rotted your fricken teeth and all of the rest of us have to suffer for it. I did not vote for him.
  6. this has to be okie himself posting this insanity. i doubt any other sane person on this venue would still continue to post his garbage. i know it is him/her using another alias/member name. pretty clever but very old and stupid. Okie-you have to make it up because no one is attracted to your phonyness or miserable drama anymore. just like when you were a youngster....
  7. as law abiding citizens we will just have to vote for another candidate next time around. our vote still counts and still works. i think our prez just has wrong consultants, and bad advisors. he started out pretty good but his hands are tied with the republicans running the show. God Bless America!
  8. pajamas, barefoot, unshaven, bed-head, eating popcorn, front door open and dvd loudly playing in the background and it's 3:00 in the afternoon!
  9. ...crazy how history always, always repeats itself!
  10. A brief History of The National Rifle Association. Thanks.
  11. ... trend forecaster Gerald Celente told Alex Jones the economy will likely begin its climatic unraveling in October and this will deliver a “winter of discontent” in America.
  14. ... he does'nt have an "agenda", he's just posting his own assessment of the information that is already out there. Many, many Americans are memorializing what happened by doing their own memorial at parks, online, at home, etc. Here in my city, an individal went to a park were there was already an cement structure dedicated to those on 9/11 and he ribboned the entire area in honor, sorrow and rememberance in yellow, black and red. real nice. It is very American and appropriate to honor those that died on that day on the Anniversay of that dreadful day. You, on the other hand-want to ant
  15. ...just ignore mrdinarman like myself and so many others do. He's 46 years old and still living at his mothers house using her computer when she's gone. Other than that, he's usually found in the back yard with one thumb in his mouth and the other one up his arce!
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